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    I’m not sure how I missed this at the time but on February 9th, superlawyer Lin Wood filed a bombshell affidavit under oath in Federal Court, affirming the salacious allegations he has made about both US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts and former Vice President Mike Pence.

    Wood submitted the affidavit in US District Court in Brooklyn, New York as part of his response to a libel case to oust him from litigating his ongoing case on behalf of a California woman against MSNBC presenter, Joy Reid.

    Wood told the Federal Court that he was in possession of credible evidence of serious wrongdoing by high-ranking government officials, including potentially serious crimes perpetrated by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He also stated in the court document that he had evidence to support his accusation that former Vice President Mike Pence is a traitor and that the evidence was given to the US Secret Service.

    Wood, who may be the most successful defamation lawyer in history, having won hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for his clients, was until recently widely acclaimed as a legal genius. This was until he got involved with suing the State of Georgia for election fraud in 2020. He has since been canceled by his alma mater, to whom he had donated generously. There are also active efforts to disbar him, amid allegations that he has gone crazy. There have also been numerous threats on his life but he says that he has a deadman’s switch with damning material that will be released, should he or any member of his family be harmed.

    It appears that Wood’s evidence largely comes from a Government whistleblower, an interview with whom he posted to Telegram on January 18th in eight parts and which I strung back together, uploaded and transcribed, here.

    In the video, the whistleblower, known on Twitter as JohnHereToHelp (JHTH) describes how Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children illegally with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and then he proceeded to use his children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

    JHTH explains, “Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are…

    “And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.”

    Besides the illegal (and sometimes FISA) surveillance footage of various officials raping Roberts’ children, JHTH also claims there is footage of former Vice President Mike Pence “and his two lovers and the younger ones.”

    JHTH also details how Roberts helped with some logistics in a plot to murder several Supreme Court Justices in an FBI-controlled false flag attack during what would have been Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with more Globalists.

    The mass murder plot was foiled after JohnHereToHelp was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate the operation. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit the murders fell back to Plan B and executed Justice Anton Scalia, who was considered Hillary’s “greatest threat”.

    JHTH says that multiple copies of the videos exist in the possession of former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, CrowdStrike President, Shawn Henry, who was FBI at the time and had two copies, which were made by former Secret Service Agent, Shaun Bridges, who encrypted them and handed out the keys.

    JHTH referred to Shaun Bridges and his involvement in a vast compromise operation in an extensive Twitter thread last summer, in which he suggested that Bridges was the No.1 Secret Service computer forensics expert, running the illegal HAMMER operation in Baltimore under then-US Attorney for the District of Maryland, Rod Rosenstein.

    JHTH suggested that Bridges has copies of the emails of Hillary Clinton (and of many others) and of Hillary’s laptop and that as a Secret Service agent, with Total Access to the White House and Air Force One, Bridges made copies of extremely compromising videos of the Obamas, especially of Michelle’s, “little Barack” (which may refer to rumors of Michelle being transgender).

    JHTH suggested that Bridges copied secret Service surveillance tapes showing the Obamas and their $65,000 pedophile “pizza parties” at the White House (also referred to in the Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks), where certain guests did not, “later hang themselves in jail” (referring to Jeffrey Epstein).

    JHTH asked whether the “Deep State DOJ under the direction of Hillary, Obama, Rod,” is keeping a lid on Bridges’ story as long as possible, especially until after the election?

    Several times, JHTH seemed to suggest that he, himself knows the location of such copies.

    JHTH also noted in this thread how the United States Postal Service recently filed for a patent application using blockchain to control voting – and how Bridges, as “one of only a handful of people on the planet who cannot only manipulate blockchain, and has done so successfully, but can hide their tracks when they do it is being kept isolated, controlled, and quiet, and completely off the record even though he is a primary suspect in the Sheryl Atkinson case?” (Bridges is currently in prison for stealing millions of dollars of Bitcoin from the Silk Road drug-dealing website – while he was investigating them for the DOJ).

