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Linda Moulton Howe reveals the most provocative story about the goings-on in Antarctica ever before presented.

A short interview between Howe and a retired Naval Officer, discussing his experiences as a pilot of a C-130 transport plane in Antarctica, decades ago. He describes flying with a with a medical emergency on board and trying to make time, he decided to fly over the no-fly zone, directly over the South Pole. There, he saw a massive opening in the ice, which was big enough for his plane to fly through.

In a separate incident, he recalls ferrying a group of scientists who had disappeared for two weeks. In his words, “They looked scared.” When they returned to the US base at McMurdo, their gear was isolated. He was warned never to discuss this event and they were swiftly flown back to Christchurch, New Zealand in a special plane.

The conversation shifts to large alien bases beneath the ground in Antarctica, Grey aliens genetically-engineering Blond Nordic “containers”, to invade the Earth, as well as Reptilian aliens and “friendly” giant Nordics, an ancient war on Mars…and even stranger things.

This is a new twist on out-of-this world stories I haven’t heard in 20 years.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I believe all that is plausible! I was down at McMurdo in 1967-’68, and saw some “strange” things in the skies there. Only 2 other people will backup my stories about what we saw. Some other things going on of “interest” are taking place above the snowbanks at Palmer Station, too!
    I used to have 5 acres at Landers, Ca., and my wife’s parents lived at Yucca Valley. Used to watch “things” going on in the sky at Giant Rock, and it wasn’t flares from the 29 Palms MC Base, either. Talked to guys in the Marine Corps that I knew, and they were told NOT to say anything about what was going on around Means Dry Lake! (“Things” in the sky can kill your engine, if you’re out there flying at night. Happened to me and a friend twice one summer!) I was told not to talk about it, by the “People in Power”, if I knew what was good for me!
    So much more, but I can’t tell it on here…

    • Thanks for that. The last UFO I ever saw was in the Coachella Valley. It was an enormous orb at the edge of the atmosphere. I could tell, because I saw an international commerical jet, at the highest altitude cruising speed (~38k’) streak by beneath it, and it looked teeny and so much closer, by comparison to the orb. This sphere must have been at least 1/2 a km in diameter.

      After observing it for 20 mins, it dipped behind the San Jacinto Mountains.

      I’ve been to Landers and the Integratron, been through Yucca Valley many times, Joshua Tree several times; twice for Contact in the Desert.

      My parents lived in Rancho Mirage for 16 years, which is like Mars with shopping malls. That area, up there was the only interesting place for hundreds of square miles. I love that restaurant/bar with live music, Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown! There was a jazz band with a woman playing jazz harp solos!

      I used to have very creepy, vivid dreams of an underground base, while I slept there, when my parents first moved out there.

      Thank God I got them to finally sell that house. I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in the desert. That one, or any one.

  • You will find what your number tells you to find. 2017 tells you to look for aliens. Your mirrored eyes cannot view them-proof is in local events reported 6-20-09, and 10-10-13 as your eyes see what 2017 projects for them to see. Change your time lens you view the universe through, and everything changes like magic like the first time you see through a tele/micro scope! Enter FREE TIME, time not preselected for you, by writing 10,000,000,002,017,and you become WHOLE time wise for the very first time. You cannot exist in time you do not . Your body will believe where its head puts it, so make your true first birthday card THE ZERO and experience yourself as the missing link you missed-your zeroness!

  • Seems to verify much of what Corey Goode has be saying recently, though Corey’s specific information seems to be more detailed and authoritative, assuming it is true. He has somewhat of a different take on the sides involved and the state of the conflict in regards to earth. He thinks the dark forces are pretty much in retreat these days. I really enjoyed the more expansive speculation at the end. These two seem like very sincere and good people. Thanks for sharing this Alexandra.

