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Quietly, such that I largely missed it, a whole new YouTube genre has sprung up over the past year about how the Central Asian empire of Tartaria was expunged from history, such that the only memory left of it is tartar sauce.

It is the Alzheimer’s of conspiracy theories.

I missed the initial furor generated by Max Igan’s original post last year about this “stolen history” but it has since taken on a life of its own, with Flat Earthers and Mandela Effect aficcionados piling on with claims that the elongated-skull Annunakis caused a worldwide “mud flood” 170 years ago and how the children who inherited the Earth were lied to about their history and that those lies are now our history.

Igan refers to a 1957 CIA document, “NATIONAL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER COMMUNISM”, which describes how the Soviet Central Committee in 1944 ordered the Communist Party’s Tartar Provincial Committee to falsify its history.

It’s a stadium-sized rabbit hole and if it weren’t Max Igan talking about it on the Richie Allen show, I wouldn’t give it the time of day.

Igan claims Tartaria was the world’s biggest civilization. It was a multi-ethnic society that spanned Asia and into North America until the early 19th century, that free energy was used and peace reigned supreme – until “Something happened and the parasites took over.”

This is the most topsy turvy revisionist history I’ve ever heard. It’s absolutely bonkers but it’s an interesting thought experiment.

Ancient DNA should either corroborate or disprove such claims and here’s where it gets crazy. As many will recall, when Brien Foerster had the DNA of the elogated-skulls sequenced, the mitochondrial DNA of the 2-year-old red-headed baby from Paracas, estimated to have died 1,950 years ago belonged to haplogoup U2e1, which corresponds to that of proto-Germanic and proto-Balto-Slavic peoples. Another skull from an individual who perished 850 years ago tested with T2b, a mitochondrial DNA that relates to in Eurasian populations…

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  • It was erased because the Parasites don’t want us to be alerted to what they did to Tartaria. It might give us a heads-up on what they plan on doing to us — which seems to be ongoing right now.

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  • Great video info from Max Igan…one of our premiere information researchers. Never heard of Tartary/ia. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise today. I will also go to view the videos of Dr.Francis Welsing as well. Everyone should avail themselves of resources to find out the ‘truth’ of our worlds’ past. Tartary sounds like a pretty beautiful place to live……no wonder it has been hidden from us- perhaps another Atlantis…?? At any rate I think that by now everyone on the Planet should be aware of the vast efforts to keep the population of our planet in the dark…..from past civilizations, inventions, resources, finance & governments cover ups of everything. The library at Alexandria was one of its’ targets; the Seven Wonders of the World; the Bible; the Native populations of countries; it’s endless. I imagine having to re-write history was one hell of a job….and shows the lengths it has taken to keep us quiet. Its’ for control but sooner or later the cat will be out of the bag and then what? I guess if we are armed with the truth….we should be able to absorb the coming destructive impact of the evil that has corrupted our lives…and maybe start again if that is possible.

      • Trudat – If it is allowed –

        Yet, we have the experience, knowledge and information to quit these biathes!!!

        Max Igan -You are spot on. Love and blessings hun.

  • I suggest Anyone search for REAL Truth about Ancient Civilizations and WHY everything about was being “Changed” or “Altered” , Go and see Dr. Francis Welsing’s many You Tube videos.
    There one will learn of the REAL reason and WHO is responsible for those changes…Not to mention the REAL reason WHY.
    Just type into You Tube Search: Dr. Frances Welsing…and there you will see a row of them.
    Its Unlike ANYTHING you will See, But will ADD-UP Extremely “Accurate” about WHY the changes were made.

  • Beware! The current trend of highlighting the forgotten Tartarian Empire forgets (or tries to hide) the prime research effort that has been going on since the early 1970s of which this “unearthing” is just one, albeit a central piece of the puzzle. The work I am referring to is the large interdisciplinary project led by Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko which is widely known in the former Soviet Union and has engendered a large volume of published books, many of which have been translated into English.

