I ended up in a weird corner of YouTube the other day when I discovered a new genre of video with millions of views on what’s called “Mewing”, named after the father-son British orthodontists, John and Mike Mew, who have developed the controversial science of orthotropics, the proper development of the face.

The Mews purport that our facial bones are much more malleable than generally thought, remaining malleable into our 70s and that facial attractiveness is not simply a product of our genetics but of our tongue posture. Soft food, chronic nasal congestion and sedentary lifestyles can lead to weak jaws, collapsed palates and crooked teeth. Many “Before and After” videos show that by learning correct tongue posture, we can develop beautiful facial structure without surgery – even late in life!

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  • the best thing anyone can do to make their face attractive, is relax it.
    Early natives of California were observed to have rotten teeth. This was attributed to their fish diet, rightly or wrongly.
    Inland people chewed deerskins, to soften them in the tanning process. Their teeth were terrific.
    Attractiveness can sometimes be enhanced by keeping the tongue quiet, behind sealed lips, especially with anxious adolescents.
    So, no need to spend money on this science. Keep a civil tongue, relax, and chew your deerskin

  • Good to know!
    Had a lot of teeth pulled when I was young to make way for the ‘other’ teeth needed. I was a premie, so I suppose my skull didn’t get the extra width needed for all the teeth slated for my top & bottom jaw. At any rate….all is well and I will practice putting my tongue onto the roof of my mouth.
    I hope they removed the plastic pellets in the monkeys’ noses to give them back their proper breathing. 🙂

  • All I can say (snidely) is that’s pretty tongue in cheek. Applied tongue torque. I won’t go any further then I have. Yeah sometimes I have a twisted sense of humor. Excuse me while I fade away.

  • Very interesting. Thanks. I just wish there was some way I could miraculously stop my teeth from rotting and having them pulled. 🙁

    • Suzanne — Do you have a sweet tooth, like most women? Like I did till it was revealed that I’d developed Type II diabetes. I quit sugar, processed sugar I mean. No more cavities (what a surprise).

    • Check the pH of your saliva. If it is acidic, that means it will break down anything touching the saliva, albeit probably slowly. Change your diet to an alkaline one. My guess is you also have some bone or tissue weakness which you may need to address because of calcium leeching.


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