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    What’s happening is not normal in American politics, at all, says Diana West – Author of The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy explains the Communist aspects of the ongoing rolling coup in America. The US has never experienced such an attack.

    It was…a network of people that were trying to create this Kabuki theater, in order to manipulate the American people.

    “It wasn’t about getting at the truth about Donald Trump or exposing a threat to the United States; it had nothing to do with that, it was all about creating a spectacle that would destroy this counter-revolutionary figure, who’s trying to roll back this very Socialistic world we live in, where nation-states disappear…

    “The nation-state is the bulwark against International Socialism. Donald Trump…is the the manifestation of the pushback against this.

    “This is where you get to the heart of the Constitutional threat, because you see a number of senior Justice Department officials, FBI officials using a fabricated piece of…’opposition research’. It wasn’t even research…this was just a concoction this was a smear that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, to pretend that it was credible intelligence that something that warranted the extremely serious step of literally spying through surveillance on the Trump team…

    “That moment…[in] October 2017 when a court ordered a bank to reveal the clients of Fusion GPS, which was the center creating this dossier being the Perkins-Coie Law Firm, which was the cutout for Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee campaign paid the law firm to pay Fusion GPS to create this.

    “Once you know that, the whole thing unravels, in terms of being a complete fabricated operation against domestic political opposition by the controlling party and bureaucracy – and this is why people talk about the ‘Deep State’. These are Deep State actors at work against the American people.”

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    • My comment was to James Crothers, May 10, 20 19. It will be interesting to read further comments, and I hope my comments will not be changed : during “awaiting moderation ” or edited. At this time in our world we need to examine all angles.

    • West is on the money!

      There has been a communist fifth column operating in this country since the 1930’s and it’s very nearly succeeded in overthrowing our nation, yet it seems too incredulous for brainwashed Americans to believe.

      What could be more plain than public knowledge that the heads of the nations two agencies with police powers confess they were communists? Yet where is the outrage? It’s almost all on their side while the cattle stare at the gates!

    • All will care for all, and the “state” will direct how to do it, who will live, and who will not live, who will eat, and who will not. People are not important, the state is, everything belongs to the state, and they will discern what you learn, and what you will not. And what you “will” do. Socialism, and Communism do not work. The government, has been invaded, what do we do next people? Join the party in order to survive? Or….

      • Yes. You have got it right. As a now-retired investigative journalist with eight earned university degrees that includes two doctorates, I have seen the same methodology take place in country after country–for those with experience of this, “same ol’ same ol'” but we have no answer as to why people fall for it, or why it takes over for awhile and smashes their civilization–leaving them to start all over again eventually.

        After all my years of studies and experiences, I think we should look into the Spiritual realm to examine what is beyond human but plays a major role in influencing and conditioning mankind. Not because humans cannot see something it means it is not there. “Have you seen the wind? Neither you nor I, but when the trees are bowing down, you know the wind is passing through….” Have you see radio waves? no, but when you build the receiver, you hear the voices from a box. When the sun is behind the clouds, you cannot see it–but is it not still there?

        There is a force behind human life and behaviour that we need to examine. Some feel the answer is in Isaiah 14: 12-14; Psalm 48:2; Ezekiel 28:1-16; Daniel 11:21-38; 8:24,25; and ancient texts throughout history to texts like Revelation 13: 7-18 before it becomes clear to humans that we have never been alone–there are other realms and beings in the universe. We keep on about UFO’s and the question: “Are we alone in the universe?” and now spending enormous amounts of money to investigate, while the answer is the in the invisible realm. After all, thoughts are also invisible–but when it is made concrete–do we not see the result? There was a time when man thought of a flying machine–do we not fly in air planes?

    • GEE!…Does this mean the Putin won’t get the $50,000,000.oo royal suite Trump promised to him when he gets to build another Trump Tower in Moscow???
      WHO is stupid enough to ACTUALLY Believe Two Billionaire saviors (One%rs)are going to CHANGE Anything for the better for ALL people living on this planet?
      When NEITHER of them are back by “Divine Source Energy” and the “Golden Race Beings”.

    • “putin hated Hillary”, ha ha who doesn’t ? it is beyond the pale that people like this

      still walk among the free and honorable. And they cage and torment the hero of our

      lifetime Julian Assange. This is as bad as Uranium 1,, no its worse, because it is all the

      same characters and they are still criminals who have escaped prosecution in the two-

      tier just-us system.

    • LOL

      A “nation state” can have any form of economic and cultural government as it’s operating model. Mussolini’s fascist state was a nation state, as was Hitler’s Germany and Marco’s Spain.

      You are confusing capitalism with nationalism. The NAZIs were nationalist socialists.

      You embarrass yourself with such garbage.

      The USA’s deep state is working for the globalists who prefer communism for their one world government. So is Trump. Only difference is that he believes in capitalism. Rockefeller model vs Rothschild model.

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