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I’m so glad somebody told me to look for videos with former Silicon Valley denizen, Kiwi tech entrepreneur, Steve Outtrim. I think you will be, too because if you’re reading this, you’re likely something of an Alternative News junkie – and this is an Alt News orgy, if there ever was one, where Outtrim gives his inside baseball on the Globalists, Q, Seth Rich, Pizzagate, WikiLeaks,

Outtrim joins Nathan Stolpman on Lift the Veil in this livestream to explain why he believes that George Webb, Jason Goodman, Craig Sawyer, Robert David Steele, Robyn Gritz, Thomas “Mike Moore” Paine and other notable live-streamers in the space are actively manipulating Alt Media narratives and disseminating propaganda. He says he thinks the primary purpose of their activity is to distract people from investigating the WikiLeaks files, the most amazing treasure trove in the history of journalism.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d alerted readers to something being amiss about the Whistleblowers’ Roundtable with Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney and John Kiriakou posted by Jason Goodman. When the latter raised the subject of 9/11, Kiriakou slammed him and any theories that were not the official US Government narrative, calling all else “conspiratorial”. Bill Binney and Kevin Shipp likewise piled onto Jason, insisting that it was “easy” for 19 highjackers armed with boxcutters to fly two wide-body commercial airliners into the WTC towers.

It was an absolute disgrace, which discredited all of them, such that Kevin Shipp recently took to Twitter to try to correct this, by disavowing Kiriakou and to try to represent that he didn’t agree with him. Kiriakou is campaigning for a presidential pardon and promoting 9/11 truth might not help him with that. For his part, Bill Binney has only ever toed the official line when it comes to 9/11.

At 1hr 35mn, George Webb jumps on the line with the other two and he does a lot to demystify himself; to describe how he and Jason Goodman fell out with one another, what happened with the Port of Charleston nuke scare, which culminated in an FBI investigation of Jason and himself. I’ve never heard him be so plain-spoken and un-word-salad-y.

Then, Defango jumps on the line, uninvited!

Nathan proceeds to grill George on what he thinks happened in 9/11 and Sandy Hook and the latter acquits himself favorably adding his own “birther” theory that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya while his parents were working at the CIA station and he always had US citizenship.

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  • Yeah, right. RDS stated, on the AJ show, that there were “colonies of kidnapped children living on a colony on Mars. Does that sound like a disinfo agent to you?

  • If anyone has any confusion about CIA Double Agent Robert David Steele being an embarrassment to the USA…just check out this twitter for evidence and documentation.

    Binney & RDS are board members of the ITNJ CIA operation along with Cynthia McKinney. The UNRIG operation was dismantled when Queen Tut outed RDS & Cynthia McKinney as operatives in an influence campaign funded by Islamic foreign nationals.

    Steve did some good work in connecting a the dots between ‘ageing’ intel flunkies who are actively involved in Youtube disinformation scams.

  • The Sawyer conversation is weird as this all blew up on Twitter several months ago. But the detail parsing of what Sawyer did or the whole thing about his daughter as “new revelations” is mind-numbing. It’s irrelevant and he’s still a psyops.

    I also stopped watching LTV awhile back because he was a trumphumper and other reasons I forgot. But his unvetted approach to Sawyer and comments show his naivete.

    Anyway, there are many trafficking survivors who have come forward. But if someone is associated with Webb, Goodman, Paine…it’s a psyops.

    The pizzagate Voat community was VERY quickly infiltrated and moderators ran investigations into the ground as soon as any progress was made on authentic threads of research. Much of the online pedo research at this point is opposition control. I called out Sawyer in multiple tweets and he railed on me and others did the same as well as many of his followers, including HoneyBee, Hagman, Tracy Beans, and the creators of the Hollywood “documentary”, (forget the name but the creators run around in this tweet pack too), which is also a psyops. They all kind of link together and loop in people who are relatively clueless and are genuinely trying to raise awareness of pedo crimes and unaware that they are associating with the opposition. Job Rappaport has also promoted some of these people and their “cause”.

    One of the red flags was Sawyer’s promotion of NCMEC, which is a notorious gatekeeper between those who report pedo crimes/porn/trafficking and the economy’s overlords.

    I called out Sawyer and explained some of this history in one of my (very long) FKTV posts several months ago–there are several alt researchers who are defending Sawman and associate w/ him very openly like Titus Frost and HoneyBee, Tracy Beanz, I have lost track. I’m now suspicious that most of it is a psyops. The trafficking is one of the Deep State’s most incredibly valuable commodity and must be protected. The DS has been one step ahead in almost EVERY single pedo trafficking case in the past 100 yrs.

    I’m surprised Fiona Barnett is still alive. But she went after Sawyer not for 9/11 but for his psyops regarding trafficking, which is her primary focus.

    Also, these agents aren’t always on the “same side” and can be in competition with one another, which involves actions and statements that can be quite confusing to outsiders.

    “Behind the scenes of the child sex and organ trafficking world…” is nearly any one in power in the western world.

  • I don’t really buy it that Robert David Steele could be pushing propaganda. Literally all he ever talks about is “open source” everything and returning integrity to government. He has tirelessly called out the deep state on 9/11 and Sandy Hook and even sits on a committee to end human trafficking. Although he spent his career in the CIA, he basically disavows everything that they do these days and is the first to say that every shooting taking place is a false flag…anyone that calls him a liar seems kind of suspect to me.

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