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    In this third installment of the special investigation of ancient Egyptian artifacts, recently discovered in Turkey, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt speaks with Dr. Carmen Boulter from the University of Calgary.

    The discovery would be historic enough by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey, suggesting that Queen Nefertiti fled with followers, escaping the fate of her husband at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood.

    Preliminary carbon dating tests put the age of the artifacts at approximately 10,000 BC, throwing a monkey wrench into the accepted date of royal lineage of the Amarna ruling family of Akhenaten, Nerfetiti and King Tut. This raises important questions about the ancient history of humanity, overall and it strongly suggests that the Amarna royal family was extraordinary on many levels.

    These amazing findings that were excavated in Turkey, inside a concealed mountain vault tomb. The extensive collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts that were discovered reveal a missing link to the Lost Continent of Atlantis. The evidence of an “Atlantean Princess” found among the relics of the secret tomb and the presence of objects that appear to resemble artworks from the the civilizations of Crete and Knossos, suggesting that these were legacy cultures of actual Atlantean colonies.

    These colonies appear to have maintained the ancestral memory of an advanced civilization that possessed high technology and spirituality that claimed the stars as their true home. Their stories of a lost motherland strongly coincide with Plato’s classic legend told to him by the Egyptian Priest, Solon in his tome, Critias.

    The “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce predicted that ruins of this Lost Continent would rise again, in modern times, near the Bahamian island of Bimini. The 1968 discovery of a structure located in shallow water, dubbed the “Bimini Wall” sparked a renewed interest in the reality of Atlantis.

    Additionally, Cayce saw that a Hall of Records, containing records from Atlantis and the key to their advanced technology was located beneath the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

    Dr. Boulter’s new documentary series, ‘The New Atlantis’ will reveal her exciting new findings of an Atlantean culture that existed before recorded history and in which she posits, formed the basis of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Maya and Inca Civilizations (!)

    Explosive and Fascinating, you don’t want to miss this extraordinary, history-changing Dark Journalist episode!

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    • I believe Dan asks Carmen “What’s with the bearded man?”, and he should have been directed to Graham Hancock’s wonderful “Fingerprints of the Gods”, which asks the same question from South American pyramid complexes. Viracocha, Osiris, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, and Kukulkan and the feathered serpent – good times.. white bearded men (from the east, or the sea..) – anyway, that section should be read by Daniel & Carmen!!

      • Is that so? I don’t know why I was under the impression that Velikovsky dated all of these wildly catastrophic events, such as the capture of Venus by the Solar System, as having occurred in historic times…

      • Good point. We should remind Daniel to do that. It’s only an extra step you need to take, when you upload a video.

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