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Rights activist attorney, Todd Callender has been defending US servicemen from being forced to take the death shot. He joins Jeffrey to discuss the next plandemic, with the release of the Marburg pathogen, which he says will be the excuse used to force the unvaxxed into FEMA quarantine camps, where they will be administered the death shot.

Todd says that those who received the COVID shots already have in their bodies the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which would be released into their tissues via a specific pattern of pulsed 5G frequencies.

He says those who have Marburg will then become zombie-like, due to the 1p36 Gene Deletion, which affects the frontal cortex of the brain and is listed alphabetically by Pfizer as the first “adverse event of special interest”, in documents that they were forced to release by FOIA request several weeks ago.

I’ve looked at the Pfizer document and this 1p36 Gene Deletion is listed first as an adverse event, not because it is the most common but because “1p36” is alphabetically the first adverse event, among the thousands listed.

I haven’t been able to find anything, yet to substantiate what he says, below about the 18 GHz frequency being pulsed three times to cause the lipid nanoparticles to expand and release the Marburg pathogen into the bodies of the vaxxinated. Todd says he’s been contacted by some 500 whistleblowers so maybe he got that information from one of them. 

It’s very, very weird that all kinds of government agencies have been training for a Zombie Apocalypse for over a decade but I’m not too concerned about brain-eating zombies from the Night of the Living Dead attacking me.

I think we’re already living in a Zombie Apocalypse of people who believe the fake news and who are actually giving their infants the death shot.

What I can verify and what I do think is worthy of concern is the HHS’ December 2020 Notice of Declaration Under the PREP Act for Countermeasures Against Marburg Disease.

If we’ve learned anything from Event 201 and the SPARS document, such declarations and drills can definitely indicate that we will be seeing the rollout of what they’re declaring and training for.



TODD CALLENDER: What I want to impart to you is, under 42 CFR parts 70 and 71, that’s the enabling statute for Health and Human Services to assume power upon the declaration of a Public Health Emergency. They’ve already done that, as you indicated with the COVID crisis, that has resulted in the suspension of our Constitution. It’s already happened.

The next one is coming. In that statute, you will see that Marburg is already identified, you will note that the PREP Act  has a Marburg Provision, that allows for additional spending, when invoked.

The Health and Human Services has already invoked the Marburg Provision, meaning they’ve already parted ways with money and spent it, under the HHS Enabling Statute to build quarantine camps, among other things, throughout the United States.

We interrupted two, one of which was in Cochise County, Arizona, where they were going to build a $1.9 million facility that houses the now-merged four branches under HHS: the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Public Health are now all one and the same. And they’re all housed in the same facility.

So, all these quarantine centers are there, we understand that there could have been a Marburg release, that Dr Chambers will get into. We think that one has already happened. We know that Marburg is not particularly contagious but it has an extraordinarily high rate of fatality and we know the mechanism by which this will be released.

And that is, inside of these shots, that people already received, inside the lipid nanoparticles, the Hydrogel, there exist pathogens, inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric. They include e coli, Marburg, ebola, staphylococcus and Brewer’s Yeast, amongst others.

We know that, upon the broadcast from the 5G system, that is now employed across the United States – and the world, for that matter – when they broadcast an 18 GHz signal [satellite TV frequency range] for one minute, three different times, as a pulse, it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic, that they’ve already spent the money on. It’s already done, right?

The Marburg epidemic, for the purposes of the law has happened and now, we just need the actual disaster to happen and there’s actually worse parts to it than that, including the 1p36  Gene Deletion, that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds, our government’s preparing for that.

JEFFREY PRATHER: But the FEMA have already put out zombie commercials and CONOPS on that, correct?

TODD CALLENDER: That’s correct. If you look at CONPLAN 8888, Stratcom put that out in 2011, on page 2, they say, “Oh, this is just for example, it’s just for demonstration, don’t worry about it. It’s so we don’t offend other countries.”

The problem with that is you look through that and it’s all about five different kinds of zombies. There isn’t anything in there about opposition forces, there isn’t anything about winning political battles, or counterinsurgencies, it is only about a “Zombie Apocalypse”, defending it.

And you will see that every NIMS-compliant – practically – agency, whether that’s state, local or federal has already had their Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Training, they’ve already done their practice.

