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At a time when Trump supporters are falsely accused of hate crimes, publicly shamed by false associations with the Ku Klux Klan, with actress Alyssa Milano declaring of the Covington High School boys, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” imagine the pressures of being a young Black Conservative in America today?

The truth is that Trump supporters, regardless of color are far more threatened with violence than they are apt to be perpetrators of violence, in our coup d’état environment powered by a shrill media intent on saturating peoples’ minds with hatred, division and lies.

This unexpectedly good documentary takes us to the Young Black Leadership Summit in DC in October 2018. It was produced by an arch-Liberal VICE News crew that was predisposed to be hostile to the topic but which actually put out a great report.

It features the fabulous Candace Owens, who describes herself until recently as “Conservative-Curious” but who grew weary of the failed policies of a party that kept trying to sell her her own oppression. As the leader of the Blexit movement, she encourages African-Americans to get off the Democrat “plantation”.

Myself, as a lifelong Liberal, who recently had the scales removed from my eyes, I’m very inspired by what I see here.  The high energy jumps off the screen!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Great video! I often wonder who thought up the system that ‘controls’ the masses and why the masses have bought into it so solidly. I mean with some folks it holds sway over their entire existence. It’s important, yes, but not used as a weapon to divide us. Every election around the world is an exercise in bullying, bribing, lying, manipulation and futility. I wonder how many more decades will have to pass before the so-called ‘Intelligent species’ gets it right….. a system that can understand & work like it should—give up the labels and get the job done. Hope lies with young people seeing through the barriers. If we don’t resolve these problems I’m sure A.I. will be given the task to complete and I can assure you that no one will be OK with that. We already have the FAKE MSM …. could it get any worse? A better world awaits ……

  • Just have to respond…
    I really appreciate content(films) like this. It shows people thinking for themselves, communicating, and working for (peaceful) change.
    I have been a BIG fan of your site for a long time. I understand the “law of attraction”, and have noticed that much of the material you post leaves me feeling negative emotions; overwhelmed and hopeless.
    I appreciate material where focus is on the things I DO want to see in the world.
    I have stopped watching posts that I think will focus my thoughts and emotions on what I DONT want. They bring me down. Films that point out how we are all being poisoned, brainwashed, duped, controlled, lied to, drugged, doomed… create a negative vibrational state that begets negative manifestations.
    Alexandra, you choose the material you send to your viewers, and thereby expand that view/idea/reality…. whether it is something wanted or something unwanted.
    Contrast is good.
    Balance is appreciated.
    Still a fan…
    Millie Morton (Texan, living in Australia)

  • ANY, “Melanin Raced” people that get involved with government Politics WILL suffer the SAME Fate assigned to “MAN-Kind” in the VERY Near future…and the Lucifarian/Satanist Already KNOW this fact.
    Therefore they will attempt to take as many with them when they are Destroyed Forever.
    Wise Melanin beings only have to continue to WATCH what happens to these “Invaders” on this Planet…and Connect BACK to their Original Creators, or THE GOLDEN RACE movement.
    w.The Golden

  • Gee I missed this on lame stream news. Great to see young black people awakening to the fact the Demoncraps have been playing them like a cheap fiddle. It was the democrats that fought for black slavery along with The Mother of harlots in the Civil war! This country was founded on the premise of fighting against over powering big governments. Governments through out history have never been benevolent to the peasantry, black or white. More government more slavery, less government less slavery! Welcome young black conservatives to freedom from control. THINK WHILE IT IS STILL LEGAL!!

  • Thats what we all are , race does not matter they could give
    no ( **cks) about us. We are the slave race, to be used and controlled as they
    see fit. We do all the work, and they pretend to keep us free, mean while they
    tax the *hit out of us, run psyops on us, use tech weapons on us, fake dramas
    on us aka (school plays), chem trail skies to a million different agendas, none to
    our advantage. government is the KILLER class.

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