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This video of a Crowdsource the Truth livestream that was broadcast last night is the polar opposite of the PBS film I ran yesterday, completely blowing the latter out of the water with its mind-blowing truth bombs that are dropped at a clip that would make this the most epic and rewarding 2 hours in a Truther’s life – if it weren’t for the final 15 minutes, where one feels like one is being gaslighted by professionals and therefore must question everything else that was said.

William Binney is former NSA, while Kevin Shipp and John Kiriakou are former CIA. All three ran afoul of their former employers and have survived to tell their tales about the corruption within the intelligence community and the sorry state of the criminal justice system in the US today.

A noteworthy nugget to come out of this tête à tête for me is Bill Binney’s claim that Google is on track to “catch up with NSA in 20 years,” noting how they shadow-ban and de-platform users and control Google Search, thus shaping the overarching narrative, in a way that even the CIA can’t. This was an important statement to get on the record because one would think that because Google was seed-financed by the CIA’s incubator, In-Q-Tel and more recently by GEOINT, that it would essentially be an arm of the US intelligence apparatus, however the inference here is that the preeminent tech giant has a separate agenda.

The lines are blurred in this area of the military industrial complex, between the official intelligence community, the tech giants, military contractors like SAIC and Lockheed and the vendors to all of the above.

As for our emails, Binney says NSA has been gathering everything for the past 18 years. The CIA and FBI have access to these, without any oversight, whatsoever – as do authorities in the “5 Eyes” countries of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. All of the fuss about Hillary’s emails and Anthony Weiner’s laptop are nothing but theater.

John Kiriakou says that everybody in Washington uses private email accounts and servers. He tells of when he was working for John Kerry at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and he was supposed to send classified information to him at his AOL account, he balked and said he couldn’t, as the FBI would arrest him. Sending such material to an AOL account would be a violation of the Records Act. Bill Binney deadpans, that officials use private email accounts “to avoid criminal prosecution.”

Then, Kiriakou tells the story of how in the discovery process of his case, he found that it was Peter Strzok who had tried to entrap him and failed. He says Peter Strzok’s entire career has been based on destroying people and that the US Government should not have people like that on staff. Then Kiriakou gives his analysis of the Khashoggi murder from his standpoint as a Middle East expert, which is fascinating.

Binney discloses that an FBI report exists that says Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. All three then weigh in on the 2015 Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach by the Chinese, which has scarcely been covered in the Mainstream Media and which constitutes the the most significant penetration into the inner workings of the US intelligence community in history. Then they share a laugh about the #MAGABomber.

As for the claims made by Thomas Paine aka Mike Moore reported here and in his book, ‘How We Dismantled the FBI in our Pajamas,’ about documents he saw claiming that Osama Bin Laden hid in Iran for a decade with the help of the Dubya and Obama administrations, Kiriakou says that he was the Director of Counterintelligence in the Osama Bin Laden Unit during the early aughts and that the CIA had no idea where he was.

Toward the very end of the video, Kiriakou describes the failure to release images of Osama Bin Laden’s body after he was allegedly killed in 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan as “a mistake.” Like Bill Binney and every other former intelligence officer who has gone public, Kiriakou hews to the official narrative about Bin Laden and his death, thus evaporating the credulity of Truthers everywhere.

When the discussion moves to 9/11, Kiriakou changes his tone significantly and mocks any alternative theory about what took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 that counters the official line about 19 boxcutter-wielding Arabs. Bill Binney and Kevin Shipp chime in about how piloting the planes into the WTC towers did not involve any special skill or precision.

9/11 Truthers will be taken aback by the final minutes of this video and wonder if these guys are trying to score brownie points with their former employers. If they’re not going anywhere, there’s a lot more that can be unpacked in future trialogues between any one of these three and members of Pilots for 9/11 Truth and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which would hopefully forward the truth.

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  • Douchebag Bill Binney NSA liar on the Right is FULL OF SHIT. 9/11 was a False Flag, orchestrated any the Cabal, allowed by Traitor Bush and Cheney, because they are Satanic greedfucks.

    Someone ought to put his ass in jail, or better yet, shoot him as one of these intelligence traitors.

    God Damn these CIA, FBI, NSA ‘intelligence’ Traitors. Damn these shills to hell.

    God Bless and Free Edward Snowden and Julian Assange – TRUE HERO PATRIOTS

  • The war on terror is a joke. Anyone with half a brain knows that the headquarters of TERRORISTS is in Israel, U.S., U.K., and Saudi Arabia. Possibly TURKEY.

  • You could easily add Catherine Austin Fitts to some of this dialogue. She was equally framed with false/made up government “facts” against her but she WAS able to not only defend herself, because she was so well documented (that should be a hint to anyone who thinks they have any communication with the government… think IRS) but she was able to completely exonerate her record. It is time to listen to these men and CLEAN HOUSE.

  • Didn’t feel ‘the love’ so to speak about these fellows being ‘truthers’. I also wondered:” Why n’ the hell are they still alive?” The whole conversation was very slick…..their nodding of heads and verifying ‘points’ of THEIR version of things and how they went down…..Hmmmm!
    All the right names were ‘there’ but not the solid feeling of the lies behind the lies behind the lies’.
    Hey, I want to believe …. but where has all of their ‘risk of life’ put the folks who endure their twisted management of world affairs? Will this information further any progress towards eliminating the torture, murder, lies and the destruction of what used to be the trust that was placed in our world leaders? Lord help us!

