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    Within just a few hours of its posting, this video on loneliness by German design house, Kurzgesagt was the #1 trending video on YouTube, with almost 2 million views. The topic struck a nerve, as is clear from the comment section.

    Based on the findings in the books, ‘Emotional First Aid’ by Guy Winch and ‘Loneliness’ by John Cacioppo and William Patrick, the video illustrates the evolutionary pressures that caused loneliness to become such a powerful emotion and the many factors influencing its current rise.

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    • While people need time alone to enable their brains to rest and revive, an absence of social associations can be hurtful to our mental and physical health. On the off chance that you get yourself always around others and feeling drained, make a point to plan some sound alone time.

    • Everyone experiences their own ‘type’ of being alone…..not necessarily being lonely. Having being herded into discussion groups in classrooms/office settings…. was not my cup of tea. Lonely in a crowd!
      I enjoy exchanging ideas & discussing all sorts of topics, I enjoy solitary brain storming . People in groups ‘can’ let others do their ‘work’ or take ideas from others as their own and get out of doing their share of things.
      I tend to avoid confrontations about issues which in the end are not really worth the bad feelings that result. In todays’ world one has to use tact about all things. Having a ‘friend’ call you crazy or stupid for not agreeing with what you discuss or believe gets very old very fast. I do have a great family group and we are involved in yakking about every and all things. I might one day find myself in a setting due to health…and have to deal with others…. If one has a varied interesting life full of all sorts of activities….and one is relatively healthy….the world is your oyster whether you opt into being alone or not. Choices about such things are not in the cards… have to work with what comes your way….sometimes its’ filled with lots of totally interesting folks…..other times not so much. If you believe in Karma….you might be back to give it another kick at the can. 🙂

    • Wow. I’m married with two inspirational teenage boys, and I sometimes take care of my father who is destitute and lives alone. My current life doesn’t allow me for many visits with friends; much less time for gatherings or reunions with friends. I value my privacy but I don’t mind the company of a few people. I find whatever household chores, reading, watching documentaries, and occasionally (when I get calls from clients) work outside of my home to fill in any gaps. I have volunteered at food pantries and always try to lend an ear and be supportive to those who have issues or problems. So why do I sometimes feel so alone?

    • Sigh
      Australian aboriginal tribes had a custom of requiring adolescent boys to stay within sight, but not at all engaged with the group, for a year. The boys were totally capable of feeding and sheltering themselves, even on the move.
      This vid’s assertion that we have not changed in 50,000 years is silly. We are now predominantly urban, and most people have little opportunity, nor do they recognise their need, to access Nature, preferably wilderness. In the UK there is nearly none left.
      The vid does not address many relevant aspects, and avenues to address them:
      Adrenal fatigue, the result of sustained stress
      Sadness, the result of separation, really the only component of “loneliness” which is natural, unavoidable, and to be embraced as a blessing. This sadness is noble, never leads to depression.
      Where young people take opportunities to be alone in Nature, they can forge an immunity, for life, against most of the symptoms this vid waffles on about. For those who cannot make this stretch, there are cats.

        • I wish there was a drug for lonely I don’t have very many friends or anybody else in my life I just turned 50 I have a cat I wish there was a pill to make me not lonely anymore my health isn’t that great so it’s very hard to meet people and I’m quite ugly I think I am I probably am

      • Nature can be the best way to discover the beauty of being alone. 🙂 It sometimes takes releasing the old to let in yourself and the truth about what you really enjoy when you are alone and the blessing aloneness really can be. Social interaction is the balance and too much of a need for either is where the sadness or irrational thoughts evolve.

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