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    The sudden implosion of Bill Gates is a stunning development that’s making a lot of people hopeful for the future of humanity again.

    I’ve been scratching my head for 16 months, trying to figure out what the Hell is actually going on, here.

    On the one hand, we have the World Economic Forum calling for a Great Reset, aka the Green New Deal, aka UN Agenda 21/2030, where “You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy”.

    On the other hand, you have Bill Gates trying to vaccinate the “entire planetary population” and we have China wanting to control the world with the China Model of 5G, AI, censorship and social credit. And let’s not forget Communism.

    And lately, it’s become apparent that not only are the majority of all branches of our state and local governments in the tank for the Globalists and/or for China but our military is, as well, particularly through the new Marxist Defense Secretary and through CENTCOM, where he was Commander between 2013-2016; the nest from which all of the US’ illegal wars have been “prosecuted”, the conduit through which the Government has squandered untold trillions over the past two decades; killing and displacing millions.

    Until recently, the Globalist Superfriends all seemed to be working together but suddenly, fissures are appearing on the veneer.

    How do they all fit together? Why are they coming apart?

    Yesterday afternoon, Alex Jones phoned in his analysis, which is about as good of a model and a battle plan as I’ve heard anywhere and worthy of reflection, so I transcribed it for you, below.



    “The Globalists are a consortium of very, very powerful institutions and very, very wealthy families and they want a One-World government, they want feudalism, basically a Post-Human future, where they have robots and AI that control what’s left of humanity.

    “And they believe there’s too many humans, they want to cull our numbers by at least 90% but that said, there are power factions. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the UN openly sided with the Communist Chinese and believed that it was time for the “Communist Chinese Century”, for the Council on Foreign Relations and other people that talked about it to come to the front.

    “Now, the Globalists set up Communist China where it gets all the rare earth minerals, it gets all the jobs, because tariffs are put inside Western countries, in Europe, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, which are regulatory tariffs, where it’s impossible for us to compete with the Communist Chinese, because we’ve got higher energy costs, we have Green regulations and now the carbon taxes.

    “That is designed to make the jobs go to China. But China, under the Trilateral Agreement was to not become dominant in military force and to contain themselves to only their borders.

    “Well, Communist China has now expanded out, they’ve violated their deals with Hong Kong and Taiwan, they’re moving into the Philippines, they’re moving into the South China Sea, they’re trying to take islands away that have been historically Japan’s.

    “Because they’ve so infiltrated the United States and Europe with their double agents, they’ve been so successful buying-up most of Hollywood, four of the six big production houses, the big studios, that they’re very, very arrogant.

    “And the Sinophiles, like Bill Gates and others, with the Confucius Societies at the universities believe that they are invincible. I mean, you’ve got Mark Zuckerberg who’s trying to name his first child ‘Xi Jinping’ and calling Xi and saying, ‘I worship you, let me name my child after you,’ and he said, ‘No!’

    “That’s why you see the leader of Canada, Trudeau saying, ‘I want to be a dictator like Xi Jinping.’ That’s a real video. ‘I want to be a Chinese dictatorship!’

    “‘What do you want to grow up and be, Trudeau?’ ‘I want to be a dictator, like Xi Jinping.’ But that’s what his father wanted. His father admired Mao Zedong.

    “So this is real authoritarianism. They’ve decided to go that route. We’ve not resisted them properly. So you’ve got to ask, ‘Why is Bill Gates in trouble?’

    “Why did I say a few months ago that they were going to bring down Bill Gates? Why did I say Klaus Schwab is in danger of being brought down?

    “Because their agenda didn’t succeed fully and they were supposed to have the big lockdown to put the world under a ‘World ID’ and to put the world under a global social credit score based on China’s but not to keep us locked down, while China re-opened.

    “It was only meant to get rid of Trump and punish [Brazilian President] Bolsonaro and bring the leader of the UK, Boris Johnson under heel, under control.

    “But see, the Globalists began to leverage – the China arm of the Globalists – began to leverage and continue a global depression to consolidate power and control, completely collapsing the Third World and so endangering the West with migrant flows that THEY thought that it was becoming too extreme.

    “So what you have are two major power factions battling. Now, how did I tell you 14 years ago, 10 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago and just last November – I guess it was late October on Joe Rogan, that specifically, that Bill Gates did not meet with Jeffrey Epstein one time, like he said. In the past, he lied and said, ‘I never met with him.’