    • These three are well-known whistleblowers. I’ve been following them for several years. You might want to dig into their backgrounds.

      I would caution against drawing any conclusion about anyone or anything based on any youtube video, regardless of the topic.

  • Some interesting information, till they get to 911, then they “PULL IT” and look scared as hell. At least that’s my point of view. That operation there is no doubt, was from the inside, and they all know it! They still don’t want to have and accident happen in their house, so go to the “official” story, and pretend they don’t know any different.

  • At first I thought Kiriakov was naive and limited in knowledge about such things as Vince Foster for instance, then changed my mind toward the end. He acts and sounds like a Central Mischief Agency misinformation plant to me, there to mock and make sport of serious questions.

    Binney is unquestionably the premier witness in his field of expertise, but he is neither an aeronautic expert nor a constitutional convention expert and he is speculating about 911 and a con con when he ought rather to stick with the facts as he claimed earlier. Notice how giddy Kirlakov was when Binney was speculating. Nobody knows everything so I don’t hold this against Binney, but I do against Kirlakov who was having a blast!

    I noticed Shipp was staying out of the truther bash!

    • They reacted to the 9/11 conversation not as I hoped but as I expected. When you watch discussions like this with people like this you have to remember context:

      a) people tend to think linearly and black-and-white about good/bad, informed/ignorant, truth/disclosure –just because they have information to share (and after listening to them speak for the past several years I tend to think that they are speaking truthfully about what they’re sharing about their own experiences) doesn’t mean that their information must be comprehensive in order to be truthful or that they would be able to speak to all aspects of the covert world. The system isn’t designed that way.

      b) Just because they are legally prevented from talking about certain subjects doesn’t mean they will admit it or identify what they are or not speak falsely about them.

      c) Bravado is in the job description as well as (falsely) omniscient power.

      d) Those who hold true power and knowledge within these agencies have no need to blow whistles. And they wouldn’t be sitting down with CSTT. That doesn’t make these guys posers – they blew the whistle about what they knew.

      e) A yr or two ago Kiriakou spoke on a panel at a conference and explained how the CIA operates child trafficking rings to procure children for global elite or political powers (pedophiles) via their “sources” installed in the upper echelons of society, politics and the movie business. In return for information, the CIA provides these elite sources with a steady stream of “child prostitutes” who are usually raped and killed, and most likely never seen again. This is both well-known and entirely strange for him to state publicly. You can find it on YT.

      f) The way Jason approached the 9/11 conversation was timid and weird and makes no sense. The whole thing was rushed and saved for the end and a joke. They are out of their element with the mechanics of the “planes” and flight paths and buildings that redefined physics. But so is most everyone. And it’s also very typical that people like these guys have NOT dug deep into 9/11 research like most people tuning into FKTV and if you haven’t, you don’t understand it. I’d GUARANTEE neither K or B really understand what was in the NIST report, for example. That makes you ill-informed (willingly, 17 years after the fact) but not necessarily “in on it”. And if they have done any investigation into it, it’s probably on the list of topics they’re not going to touch. However, when someone in the CIA immediately responds to questions about 9/11 with reference to all the ridiculous theories that the opp control has embedded into the 9/11 truth lexicon, it’s a con.

      g) They blew the whistle on certain activities or injustices they witnessed or experienced–they’re not blowing the whistle on the “CIA” – there’s a difference… Kiriakou was about to be framed for something so he blew his whistle… Shipp was being hunted and was forced to retaliate. Binney seems to have genuinely intended to bring nefarious business to light but knows only what he knows about his business.

      h) Shipp has spoken openly about 9/11 in his presentations, however. And this brings up the odd dynamics involved in a discussion with these multiple personalities, backgrounds and situations. I’m not surprised he let the others talk a bit and then tried to bridge his opinion with Kiriakou’s very demonstrative position with the “there’s a lot we don’t know”, which is entirely true. If K was Ch of CounterIntel of al-qaeda div, I would guess he kind of outranks Shipp in a CIA way.

      i) You have to remember that the Deep State outsmarted many in the agencies that day. And Level 3 outsmarted them all.

  • The way TPTSB slaughter at will with zero apparent concern, my guess is that all three had some form or the 3am phone call.

  • Since all three clearly cop-out at the end, WHY should we trust ANYTHING they “reveal” except as misdirection? In essence they feed us more BAD NEWS about the shenanigans of blind cruel powers, to depress us. But throw in some confusion also; no doubt right out of the Limited Hang-out Playbook. Give ’em some truths, then pull out the rug. Destabilize. If these guys are so “revealing” why aren’t they assassinated yet?
    The result: now we don’t want to trust anyone. Great. Let the Robots march on toward their scripted Armageddons.

  • Very interesting until the end. All three of these guys seemed to “circle the wagons”when 911 was brought up. All three supporting some version of the “official narrative”. VERY, VERY ODD!

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