    As one of the administrators of the Facebook group ‘Fomenko’s New Chronology’ (created 4 1/2 years ago, long before any of the current contenders showed any interest in this subject) I can attest to a current flourish of initiatives which have one thing in common: to diffuse the impact of Fomenko’s groundbreaking scholarly work and sending the truth-seeker community out on so many wild goose-chases in different directions.

    • Thanks for that. Parted ways with the flat-earthers a long time ago. The information about the mud flood more closely resembles house of horrors word vomit and nothing cohesive. I look at the images and think, “well, there is something here”, but don’t register anything more than ‘look at this’. I grew up in the midwest. They think that really scary devil worship is sacrificing chickens in a graveyard. I haven’t been able to sink my teeth into this revision, but I’ll check out Anatoly. Hopefully that’s what I need for this to make sense.

  • Results are also published Alexandria that purport that the skull cracks or lines are non-existent on Paracas elongated skulls…with DNA also not representing DNA of human skulls with the lines on skull representing coming through the birth canal…check it out…thanks for all that you continue to do…amazing woman that you are…

    • Yes, the sagittal suture between the hemispheres in the Paracas skulls are missing and the foramen magnum, the hole at the base of the skull, where it connects to the spine is located much further back on the Paracas skulls. Also, Paracas eye sockets and teeth are much bigger relative to overall skull size and the skull bone, itself is much more dense and robust in comparison with human skulls.

  • I wonder what Max has been smoking? Maybe CIA special blend. I know that’s just another conspiracy theory, and google will flag it. But, what isn’t a conspiracy anymore? That the world is round? That bankers run the world from Rome? That over 200 politicians in office have dual citizenship with Israel. That chemicals fall from air planes, to correct the weather that is in the wrong place? I sill say: “Come let us go down and confuse their language that they may not understand each other”. That seems to be working just fine….. Have you ever seen a coin from “Tartaria”? I haven’t either, they made that “country” disappear into nothing. Do you want tarter sauce with that?

    • …wading through all the Michener-like history weaving’s on YT and otherwise is a dovetail to the broader notion of just how thin the web is that can be woven and still be quite effective…Pyramids, US mounds and vast canals, megaliths world wide and I recall vividly how not so long ago Thor Heyerdahl was ridiculed for his views on trans-Pacific migration. Today, one can easily make the case for multiple cultural navigation’s of the entire globe.
      Disappearing an entire empire running on free energy just a hundred and seventy years ago, well, people think tinyhands has free will as POTUS, soooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yes i have seen a coin from Tartaria and chrmtrails are not about weather its nano particulates designed to enter your body gives you morgellons and it sucks.look up jon levi videos

  • A full description of the great Tartary is available in the encyclopedia Britannica of 1771. A more specific description of this Empire is in the famous most mysterious book “Manuscript Voynich.”

  • When this first came out in November I went to the online version of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle which covers the period 1841-1960.
    I did find references to Tartary.
    One article I did keep was published on Apr 3, 1910 entitled “Why Turkish Women Veil”.
    It was a short article but said they veil not for religious reasons but because back when the Turks lived in Tartary – before the time of Mohammad – men used to steal other mens women. So they got together and decided women should be veiled and live in Harems from age 11 on to protect them from theft.
    Anyway, who knows what the real history was – all I know is the powers to be lie all the time.

  • “Tartaria” might correspond to the Mongol Empire. Or perhaps the Kazakh
    There have been many empires, even in this area, forgotten as far as we are concerned: Armenia, Scythia, Samarkhand
    But for all that Max is a good bloke, he has been misled with this one.
    Definitely a CIA extravaganza. Their ” Flat Earth” was amateurish compared to this. I think the CIA should be disbanded for wasting tax dollars with Mud-Flood fantasies
    Oh, of course, not tax dollars so much, more heroin and coke dollars….that’s ok then

    • I agree Steve, The Tartars are a stateless nomadic people in the same way that the Kurds are stateless. The Tartar culture is similar to that of Mongolia.

      This “deleted” Tartarian Utopia smells like a psyop, probably a way of measuring how many people can be led to believe a fiction.

      • Or it’s a method to see just who and how many are blind to see the architecture that exists worldwide- in plain sight. A method to see who and how many are incapable of understanding and realizing the prison in which they live.

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