    “He met with him hundreds and hundreds of times and now, you notice that Mainstream news is reporting – the Daily Beast, the New York Post, even Reuters and AP and he’s on the cover of People Magazine when you’re at the grocery store – that he met with him dozens or more times.

    “Well, of course he did, because they’re in the same business: controlling the scientific elite of the major colleges so that they can carry out things like the COVID-19. The power grab.

    “Bill Gates has control of all the major health services of the world. He has control of the NIH of the United States; the National Health Service in the UK. He has control of almost every nation, except for India, that threw him out a few years ago.

    “And so, again, they pushed this project [COVID-19], they launched this project, they got enough of the Establishment on board, going back into December of 2019, to go ahead and pull the trigger on it.

    “But as the program got revealed and there was a massive backlash, globally and as the program began to fail, because there were scientists and doctors who were able to override Big Tech censorship, now the Globalists are backing away from Gates and away from Schwab and away from others.

    “Because they weren’t doing it to bring in the New World Order, as it was said, to be built by the Rockefellers and others and the British Royalty and the Rothschilds. This was one, basically for the ChiComs now. And the super-predator, Gates and others went ahead and made their move with the UN, double-crossing the other Globalist power axis.

    “Also, when they set up this plan, back in the 1970s, they’d have China dominate economically, worldwide, so the Globalists could leverage control and use economic warfare to bring the West to its knees Russia was still there. Russia was still seen as being part of the global opposition system. But now that Russia is its own stand-alone country and rejecting Globalism and Soros and depopulation and the whole Trans agenda, the New World Order has an even bigger problem on its hands.

    “And so the world is not just unipolar, with the US as the lone superpower now. It’s not just bipolar, with Communist China. It’s not just tripolar, with the European Union bureaucracy, as corrupt as it is, it still has a lot of power. It’s not just having four poles, with the UK and the remnants and what’s left of the Anglo-America Establishment now with the US.

    “But because Russia has nuclear weapons and all that energy and it isn’t going along with the agenda and also has more borders with more countries than any other nation in the world, they are the ace in the hole that is causing this system to basically not come to fruition, like the Globalists had wanted it to.

    “Bottom line, there’s infighting going on inside the New World Order right now and the reason why this is important is this is essential nail Gates politically to the wall and to nail Schwab and to nail the UN and to nail the head of the WHO, who clearly cooked-up the virus, gave it gain of function, released it, censored everybody so we couldn’t stand up to ’em, exaggerated its strength, tried to have a permanent lockdown, to cripple economies and consolidate control, while Gates bought up all the farmland.

    “If they aren’t punished, then the Globalists will continue with the blueprint of the COVID lockdown in the future, with new releases, new variants, or hyping-up a new pneumonia or flu, as they’re already saying; to bring back the mask, bring back the ‘non-essential’, to lock you in your homes, to consolidate more economic control and depopulation in the future.

    “So it’s essential to discredit this whole lie, to destroy it, politically and to punish those that captained it, so that other Globalists in the future are scared to use these same weapons systems of fear and control in the future. They know how to put pressure on you, till opposition forms. And then, while opposition forms, they will take off the pressure so that the opposition dissipates and then, they’ll bring the pressure back again.

    “So they only advance when they’re not getting major resistance. So just as the Sun came up this morning, guarantee everybody was celebrating, thinking lockdowns are over, they are coming back. They are already still in place in Australia, areas of Europe, the UK, with a permanent control grid and so those groups are just a few steps ahead of us. That’s why we have to repudiate the whole system and expose the system and expose how damaged many people are going to be from these deadly gene therapy systems they’ve already been given, which is the soft kill program.

    “So as good as it is that the Globalists are in trouble, that this arm of the Globalists is being repudiated, we’re still in grave danger because the depopulation operations has already been launched.And so now, we have to attend to the sick and dying and the unfolding lies and the attempts to turn our children against us, like the new modern Hitler Youth, to demand that they be vaccinated, using their ignorance.

    “We have to go on the offense, politically, culturally spiritually and repudiate and expose this whole system or it’s just going to keep coming back like, basically a bad case of the herpes. Notice: the level of lockdown that people live under is the level they accept. If you accept it in Canada, it never ends. If you accept it i the UK, it never ends, if you accept it in Florida, it never ends.

    “But if you don’t accept it, well then your leaders can stand with you and have a prosperous future and most leaders want that but they’re up against the media, the big banks and the Globalists and so, if you don’t show leadership on the grassroots, the leaders will never appear from amongst our ranks to turn this tide of tyranny.

