Last week, 12-time Olympic Champion, Ryan Lochte lied on the Today Show in a now-cringeworthy false account about how he and his teammates were in a taxi which was pulled over early Sunday morning by armed men impersonating police officers, who robbed them of their cash, with a gun pointed right at his forehead.

After viewing security video tapes and separately questioning all four swimmers, the gas station attendants and others at the scene, Brazilian police have determined that no robbery occurred.

What did occur was that the four Olympians had been partying at France Club, in the upscale Botanical Garden neighborhood of South Rio and they were very intoxicated when their taxi pulled into a gas station near the Olympic Village in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, at some distance from the club. At least one of them needed to use the bathroom. What happened next is unclear except that at least one of the athletes urinated on a wall instead of in the toilet. A bathroom door was kicked off of its hinges, a soap dispenser was was mangled and other rockstar-like antics of destruction were perpetrated on this unassuming Shell gas station. Then a fight broke out and two armed gas station security guards were called.

Rather than calling police, the owner of the gas station agreed to and received the equivalent of a 54 USD settlement to fix the vandalism, which appears to have largely consisted in the clean-up of Jimmy Feigen’s poorly-aimed pee. Feigen remained in Rio for police questioning and he agreed to make a donation in the equivalent of 10,800 USD to a charity for at-risk youth called The Reaction Group before having his passport returned and departing for the US Friday morning.

I wasn’t the only one who caught a whiff of that same stench of the unending economic warfare and negative PR campaign against BRICS member, Brazil that has been in full force since the re-election of President Dilma Rousseff in November 2014. This PsyOp includes the massive CDC Zika Hoax, which has been used to scare tourists away from the Olympics – except that it’s a cover-up for the effects of petroleum-based insecticides and has nothing to do with a serious mosquito-borne virus.

I wondered whether Ryan Lochte had been put up to making such dramatic claims on NBC, the same US TV network which had regurgitated a Pentagon press release and falsely reported that Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan had fled his country and he was seeking asylum in Germany, in the midst of the [failed CIA] coup.

NBC’s Today remained on the offensive against Brazilian authorities this Friday, going to some lengths to establish the credibility of Lochte’s claims, by visiting the gas station bathroom, which showed no signs of damage (because the damage was from a 6’2″ athlete’s bladder full of urine all over the floor, which had since been cleaned-up). Perhaps more will be revealed by more trustworthy sources than NBC.

The France Club was a popular temporary discotheque and restaurant set up by the French government during the Rio Olympics, similar to other hospitality centers set up by countries being represented at the Olympic Games.

US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun has apologized for the behavior of 4 members of the US Olympic Swim Team, calling it “not acceptable.”

In a formal statement, he said, “On behalf of the United States Olympic Committee, we apologize to our hosts in Rio and the people of Brazil for this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence.”

For his part, Lochte essentially stuck to his disproven story [lie], in his Instagram apology. He allegedly has $1M in endorsements hanging in the balance. He probably needs to go to rehab for a hill of reasons.

There are possible consequences for the athletes. USA Swimming code of conduct includes once concerning athletes’ behavior that is “detrimental to the image or reputation of USA Swimming…or the sport of swimming.” Punishments for breaking that rule include being kicked out of the federation.

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