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Gina Shakespeare reads a story in The Epoch Times by Brian Cates, who has been the tip of the spear, revealing the massive foreign bribery industry operating in DC, where influencers of all stripes sell US foreign – and domestic – policy to the highest bidders.

For years, we’ve been aware of the undue influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and of George Soros’ Open Society and I recently ran the great new Mike Cernovich documentary, ‘Blood Money’, about the the major influence of the State of Qatar. Journalists at The Epoch Times have done much to expose how the Chinese Communist Party is another one of the most active groups subverting not just the US Congress and federal agencies but also the American news media.

We learn that foreign interest groups don’t stop at bribing US politicians to advance their policies, they also pay media outlets to publish their propaganda while the latter pretend to be neutral American sources. This may help explain the animatronic and often incoherent demagoguery so often on display by some multi-millionaire news hosts.

Cates says that many top Fake News outlets have become very dependent on the cash they get paid to publish stories from their high-paying clients. Could this explain why CNN doesn’t seem to care about its ratings?

Here’s where it gets fun. As Cates says, “Thanks to special counsel Robert Mueller and his crack team of 13 Angry Democrats, the entire country just got a years-long education on just what A Very Bad Thing it is to be an undeclared foreign agent.”

The Mueller Investigation led to the conviction of Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort for operating as an unregistered foreign agent for Ukraine and last week, Obama Administration lawyer, Greg Craig was indicted for exactly the same thing.

Cates predicts that we will see a rash of journalists who land into serious trouble for similarly failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), when they published “news” that was really foreign propaganda aimed at swaying US policy.

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  • This is one of those pressure points where those evil tools of influence and persuasion rear their polished knobs…all double entendre intended…pretty tough to imagine _any_ entity making a legal case in the courts.

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