    “So basically, this is a long war we’re all in, a very serious war and we are starting to win this first big battle but not without huge casualties.”


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thank you for helping to out this despicable tyrant. I’m in the process of awakening to what is really going on. I’m 50 years old and I just found out that the federal reserve isn’t even a part of the government. I’m a little behind but every day I learn something that new that shocks me. I’ve been asleep for so long. We need people like you to expose the lies. Keep up the hard work. Maybe if enough of us are aware that they are trying to kill us, we will have a chance.

    • Thank you for the clear proof that Alex Jones is an intuitive worthy of attention regardless of what many think of his “style.” We are too often seeing reduction of value of presentation equated to mere ” image attraction'” along with this rise of foolish impractical ideas through packages of obvious repetition, i.e.brainwashing. Our media is beyond the “information age” and subhuman tactics become inverted into “fair play” by rampant pseudo-idealisations posing as philosophy and communication method. I am sure you will not have far to look to find emotional and illogical attacks on the Jones text, based on the psychology and suppositions I have just stated.

    • Have heard that story before, about the death of Bill Gates and comparing photos does seem to prove that it is more than a story.

    • First mistake was believing Alex Jones. But all I am going to say is, hold on to this article. When the actually Truth hits you, and it will, you can use this to shred Alex Jones for the hack and Yes Bought & Paid for hack he is. The truth is already being dropped out there. It is goung to keep dripping, then slow stream, then full stream, then Pouring all over the place. The actual truth is more horrific than you can believe, while it looks like End Times, thats Alex Jones buddies pushing that narrative and purpisefully pushing that narrative with the Propaganda Fake News MSM, reporting on only those events that fit the narrative they want to push. But the truth will make God Fearing people loose their lunch, if you already know, the full truth will still cause those God fearing people lose their lunch dinner and breakfast for weeks.
      In its simplest form, if you believe in God, than you must believe in Satan. Yea him. The fallen Angel who was thrown down to earth, yes earth. He lives for, well imoraltaluty has no end. So you best believe he us still aluve and very active destroying and killing everything God Has created. Thats the simplest way to put it. As far as what Satan likes, well death, lies, Killing and especially to defile Humans especially children the younger the better. Remember in the Bible, Baal or Moloch wwho the people sacrificed their babies to thes Idols. Keep going, I am sure your imagination can take it from there, with 80,000 k8ds,babies goung missing in the U,S alone every year, and only about 30% being found, the remainder are never found again. Now Human Trafficking is a World Wide issue, now what is that yearly figure for missing children adding the Whole World into those figures. Since killing is one of Satans likes, he just l9ves all those women killing their babies before they are birn in abortions, after all abortion is just birth control isn’t it? I think not! It gets worse, Satan has been at this for Thousands of years and with people so complacent and not even standing up for their own rights and freedoms, not even God given rights and freedoms. Satan and his followers and worshipers have been busy and they only have to show what they are doing. But if you never took the time to see the symbols and signs of these people its not their fault, your silence is your agreement with what they are doing. Then add in those sick, evil an totally psychotic Elites with plans to recuce world population down to about 500 million. You say you never heard of the church of satan or Luciferians, the church of scientology, and more. If they dont worship God and only God, they are with satan. But things are changing as an alliance has been aware and working in the background for decades actually decades before JFK was assassinated, while Bush Sr and a few others still around in power. Thus alliance has already won with Gods Help as always. That alliance includes Putin and Xi, yes Xi. It is the CCP that is the evil in China, the Chinese people and several other houses along with Xi that are working to rid this planet from these communists. Well I could go on for months. But you wont be able to swallow it. So keep getting the drip, stream and then the heavy pouringand become informed like about 70% of the rest of the people in This Country are.Best thing to do, is Shut off everything from the Fake News MSM and its vast outlets in TV, Cabke, Movies, Commercials and yes cartoons. Best just shut off the TV, but your going to need it on for Emergency Broadcasts. That means also turning off the Akex Jones and others like him.

      • Alex is a pioneer in this world of independent media and known for breaking with the narratives of mass media and you would group him with corporate shills while justifying it with obvious Biblical metaphor? Sorry, I am confused. I see little comprehension of a depth nearing Jones, much less esoteric interpretation of your own unique “warning” beyond what many of us already know. Most important, I do not see YOUR STYLE sir, as being helpful to awaken those that need attention and convincing to be attracted to a humane and enlightened path. Perhaps if you wish your words to be cherished, a web site and book would assist?