The CDC has had a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness website up for the last 5 years, now they’ve reduced it to a PDF cartoon.

Even in the Amazon Web Services contract, the force majeure clause, I believe it’s Article 41, states that, “We’re not liable for damages, in case there’s a Zombie Apocalypse.”

This is coming, Folks. And the Serious Adverse Event Report Pfizer put out, post-marketing – they have put out, it’s part of a FOIA – the number one Serious Adverse Event was the 1p36 gene deletion [this appears on page 30 in the document above and it appears first, because alphabetically, “1p36” is the first of thousands of debilitating conditions that Pfizer admits have been caused by the vaxx by February of 2021. – A. Bruce].

If you look up the symptomology for that, it is the elimination of the frontal cortex and the propensity to bite.

What’s very odd about this is this was the symptom, post-vaccination. That disease is a congenital disease. It means you’re born with it. So how was it, then possible that this is the number one Adverse Event from the Pfizer shots?

It’s here, Folks. And then, you’ve got Dr Chambers, here to tell you that I’m not just a raving lunatic!

JEFFREY PRATHER: No, no. These are both very serious, credentialed folks and Patriots in their fields. I just met Dr Chambers but just hearing his military résumé impresses me and Todd and I have known each other for quite some time.

And I also now work in corporate, competitive biotech intelligence – only for the Good Guys – that’s my company, it’s GRINX, which is Genetics, Robotics, Information and Nanotechnology, don’t talk about that much…So, I have some understanding of what’s going on, here.

So, the lipid fat is what encases the delivery and then it is activated and released by pulsing the 18 GHz. Is that correct, Todd?

TODD CALLENDER: Yeah. That’s exactly right. Think of the lipid nanoparticles as little bombers. What happened is the various manufacturers of these shots included three separate HIV proteins in each of them, including the AD5 adjuvant.

The reason for that was to disable, to disarm peoples’ immune systems so that those little fat bombers could go inside of the cell and deliver their payloads, in order to re-program the person’s body to produce synthetic DNA. In this case, they call it the S-proteins.

When they turn that Marburg switch on, it will be will be N-proteins. It will cause the people to produce the Marburg pathogen, themselves…

First and foremost, from a documentary point of view and self-legal help, is a full repository of everything that we’re talking about and other things; self-help legal documents, that if you sign up, you can get a daily update. There’s no donation button, there’s no nothing. We just put this out for peoples’ benefit.

Separately, there’s Dr. Lee Vliet is in charge of that and she’s put out a Marburg fact sheet, along with some things that we can do to try and stop what’s coming or at least prevent it.

Just like the COVID situation, there are medications that Dr Chambers can talk about, there are therapeutics. Of course, the CDC got rid of those therapeutics in its advisory, saying the only thing you can do to treat Marburg is a vaxxine. There’s one actually already prepared for this. I think it’s getting its Emergency Use Authorization, right now, which also tells us this is going to happen.

Secondarily, yesterday, we got information from a source, from a whistleblower, showing us that they are now training people on Urban Collection, Isolation and Detention, in reference to a Public Health Emergency.

So they’re now training. This training happens next week in South Carolina and once again, in July. I’m sure that this is happening in more than one place.

The United Nations has already hired specialists in quarantining. That is on their payroll. That happened last year.  I haven’t seen if they’ve done it more recently.

My point in telling you this, Folks is that we have tools to not fall for this again. There are therapeutic drugs that are available. I think one of them is called Fenben in the 444mg and then, I understand, from talking to doctors in Africa that have treated this, that ozone, either IV or insufflate, it also tends to work.

I also have one whistleblower inside of FEMA, who said that the plan is to scare the hell out of everybody and scare them into going to the quarantine centers, because they don’t think they can collect everybody, by themselves. The doors will be open and then of course, in there, you’ll get your mandatory shot, because you came in voluntarily.

So what we’d like to do is help people understand: Don’t run into the FEMA camps, because you’re going to get one of these shots, just like the COVID ones. And number two, you can treat this yourself, there’s preparation you can do and if we get the word out sufficiently, I think we can stop this, like we did in Cochise County and like another lawyer friend of mine, Jamie Scheer did in New York. We’ve got to get the word out, we’ve got to stop this…

Upon the invocation of these Emergency Powers, which are now permanent, by the way, in all 50 states. There is never again going to be a Constitution and all of that power is being ceded in the WHO – now, by contract. It was by charter. Now, it’s by contract.

