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    I read Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ in two days when I was 19 years old. The book is about a drug-fueled road trip across the Mojave Desert with the Hunter Thompson character and his Chicano activist lawyer. Drug culture was still hip and celebrated when I was young and I thought it was he funniest thing I’d ever read.

    The climax of the book is when the two are in their Las Vegas hotel suite, experiencing acute psychosis from ingesting every drug imaginable when the lawyer breaks out the adrenochrome, claiming he’d received it as payment from a Satanist client who’d run out of cash. At the time, adrenochrome seemed like the height of comedy and I suspected that it was a surreal joke.

    Adrenochrome has been back in pop culture lately among those who claim that Hillary Clinton and many other powerful people in DC are addicted to it, with some even claiming that the Democrats’ newfound reluctance to fund border security is in part to protect the rampant human trafficking that provides a steady supply of children who are tortured to produce adrenochrome. I have no idea if this is true.

    When you look it up, adrenochrome is not a controlled substance, although it was shown to be a hallucinogenic, neurotoxic psychotomimetic in studies conducted in the 1950s and 1960s. The derivative carbazochrome is used in medicine as a blood clotting agent for intestinal bleeding.

    This mini-documentary explores adrenochrome and its roots in the vampiristic practices of Medieval aristocrats seeking to reverse the aging process. In modern times, the blood of the young has been proven to do just that in what’s called parabiosis. PayPal founder, Peter Thiel recently founded another start-up called Ambrosia, which sells infusions of blood harvested from the young.

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    • LAUGH!!! I’m just HAPPY that the “Golden Race Beings” ARE STARTING RETURNING…NOW!
      They are not “Vampires” as the “MAN-Kind Race” has to be to survive…THEY will NOT “Survive” THEIR RETURN.

    • Interesting information but the pathetic dramatisations are totally unnecessary! People who watch these documentaries can read without pictures! Also the voice overs are childish in the overdramatic overtones!

    • Not too much to say after watching that video! Looks like something that has been with around for centuries, surfacing, again, to test the waters so to speak. . Truly, these are not ‘humans’…..and never will be. To use children for their drug use is the lowest of the low and a sickening practice…..the death penalty comes to mind.
      Using ‘children’s blood’ for recreational drug use will have dire consequences down the road not just for them but for all of us. Man’s depravity never ceases to shock and disgust me. Obviously this is well known and accepted in all the elite circles….but why has it not been sought out and destroyed? One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

    • Pedophiles, perverts, politicians, and cannibals, all hooked on adrenochrome, yes, it sounds too much like the world we live in today. Sick as*holes they are. Terrify small children to death, drink their blood, and eat them. And now Peter Thiel is selling this stuff. And you can pay for it with PayPal. I am starting to believe this world is ready for a reset. A start over from scratch, the “dark side” has too much power over the civilized humans, what few we are. The ones not striving to be the top of the heap. Does this mean some MSM ass will now “normalize” it? Oh what a wonderful world we live in. Make it a better one, some how, please.

      • James, please see my reply to Matk Utban.. other than that i mainly agree with you.. but this is all part of the descent into utter chaos with an Anti the Christ as world ruler.

    • The trick is the blood must be harvested from a child who is scared so there is adrenaline in the bloodstream. This is the sickest thong in the world next to necrophilia and pedopholia.

      • You mean pederasty and necrerasty. Here; The word “PEDO” means;

        – before vowels _ped-_ , word-forming element meaning “boy, child,” from Greek _pedo-_ , combining form of _pais_ “boy, child,” especially a son, from PIE root *pau- (1) “few, little.” The British form _paed-_ is better because it avoids confusion with the _ped-_ that means “foot” (from PIE root *ped-). Compare, from the same root, Sanskrit _putrah_ “son;” Avestan _puthra- _ “son, child;” Latin _puer_ “child, boy,” Oscan _puklu_ “child.”

        So therefore; the word is not pedophile, this is a misnomer that entered into English because of linguist charlatans _(fraud language experts)_ . Pedo means “Boy, Child” which comes out of Biblical Greek word for children which is “Paidia”. “Philia” in Greek means “Fraternal/Friendly love”, not sexual. The proper word folks should use for adults molesting young children for adult men molesting young boys/teenagers is *Pederast* _(‘erastes’ from the “eros” which means lust/erotic/sex)_ let’s call them what they are! We don’t call a tree a car, nor a car a house, nor a house a building nor a building a field, so let’s call these sons of the Devil what they are! They are *destroyers of the innocence of children and thus destroyers of children = pederasts!* When you call someone a “Biblio-Phile” .. does it mean anything to do with ‘sex’? No! It simply means you love/strong affection for books _(not sexual)_ . When you say the word “Phili-delphia” _(which means brotherly/fraternal love)_ , does it mean anything do with brothers having sex? No! Simply means brothers with strong affection/fraternal love for one another. When you see the word ‘techno-phile’ does it mean someone has sexual lust of technology? NO! Simply means a strong affection/like for technology. So we need consistency here. When we don’t use the true term, we are actually teaching people corrupted English definitions _(by manipulation of the very sodomites you’re exposing)_ not proper definitions, and i tell you this as a linguist of English, Greek, and Latin…. so for example;

        – It shouldn’t be “Nepiophilia” but rather Nepioerast.
        – It shouldn’t be “Hebephilia” but rather Heberast.
        – It shouldn’t be “Ephebophilia” but rather Epheboerast.

        We should actually care about calling a spade a spade, a club a club, a dog a dog, a car a car, a truck a truck, a sodomite who is a dog and abomination unto the lord a sodomite who is a dog and abomination unto the Lord. If these utterly satanic destroyers of the innocence of children are what they are being in immense horrid lawlessness rebellion against God’s/Jesus’ natural order, what makes you think they ought to be trusted in telling others what the proper terms are for their absolutely sick and abhorrent attempt to normalize sex with children etc?

    • General Butt Naked said that he always used to sacrifice a young girl before his men went into battle,

      “Cannibal Warlord Joshua Blahyi – General Butt Naked
      Better known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked, Blahyi and his followers would sacrifice a young child and drink the blood. Often they would eat their unfortunate victim before going in to battle in the misguided belief that they would be protected from harm. The full tribe went into battle without any clothes on, hence the nickname of their leader: Butt Naked.

      “They went into battle high on human blood

      Liberia was a hell on earth – and still is in some regards – soldiers would empty the bodies from stone tombs in the graveyard, often eating the corpses. They would then use the tomb as a shelter to sleep in. It goes without saying that people with such devilish beliefs would be beyond cruel if they caught a rival soldier alive.”

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