    • WOW, somebody else who understands Global strategy, with a single small exception, Islam.
      China first tried to ignore it, kind of like Europe has, but that hasn’t worked it either place and Islam is growing because people consider them a Religion. Islam, like Nazism, is a cult, created by a man who made Hitler look stupid. Mohammad set up a system to take over the world, only to die a mere 3 years after he started. His beginning was not unlike that of Hitler but it was probably his death that actually helped Islam to grow so much because he could never go full crazy like Hitler did. And, as the “religion of peace” became accepted more and more, it became larger. Today we are in yet another Islamic Jihad aimed at world domination and even China is having trouble with Islam thanks to its control of the UN.

      • Hitler, Really?? Nazism, Give it up. You couldn’t use Real examples… Try Joseph Stalin, Genrikh Yagoda, Karl Marx, Jacob Schiff, how about Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt??

    • I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 & it’s getting worse here, we are fighting back yet getting nowhere 😢

    • The left is mad.

      They are:

      The same party that prosecuted Nazis worldwide for the same type of fascism as identity, white=evil politics.
      The same party that used slavery as an economic weapon in the old south as well as founding the KKK.
      The same party that backed the Kennedys (killed by the same agencies that now control speech, media and minds).
      The same party that formerly “believed in workers’ rights, who largely went to Trump after decades of empty, unfulfilled promises by the left.

      Not into ID politics AT ALL, just a lover of irony.

    • ALL the world is a stage and actors are acting. Go look at photos of the Gates’ before 2013 and compare them to today’s photos of them. They are NOT the same people. The Gates’ were vaccinating children in Africa and the children became very ill, paralyzed or died. The parents of those children hung the Gates’ by the neck until dead. The ‘left’ had to cover up quickly so they came up with the two we see today. NOTHING is as it seems. Five times in the NT we are told “Do not be deceived by any means”…wake up to learn all of the truth of this fallen world.

      • Hadnt heard that,but believe it or the idea that their clones or doubles were indicted and. Killed.Lots of deepfakes,actors,clones,c.g.i. Going on.Breakaway society-mars.Operation Gladio.Blackgoo,zeropoint energy,

          • Mars ancient cultures is real.Now we have breakaway human group.Operation Jumpgate Sphynx stargate,Hutchison effect,zeropoint energy,Corey Goode,Jacque Vallee,Saith corp.-Africa,Whatreallyhappened.c Abovetopsecret.c,Experimentalvaccines.o,Medicalveritas.o,Dr. Marys Monkey,Royal Rife machines,Books of Enoch,henrymakow.c,Citizenwells.c,Stopthecrimes.c,The Solari Report.c,jon solomon report.c,Del Bigtree.c,Chatham House,Pilgrim society-England,Kazharians,Rockefeller Lockstep plan 1963,Urantia,Blackgoo

            • bb, LOL, People believe anything! You, They, cannot prove Any of it. You think your looking at Earth photo’s when all they are doing is what they call a Fish (bowl) Lens. All photo’s are CGI (computer graphic Images) they already admitted it. NASA already admitted “We cannot leave Low Orbit Earth” ask yourself Why & Why are They Faking it??

    • So ‘our god’ BG is being ‘brought down’ because ‘Mr I’m filthy rich and powerful’ is NOT doing his ‘duty’ for the evil elites? Funny kind of! NOW to get rid of these other demonic entities!!
      May God help us!! ..and may the Blood of Jesus surround humanity and the good people of the world!!

    • There is also the rumor that BG made “the deal” and is working for the WH side. He will not escape punishment; just, perhaps, whatever is the worst one he imagines. MG is supposed not to have made the deal though.

    • Thank you for all your videos–really informative. And Thank God for Alex Jones. He is such a superstar for being out there–remember when he sneaked into the global gathering at Bohemian Grove, or when he took his bull horn to the 911 rallies, or drove a tank through Austin. But more than anything he has fought the deep state and managed to stay alive to continue broadcasting!!

      • Why is that,do you think????What happened to Millenial Millie?She was associated with or frequent guest of Jones and made that expose’ not long ago.She got targeted by dhs or fbi=big trouble.Have not seen or geard about or from her since.