So, this is your One World Government, all being created at one time with this particular emergency. Your rights, as a human being are gone, by the way.

There are two UN conventions: The International Convention on Civil & Political Rights and the  International Convention on Human Rights, that says they cannot force you to do medical experiments. Guess what? Those don’t count anymore. Your Constitution doesn’t count, anymore.

We’re in a position where, We, the People, at a county level – and Dr Chambers will talk about this – we take back our country from our own traitors in our government or we’re done. We’re done, as a species.

My biggest issue is this: the next shoe to drop is coming and then, they will cause 30 million people to pour across our borders. Most of those will be enemy occupiers. Some are already housed on our military reservations, as our military members are falling out, because they were forced to get these shots. Others are prepared to walk in and take over.

The Law of War states that when alien occupiers take over substantial government functions, your nation is dead. That is happening, as we speak, right now and we’ve got to take our country back now, or it’s never.

JEFFREY PRATHER: Well, thank you so much, Todd and I’ll probably have you guys both on my cast next week or the week after that, if you’re available.

This is really important. I’m going to ask Mike Adams and Bob Day at Brighteon TV to write up articles about this and get this and get this out.

It’s really important. Thanks. And again, your website is? Both of them?


Thank you, Jeffrey. I appreciate you having me.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I read most of the hyperlinks in this transcript. None of it really proves anything. Conplan8888, for example, is just a student training exercise.

    FEMA put out Zombie apocalypse commercials? I clicked the link, and found only sporadic refere to adverts in the media.

    Where is the proof that within the nano-lipid particles, exist Marburg and other pathogens?

    Where is the source that says 5G will be pulsed at 18GHz, releasing these pathogens? Where is it?
    Oh, ‘whistleblowers’ again… So, who are they and what is their source of information?

    Yeah… Nothing.

    We’re now in late 2023.
    Where is the zombie apocalypse?

  • I really wish people who didn’t know what they’re talking about regarding mobile telephony would remain quiet. Every time someone mentions “5G” in these contexts, it’s a red flag for “ignorant kook.” No, really. 5G New Radio does NOT operate at 18GHz. At all. And most of the “5G” currently deployed is well-below that frequency, much of it actually just repurposed 4G LTE and/or UHF TV channel frequencies.

    THAT SAID, 18GHz is readily used in modern society, including by satellite television, police radar, and military communications. An 18GHz “activation” is very technically possible. Maybe DirecTV or Dish and/or Starlink could transmit it.

    I am not calling BS on the entire theory of an induced “zombie apocalypse,” since the 1p36 gene angle is FACTUAL. Is there a satanic, nefarious design here, to use the sham “vaccines” to cause such an unimaginable horror? Technically, yes, it’s possible. I think it’s overwhelmingly obvious now that the sham “vaccines” are definitely NOT safe and NOT effective, as advertised. They do seem to be very “effective” at killing and maiming recipients. More “efficient” killing to come? I won’t be surprised.

  • We are going to learn every possible thing about these vaccines and by the time we do those responsible will be long gone. I’m getting sick and tired of learning new vaccine harms and possible side effects, when will we have justice against those responsible? I mean, real, actual justice.

    Not the trial in India that found a WHO representative guilty, oh but that person wasn’t present for the trial and that person is still roaming free. Or how about the so called Nuremberg 2 trials in Poland, oh that’s right, none of those responsible were present, it was just for show. We play pretend justice while the globalists continue to push their agenda that has real impacts on our livelihood.

    I’m so sick of it.

  • The Appendix (which starts with Page 1 but is referenced in the Table of Contents as beginning on Page 30) looks to be EVERY POSSIBLE MALADY KNOWN TO MEDICAL SCIENCE so as to ensure that there can never be ANY symptom or syndrome resulting from a “vaccination” that was not on the list of things that might occur that might cause the manufacturer to lose indemnification, ever. “1p36 gene deletion” is first on the list because, like any encyclopedia (or the contact list on your phone), the Appendix is in alphabetical order. Pass the salt.

  • Sounds about it.

    The vaxed will more likely to have the symptom (unless got placebo shot), and the Parasite Gates would name the symptom in whatever the way that suits his evil agenda.

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