    JHTH then noted that USPS IP addresses were used to conduct the surveillance of journalist, Sharyl Attkisson’s devices and he also suggests that the USPS is controlled by a foreign government, in an eerily prescient statement, given the radical election fraud performed by the USPS three months after he tweeted:

    Shaun Bridges has quite the history with the USPS. It was one of his entry points while “wardriving”. I detailed this in one of the interviews 👍

    This is a brief overview of the case. They left out a few of the agencies I “helped” 😉, but I won’t take it personally 😄

    I’m sure everyone has seen one of these. Mail being sorted, first by size, then BARCODES being read, then a Florescent barcode applied Before being designated where to go.

    What if, a hostile foreign gov had control of USPS computers? Enough to “shed” votes?

    They really didn’t like what I alluded to. Sealed everything immediately, then the whole case went “wonky”, DOJ started protecting the DS players, playing games, RR and Henry lawyer up together, Shaun off the record, etc.

    Why do you think RR, DOJ/FBI and the Dems are desperately holding out until election? They have one more ace up their sleeves 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    So little Schiffy is upset about a very specific thing, Mail Sorting Machines. That is very specific 🤔🤔🤔
    JHTH pointed out that the USPS’ slogan, “Direct mail can help Deliver the Win®” seemed inherently biased and that it would be more appropriate if it were “Deliver the Vote”.


    JHTH and Shaun Bridges are the keystones to so many rabbit holes we’ve been following since 2016…
    Tru News’ Rick Wiles and a panel discuss these shocking developments in this video.

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    • Has anyone looked into the australian phedo ring? A woman called Fiona Barnett

      The information is so out there, who will believe it? thats why its not in the public knowledge.

      By the way, the global pedo circle if it is really expose will bring down world governments, I think this is why its not in the public interest.


    • We are not supposed to judge the hearts and souls of other people, but judge them from their works. Some people choose not to divulge their relationship with God while others choose to influence others to believe as they do; I fault neither. What I do fault is those who claim to know God will for each of us. What if your beliefs end up being wrong because of erroneous interpretations or translations? Too many people believe “their” interpretations are correct simply because of their beliefs. That is the reason why there are so many different secs within even the major religions. Who is correct? Then, if you try to challenge their interpretations they call you a heretic and say they will pray for you. I personally seek the truth and pray that I find it. The evil in the world is a lot more devious than most think but I believe you all are on the right track. I like to point out that John D. Rockefeller made his first $1/2 million at the ripe old age of 23 selling goods to the Union Army during the War of Northern Aggression. That is the MO of the Black Nobility, infiltrating and influencing the bureaucracies in order to gain government contracts. From guns to vaccines, this is the real swamp we all refer to and our taxes are prerequisites within the various schemes, and resultant corruption. The power to tax is the power to destroy. How do you interpret “Hail to Cesaer what is Ceasars”? You don’t really believe Jesus believed in the forse and coercion of legalized theft, those in power call taxation, yet how many believe he does?


    • I think that Mr. Linwood has been trying to tell the thruth, I feel that Mr. Trump, did not pay enough attention to what he was so loudly trying to say. He did say that the Geogia peolple will let him down and also mentioned that Mike Pence would not do what he had to do. POTUS believed his chosen VP, right to the last minute. Many of us felt that Pence had some darkness, we did pray that we were wrong, and that the trust the president had in him, was not going to be what it resulted to be.
      We are praying for our Lord Jesus, to come back soon, as this world has become so cruel, specially with the most vulnerable an innocents creation of the Almighty Father.
      So many false people covering up under religion, pretending to be real followers of the Word of God, so to manipulate humanity. It is so HORRIBLE, that I have to say that, it is so difficult to pray for those people doing so much wrong , as the Lord said, we are to pray for the enemy.
      The information and conversation exchange you all had, was a big eye opening. Thank you for sharing such important information and for the prayers. In GOD we Trust. Blessings

    • I do remember this whole conversation. Lin Wood interviewed a blurred figure who was part of an agency that told Lin Wood all this information. He talked about how they would blackmail people with any information that they found out that they were doing things in their lives such as Mike Pence having homesexual relationships. Saw info about who the whistleblower was on Steve Bannons show. Will go see if I can find it.

