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This footage shows the cringeworthy moments of when the news first broke of then-Congressman, Anthony Weiner’s August 2016 sexting scandal, at his NYC Mayoral Campaign office, in the presence of his wife, Huma Abedin.

Cameras were rolling for the shoot for what would become the Sundance Film Festival’s Winner of that year’s Best Documentary, ‘Weiner’.

One of Huma’s first responses to her husband’s sexting with a 22 year old was, “What’s your press statement going to be?”

His press agent soon calls and Weiner lays out his strategic talking points: “This is a continuum of challenges in our marriage…we’d put them behind us and as we said, other things would come up…” The camera pans to blacked-out images on the office TV of Weiner’s lewd Twitter images.

Listening in on another phone, Huma’s demeanor goes from cool to shaking her head in despair.

After she gives him a long look that says a million words, he asks the film crew to give them some privacy.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • There was a documentary being made of his campaign and the new allegations exploded in the media. Was THAT anticipated? I don’t know, but Weiner expresses his existential crisis to the interviewer that the documentary will now be about another sexting scandal, which appears in the trailer:

      It’s possible that He and Huma thought that they were actually on the road to the White House – and that’s why she didn’t leave him after the first sexting scandal.

  • Having grown up in the midwest, I don’t recognize these creepy foreigners. What are they doing here and why did they film themselves? Why would anyone want to expose themselves like this? How did they manage to attaint to prominence? Seems so bizarre to me.

    • New York City is not and never has been Kansas, although I hear that there’s a town in that state called Manhattan.

      Weiner is a pretty typical hyper-neurotic Ashkenazi New Yorker, except for being morbidly prolific with his sexting to people he doesn’t know. That’s aberrant. He’s a rampant political animal, too which is also abnormal. What do you expect from a politician? They’re picked from the ranks of weirdos, like him.

      There was a reality-style documentary shoot being shot of his mayoral campaign, with the foreknowledge that he’d had the sexting problems in the past. And then, it blew up again, on-camera. Here’s the trailer:

      Huma is not much less typical of a New Yorker than Anthony. There are tens of thousands of Pakistani-Americans (or more) in New York City, a place where over 850 languages are spoken in private households – a number of languages that is not equaled in any other city, by a longshot. This is arguably part of what makes New York City the greatest city in the world.

      It is not the greatest, in terms of quality of life or by any number of other metrics but it is a metropolis, which has managed to aggregate all of these disparate, ambitious people from all over the planet and to make them all New Yorkers. You won’t find that on your swampy Florida golf course, populated by indolent idiots.

      New York, the good, the bad and the ugly is the 9th wonder of the world.

      • Nicely Stated, Alexandra. New York is a great city (but it’s not London…). Although I thought Huma Abedin was a friend/ colleague of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Pizzagate (well, spirit cooking, which is satanic cannibalism, yes?)

        • Both cities are more for billionaires and tourists, anymore. I love London, too though. My brother and his family have lived there his entire adult life and my parents lived there for 3 years, so I used to go “home” there. Yes, Huma’s dirty. Allegedly, on Weiner’s computer, there’s a picture of Huma with Hillary in the buff with an underage girl on Jeff Epstein’s MOSSAD honey pot island. I’ve read this rumor in numerous places and have no idea where it comes from and cannot say that it is true. Either we’ll see it one day or we won’t. I was responding to Jon’s statements about “creepy” foreigners. New York has always been the biggest gateway for immigrants. My own family landed in Boston, because it was cheaper.

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