Dave from the X22 Report gives the Alternative News view on the rapid de-dollarization under way and the situation in Venezuela. It’s almost a through-the-looking glass view of events, compared to the official narrative but not nearly as unlikely as the stories we heard yesterday from Max Igan about “stolen history.”

Trump’s agenda appears to be to purposefully break up the American Empire. What most people don’t understand is that the American Empire was never truly American. Over the course of the 20th century, America was made into a franchisee and the enforcer of the Globalist bankster “petrodollar world order”. Mainstream pundits insist that it’s the other way around and complain that Trump is crazy. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

Recall for the millionth time that the dollar is printed by the US Federal Reserve Bank, not by the US Treasury nor by any branch of the US government but by a private corporation owned primarily by European aristocrats. Trump is peeling America off from this parasitic alliance.

We’re in a period of dramatic transition, of de-dollarization and we’re moving into a new energy paradigm. Petroleum will not be the dominant source of energy forever. The petrodollar and the wars of aggression for the control of petroleum resources will likewise end.

Over the decades, other energy technologies were suppressed to maintain this petrodollar world order. In the not so distant past, people in possession of alternative technologies who were deemed a threat to this order (i.e., Stan Meyers) were killed but now we see that alternative technologies are coming out and their inventors are not dying in mysterious accidents.

Interestingly, Trump’s uncle, John was an MIT physics professor who the FBI put in charge of studying the Nikola Tesla papers that were seized upon the latter’s death in 1943. John Trump was in charge of determining what to do with Tesla technology.

Some believe that Trump has his hands on some of it. If so, that might even better explain why he doesn’t hesitate to let the already-doomed, debt-encumbered petrodollar, based on a dying energy paradigm die (and to rack up all kinds of debt with military spending beforehand, like the bankruptcy veteran that he is). In this video, Dave goes into more details about this transition.

As for Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution has been in control for about 20 years. It only “worked” while there was a commodities boom (until around 2012-2013) – if by “working”, you can call stealing peoples’ businesses and nationalizing them and encumbering these businesses with wasteful, inefficient bureaucracies.

US economic sanctions were originally placed on Venezuela by Barack Obama and the latest rounds of sanctions did not begin in earnest until 2017, after Maduro dissolved the legislative branch of his government and replaced it with a small tribunal of judges whom he personally selected, in what international observers called a “self-coup”.

Maduro is in breach of the Venezuelan constitution, plain and simple. He and his cohorts have already stolen billions. Still, this is not enough of a reason to interfere with Venezuela and I disagree with the sanctions against the people of that country – but to blame all of what’s happening on Trump, when the situation has been developing for decades is very disingenuous.

I don’t like US interventionalism but I also don’t like reports I’ve read that Iran is training the Venezuelan forces that support Maduro. As a dual citizen of the US and Brazil, I don’t want the Iranian military in South America, any more than I want them in North America! I definitely don’t want to see the war in Syria imported to the region.

Hopefully, things won’t escalate and I don’t think they will, because Trump doesn’t want a war. I see this Venezuela action the same way I saw his widely-publicized bombing campaigns of Syrian assets. He’s throwing the the Neocons a bone by letting them engage in their shows of force but he’s actually having them return the gold to Venezuela – the opposite of what was done by Obama in Ukraine and Libya, when the US straight-up stole their gold.

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  • Alexandra, You say you don’t like “US interventionalism,” but are you up on the history of that constant interference throughout the last 2 centuries? You might be interested in this article on the Gray Zone Project – https://grayzoneproject.com/2019/01/29/the-making-of-juan-guaido-how-the-us-regime-change-laboratory-created-venezuelas-coup-leader/ – outlining the grooming of Juan Guaido by U.S. deep state groups, and his intimate association with violent opponents of the Chavista government over decades. Why do you think that the Venezuelans need U.S. “help” to sort out their problems? Is the “Regime Change” you apparently support “worth” the potential deaths of thousands of Venezuelans and attendant suffering of millions? Do you think that simply ending the Imperial financial assault on the country is a fair trade off for the enslavement of the people?

  • What the U.S. is doing to both Venezuela and Iran is utterly unconscionable. Iran has every right to defend itself too. Trump has just appointed Halliburton lobbyist as head of the World Bank. He has surrounded himself with people like Bolton, Abrams, and so on. He didn’t have to do any of that. Bolton has made no attempt to hide why he is interested in Venezuela’s oil/gold, etc. And Trump has made no attempt to hide who his friends are, either.

    Iran, too, has every right to defend itself. From Mossadegh onwards, Iran has been much more the victim than the perpetrator. And Venezuela is also now in the U.S cross hairs. It is truly disgusting, and yet all so predictable. All we have here is neo-cons 2.0 with an added pinch of zionism. No wonder so many Trump supporters are leaving the Trump train. They didn’t vote for this. The world may be de-dollarising, but this is not the solution.

  • Not sure if Venezuela will be able to pull back from the chasm. Trump is a very shrewd business man and he has been witness to many bankruptcies. If Venezuela gets their gold returned then perhaps the country will fall back into more stable times. The Central Bank is banking on a huge recession that will toss not only Venezuela into chaos and make it ripe for the taking but other parts of the world as well are teetering on the brink and getting close to being scooped by the NWO regime. The petrodollar is failing and has been for a long time….gold no longer backs the financing of the world. Where do we go from here? I hope into another system that will hold up and into 2020 and years beyond but it won’t be easy; many of us will lose big time and recovery is a long road back. It would be wise to err on a negative outcome and plan accordingly.

  • Gulp…rabid ‘Q’ quoting and constant notions that donnie is some independent gun slinger bringing down the Black Bart masterminds of globalist money and power.

    I would point out that, gold, greed and surrogate money are only the lubricant. TPTSB are far more rooted in the very basic forces of society and it’s convolutions than just the economic.
    They have been buying the biggest brains and drilling more deeply into the masses and the mass mind than the Vatican’s meditators can ever conceive. They have literally built this reality for millennia. They know the sway of every blade of grass in every breeze. Not hyperbole, just a description of their knowing McGuffy’s Reader by heart…they wrote it.
    That said, along with their hubris comes the mistake of believing technology is their light sabre and a true tool for wielding of the force. Back to the lack of right brain input. One oar in the water, one wing flapping, only one direction capable.

    “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

  • Its Real simple folks…The USA is a EXTREMELY Evil Corporate Empire (Vatican/Fake-Jew backed)
    It’s so-called “Christian” belief System is actually Luciferian/Satanist supported, and actually believes it was appointed …By Their God the (Poop) Pope to rule the Entire planet!
    It is Nothing more than the extension of the Roman Empire, and ONLY the COMPLETELY Naive or Psychopathic Evil support this STOLEN country…PERIOD.

    • OooooH I almost forgot…The USA is the “Hit-Man” of the BIG-Three controllers of the planet…1: The Vatican…(Religion) 2: The City of London (Bankers)…3. Washington DC (Hit-Man)

  • I just read your review about Dave’s report and stumble on your words “I don’t like US interventionalism but …”. Problem is that presence of Iran military force is just repercussions of already traditional USA interventionism all around the world and especially in Syria where act uninvited . Iran is just next target in shooting gallery of America and they know that . By the way
    there is no American you are mostly all from Europe (rulers of USA) and create this state in the way you like to be and you behave in that way . There is nobody which stole America from you ,she just got sick of megalomania and is worse with every new president. You must know that more average people in EU think that Trump is human representation of all american personality.
    Sorry , just my perspective from EU.


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