    • Little St. James Island as well as several other Caribbean islands have submarine bases left over from WWII. I found it very unusual that Disney Cruises designated Epstein Island as a ‘port-of-call’.

    • Why with all the evidence put forth by very credible people. Does nothing ever happened to these scumbag pedophile Satanist evil compromised people in high positions? Seems like nothing ever comes of it it’s always covered up swept under the rug and we never hear anything else about it. Money and power take precedence over the Constitution and law. Especially if you are in a place of power and influence!

      • Many who sit on the bench have been compromised.
        To get justice we must vote for those who have morals left that stand up
        against these injustices.
        We must straighten out our elections. Corruption runs deep throughout
        the world and we had foreign interference in our elections. That cannot be.
        It has come down to good vs evil.
        We need GOD ‘S hand on this. Keep praying. GOD likes to hear it.
        Thy will be done.

    • I can but suggest to all whom think that President Trump has perhaps forsaken, not just the USA, but the free-world, that they remember two of his oft-quoted phrases, namely:

      “Nothing can stop what is coming!”

      “The best is yet to come!”

      I was first advised of the new world, free of ‘Evil’, that is now awakening before our very eyes, some 12 years ago.

      There is a third phrase for those whom are losing heart, namely:


      I would also remind everybody, that contrary to what was originally thought, we are only now at the end of the Mayan Long Calendar. (Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar) The new world is upon us and there is nothing the ‘Evil’ of this world can do to stop it.

      For those English viewers please be aware that Boris Johnson is a paid up member of the Cabal and thus knows full well that the vaccine he is telling everyone to ‘grow-up’ and take, will likely kill nearly half of our UK population within five years! His father, a great influence in his life, wrote a book that stated most clearly that depopulation by any means possible was necessary! So, please, do not be fooled by his childish haircut and the crocodile tears in his eyes!

      • That’s one thing about Trump: he never gives up and he never gives in!! You can be sure he and others are working this issue.

      • The vaccine was developed and fast tracked under President Trump’s administration. If the vaccine will kill half of the UK’s population, wouldn’t President Trump be responsible for his part in having a vaccine approved in such a short time?

        • The CDC approved it for emergency use not Trump. If as had been suggested they contain graphene which is not listed as an ingredient it would be big Pharma held to account and the CDC for disregarding the VAERS.

        • If Trump hadn’t come out with his flu shot, we would have waited on the other administration to start sometime in 2025. It would have been MANDATED.
          Trump ruined that plan. We have free will.
          He was damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t. I chose not to take it, like many others. Was his formula switched? Would it surprise you?
          Question everything.

    • The video is interesting and assumes to know the facts behind compromised individuals. I have doubts that it is accurate in its depictions so I will not grab it as fact and run with it. There may be a small chance it is truthful. I will pray that the truth will come out and justice will be done concerning any corruption of people who are supposed to be public servants but are out of control enemies of the state and guilty of Treason toward the constitution of the people of the USA. I will also pay that those who try to confuse concerned and patriotic citizens with gossip aimed at diverting them from the truth and prevent the exercising of rights and responsibilities to preserve the union are exposed and brought to shame. I suspect Roberts is compromised to some degree but wish to know only the truth. The truth will stand and not be debunked as a conspiracy theory and further damage the quest to preserve the freedom and working republic of the USA.

    • Scary stuff alright, I hope it’s mostly true as it would be relatively simple (though not easy) to clean house, meaning most of the free world. To read the “Public” tea leaves it’s not hard to see that something is up, bigly. Nothing makes much sense on the surface so there’s very likely a huge behind the scenes racket going on. When nothing makes any sense, then you must make sense of it. Untie the Gordian knot so to say, solve the riddle.
      Easier said than done. Here’s hoping.

    • Someone sent this to me:
      (Passing this along. I did not write it.)


      Something is not sitting right with me with  Texas and it’s not just the weather.

      I mean it really bothers me these millions of Texas families are suffering.

      I couldn’t sleep actually…

      So I woke up this morning, made coffee and got to researching.