  • IN A NUTSHELL, our planet is a spiritual war between “serpent seed” races(reptoid/insectisoid ) created by the Nephilm or fallen angelics and TRUE SOURCE beings that operate in accordance to divine universal laws. There are myriads of different beings that “run” each universe. Each universe is unique and different. Each universe has a Creator Son (created by SOURCE/TRINITY. and a Mother Spirit…also created by Trinity. Christ was a Creator Son and incarnated on this lost planet to teach truth and live in accordance to the will of Source Trinty (his creator), who lucifer denied existed….hence, the lucifer rebellion. It happened aprox 26,000 years ago. NEVER was it mandated by SOURCE that Christ die that hideous death on the cross for remission of sin. Lie taught to the masses on purpose. Blood sacrifice is steeped in luciferian/satanic worship. Mayans, Incas, Romans were all controlled by these negative races working through and along side human elites. Suffering creates negative energies that feed these unseen rebels. Ancient tablets of Sumeria show these races. Bird head race with wings were real and were genetically engineering to fight the Annunaki battles against humans. Repillians are fierce warriors, void of empathy with no connection to TRUE Source. Satan and Lucifer are two separate fallen angelics. We live in the days of the final adjudication of the lucifer rebellion. Many other worlds are observing earth to see how humanity evolves for we are at a very crucial time in our history and because of the bestowal of the “son of man” Jesus, this planet is a BIG WHOOP in the heavens. Never before has a Creator Son of a universe bestowed or incarnated as a mortal of the realm. Mankind is an Ascendant Son of God. There are MANY different orders of “sons of God. Lucifer and Satan were “system sovereigns” or Veronedek “sons of God. Less than a handful of these created beings fell into rebellion. Our universe, unfortunately had two, Satan was always on earth while lucifer tarried on other planet in his charge. aprox 1000. not all inhabited…not all evolutionary. Earth is numbered 606. Christ has won the war but each person must decide their fate. We reap what we sow as the Christ taught and like begets like. We create our own heaven or hell and go exactly where we belong after our “earthsuit” dies…Many walking this planet have chosen soul extinction

  • I have it on a good report from a Leprechaun who lives in my shrubbery, that Linda is an ancient Pixie who eventually grew into a woman because she was ever eating her fingernails which had pixie dust nail polish on them. So I take her seriously when she talks about reptile people that only the people she interviews know about.

    Seriously, Hitler didn’t need tall Nordic blondes or voluptuous blondes to stimulate his removal of Jews. That stage was already pretty well set by the time Hitler was born. If one knows history they know how ridiculous such a claim is that this interview introduced. That yarn fits pop-history quite nicely which is a little like the fiction I started out with here. Based on an element of truth, WWI & WWII have been fictionalized and romanticized.

    At best the interviewer is delusional and Linda is long overdue for retirement. In recent years she has gone off the reservation into the twilight zone of imaginary creativity. We should be grateful for her interview of the Navy guy, but then she adds so much fiction to it, really discrediting herself in my opinion. And the interviewer – whew!

  • It’s so good to hear Linda discuss our planet and it’s predicament within the multiverse as it actually exists. She sees it clearly, has a good handle on the central problem and doesn’t sugar coat the situation. I am so weary of the hedging language used by most interviewers to explain our circumstances. When I hear that language I know they haven’t a clue about the seriousness of the threat under which we exist. As long as humanity voluntarily remains under the current power structure we are sunk. Those same interviewers speak of freedom as if it’s some nebulous attainment. It is not. Freedom can’t be sliced up and handed out as if it were a commodity. Freedom is or it isn’t.

    Our human position is dire under the current regime of control. Humanity is and has been controlled by fearful, weak, nasty, colluding, deceitful, hateful humans who sold us all out for a few technological trinkets in order to gain power and control for themselves alongside their overlords, whom they seriously fear. Weak is weak.

    I look out onto the hillsides of my NM home most every day and think, “What can awaken the sleepers to our critical situation; what?”. I’ve no answer. I wish I did. I’d give anything necessary to forward that awakening and secure our ultimate freedom from the colluding humans’ overlords.

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