        • I think she’s OK. I follow her husband on Twitter. They live in Ohio and have a couple of kids. They released ShadowGate 1 & 2. There is a Part 3 in the works. They were on the scene among the cyber experts who went to DC after the election to solve the fraud.

    • China’s Advancements in Energy Technology is what the China Hate Fest is all about! They are the first in the World to build Power Plants replacing Uranium with Thorium. Thorium is ultra safe & easier to produce, which makes Thorium more abundant. China has asked United States to come aboard but as usual the U.S. prefers to settle their disputes through War because War is good for the Economy.

      • China is not advance in anything but human right abuses and environmental distruction. It has been committing the worst possible intellectual property theft all over the world.. China should be accountable to the crime it does, especially with this pandemic. It isn’t China Hate Fest, it is common sense and awakening

        • Summer — You speak common sense. Unfortunately, too many people lack any sense of their own and are too conditioned by propaganda from leftist lunatics who seek to dumb down the populace to rule over us all.

        • Summer, This Hate Fest & Propaganda your buying into is no different than the 1930’s hate fest against Germany. All Wars about Trade, Currency & Energy.

        • Summer, When will America be accountable for the War Crimes it has Plagued on the Earth in the Century that just passed?? The United States helped Communist USSR Genocide Russians in the 1930’s, while Hitler’s Germany was pushing back ‘The Red Army’ from invading Europe! What did the Germans get, 16 Million German Men, Women & Children as Burnt offerings for your supposed freedom.

          • Why should America pay when it has been paying for decades because of our Psychopathic “leaders”? They need to pay. They are all in on the New World Order scheme, with the exception of a very few. That seems to be the problem with most countries.

            • Rose, Because there was always some American Pilot dropping the bombs. I am not referring to Monetary $$. I am referring to acknowledging that “We Slaughtered the wrong Pig” in General Patton’s words. & We need to Leave, Germany is Still an Occupied Nation/Country. & On our way out take All the Migrants with ya! & Don’t forget to give Germany’s Territory back that ya passed out to Poland, Czech Republic & Lithuania, these areas belong to the ‘German Empire’ (Deutsche Reich). According to International Law the ‘Deutsche Reich’ still exist because there was Never a Peace Agreement, that’s why U.S. & NATO are Still There!

    • This is an addendum to my first comment. In that comment I meant to mention this also.
      Regarding the jab and uv tattoo~ My Dad said the combo of the vax and tattoo was being considered a 1-2 punch….Who they didn’t get with one they’d get with the other.

      • Sorry, last comment. I try to keep my comments as short as possible so I didn’t convey my thoughts properly in the prior comment so, with cause and effect along with the weight words themselves carry in mind, I would like to clear up my statement.

        *Global ‘Elite’ Wrecking Train
        *Seen and unseen casualties of not only the diabolical plans for humanity also for those within the ranks of said elite.

    • Hopefully the fall of BG is signaling a much more massive implosion. We have to begin somewhere. With BG seems as good a start as any. Now that the ‘global wrecking train’ is finally on the tracks, and they’re tearing each other apart from the inside out, I hope the list of global elitists plans for the annihilation of humanity has multitudes upon multitudes of seen and unseen casualties…..One Can Hope.
      Also, during the 80’s my Late Father, who worked for the government, worked on the at the time top secret project of building the stealth bomber. While I didn’t know at the time what his job was upon his impending death in the 1990’s he told me what he did during those years and warned me about what he called the governments ‘20’ year plan, a ‘50’ year plan and a ‘100’ year plan. He said the 20 year plan consisted of a jab that, short of being imprisoned, I was to avoid at all costs bcuz it’s goal was to change the recipients DNA and align them with evil entities. Another warning was for me to avoid receiving an ultra violet skin tattoo that, while it’s reported function was purely a monitory one, in actuality it is the mark of the beast. My Father was not a religious man, nor am I, and at that time I was still too young to fully grasp the evil agenda, so while I listened intently out of respect and curiosity I ultimately thought he was paranoid and off his rocker. He Wasn’t.
      💓This ones for you Dad. May You and Mom Rest in the comfort that your priceless knowledge has continued to help me navigate a world gone diabolically mad💓

    • So , how is Bill Gates being brought down. ?? I`m no wiser after listening to Alex Jones. Unless you mean by his wife waking up and leaving him?

      • Melinda is not any better, she is part of the crimes committed on humanity by evil lunatic gates , they cuddle up to anti Christ and cooperate whore Jorge mario bergoglio

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