      I started pulling Biden’s EO’s this morning and I found something buried in the Keystone Piepline EO….. way towards the end of the doc.

      It turns out that the same day Biden shut down  the Keystone Pipeline, he also lifted the security on our power grid for 90 days (Trump’s EO the year prior secured our power grid by giving China no access.)

      Here below is the snippet buried in Biden’s Keystone pipeline EO.

      “c)  Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk-Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days.  The Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued.”

      Just a small little paragraph tucked away in one of Biden’s EO’s the first day he was in office under the umbrella of “restoring science to tackle the climate crisis”.

      You can find it here:

      So I researched our energy transformers that supply our power grid.

      Turns out, we have had zero transformers in this  country that were manufactured in China prior to 2009. From 2009 -2019, China has manufactured 200 of our transformers, supplying 60% of our power grid.

      Trump’s EO states this snippet, interestingly enough.

      May 1, 2020 order, President Trump stated that

      “the United States should no longer purchase transformers and other electric grid equipment manufactured in China. He signaled that it is important to end relationships that U.S. utilities have directly with Chinese businesses and multi-national companies manufacturing transformers in China, which are later plugged into the electric grid in the United States.

      Chinese power equipment can be embedded with software and hardware that can be remotely accessed, enhancing China’s ability to commit cyberattacks. Because power transformers are huge and weigh between 100 and 400 tons, it is not easy to identify embedded software or hardware. There is also a potential hardware risk since counterfeit items can be easily put into large power transformers.”

      You can read Trump’s EO here:

      What prompted Trump’s EO was this prior report right here. The Department of Energy found in this report, that there were :

      6 – US power transformer manufacturers

      30- Chinese power transformer manufacturers.

      You can read the report here:

      Most recent projects were completed in

      Las Vegas
      New Jersey

      If you lookup “ Electric Panda”…. you will wonder why in the heck this isn’t front page news now with Texas.

      Conclusively, Biden, on his first day in office, opened up the American electrical grid to China.

      His very first day in office. 3 weeks later, 5 million are without power and struggling to keep their families warm, and many livestock are unable to survive the emergent conditions caused by my power and limited water.”

      • I wonder how much more power will be given the CCP with the complete implementation of 5G? What benefit in faster internet when our enemies control it?
        Remember the CCP controls the White House, if only for a few more weeks.
        When our Government does not protect and serve We the People, it is our job to remove and replace it. Trump and the Patriots are doing just that.

      • Shirley. Somehow someway could you post this critical power grid info to Public on facebook for people to research. 💥💥See what Biden Hides in his Executive Orders💥💥 Your info is critical to get out to people. So glad I read comments more than videos and articles but I’ve just now found your comments on 7/12/2021.

    • This is all good and valuable information, but HOW Does this help us now? The more days pass, the more I feel like the president we love so much (Trump) just slipped out the back door and left us to fend for ourselves. He is not coming back to be our president (and i can’t blame him), but I feel he missed his great opportunity while still in office to start arresting people and now it’s too late. Nothing will EVER change as long as all these people at all these different levels get arrested for treason, for pedophilia, etc. By the time we get to 2024 elections this country will be cooked, beyond cooked and elections will never matter again if they don’t change the system from what we have now…. that did not work because of the fraud. Biden and his CCP gang are already taking our country apart…. just look at Texas. it’s not about the weather. it’s a far more sinister plan.

      • From what Ive heard, the CIA told Melanie that President Trump should shut up and walk away or him and one of his kids will be “JFK’d”. What would you do?

        • See I A and other alphabet agencies are being indicted.
          Trump walk away? NEVER. He’s been in jeopardy since day one.
          Which is why he has his own security along with secret service.
          No stupid man is he.

      • MSM would have had a field day if he had done that. Now the majority of the population are awake there will still be resistance but less chance of another civil war.

    • Understand and deserves mention -john Robert’s heads the FISA COURTS!!!!!! The judge that sentenced Kevin Clinesmith to probation and #100 fine when he falsified a FISA WARRANT TO TAKEDOWN A US PRESIDENT! THIS IS /SHOULD BE A DEATH PENALTY !!!!!

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