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This is a different sort of Vault 7 story than I thought I would run today. It’s a snippet from an interview with Former CIA Director, Michael Hayden by a Mainstream British news agency.

After months of being bombarded with TV images of Millennial Snowflakes weeping for the arch villainess, major league racketeer and serial killer who lost the Presidential election and rioting against Free Speech, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, in their single-minded quest for whatever they’ve been manipulated to perceive as “Virtue Signalling”, there may be hope for Millennials yet, if we are to agree with Hayden’s assessment here.

For Hayden, THE story underlying Vault 7 and his chief concern for the future of the clandestine services is how the cultural values of Millennials are completely at odds with those of his generation – and I must say, the way he frames this observation is shockingly politically correct (unlike the way I just did!):

“I don’t mean to judge them, at all – but there this group of millennials and related groups that simply have different understandings of the words loyalty, secrecy, and transparency than certainly my generation did. And so, we bring these folks into the Agency, good Americans, all, I can assume but again, culturally, they have different instincts than the people who made the decision to hire them and we may be running into this different cultural approach, that we saw with Chelsea Manning, with Edward Snowden and now, perhaps, with a third actor.”

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  • Perhaps you are correct about the differences in appearances of loyalty of the Millennials to the Flag vs us elders. Perhaps they are less ignorant of the corruption within the government and Congress than we are/were. Perhaps the government and Congress are more corrupt now than they were when WWII ended. I, for one, consider Mr. Snowden and Ms. Manning very brave for exposing the lies and corruption of the servants to the bosses, and I thank them both.

    • There were some layers of humor and sniping that may not have translated for everyone in this piece.

      Of course, I think the disclosures of how US Taxpayer money is getting wasted on spying against US Citizens, instead of building up our eroding infrastructure and broken educational system is extremely important – and it’s been done by Millennials like Snowden & Manning, with the help of GenXers, like Assange, Greenwald and even by Boomers at the Guardian (forgetting that Scottish journalist’s name) and by the late Frankfurt-based journalist, Udo Ulfkotte.

      All we’ve seen in the MSM of Millennials is them demonstrating against (super corrupt) Hillary’s failed Presidential bid, demonstrating and rioting against Trump’s win and black-masked rioters against Free Speech at UC Berkeley, a couple of weeks ago.

      What I meant was that Clapper’s comments suggest that Millennials may not just be the mind-controlled zombies we’ve been seeing on TV but actually quite heroic, conscious humans, who will not abide by the illegal and treasonous activities of certain elements within the Intelligence Community, elements which clearly have the support of former DCI, Clapper.

      Clapper, who has lied under oath and who has broken Constitutional laws is certainly right, that the values of his Cold War generation are not the same as that of thoughtful Millennials, who grew up playing video games and see how these systems of secrecy ultimately game out – and it’s not a pretty picture.

  • NO! I completely disagree. Millennials don’t have different “instincts” they have different “values”. That is, a different understanding of words like virtue and vice. In many millenial minds it’s a totally different meaning, where virtue has become a vice and vise versa.

    We can all thank the USG for that! In the front line of it has been the Federal Courts and the US Department of Education which deliberately set out to change the culture from a distinctly American Christian culture into a socialist humanistic global culture. I am sorry if that offends, but I’ve lived through the transformation, resisted it and am an eyewitness to it.

    Do not doubt me, public education until the end of world war two had the Bible in the classroom, on the teachers desk. Once a week grade school children were taught something out of the Bible. It wasn’t evangelistic at all, it was teaching values to children. Nobody ever got “saved”! It wasn’t about evangelism, it was about what is virtuous, what is true, what is honesty, loyalty, respect, decency, what is vice and so on.

    Social engineers wanted to end all of that. They used tax money to bribe local school boards with money they took out of the pockets of taxpayers that they then offered to the school boards at first with no strings attached. Later the Federal government began tying more and more strings to the money changing the curriculum and the Federal courts began ruling against local school boards so it was a two pronged attack against the American culture at the fundamental levels of education.

    I’m not giving one tenth of one percent of it here, simply telling the truth that it’s about changing everything including the meanings of words, so that even what is coming out of Hayden’s mouth is untrue.

    America is awash in lies!

    One does not have to be a Christian to live peaceably in a Christian culture as was the case until the mid 20th century in America. To deny that was our culture is to deny history.

    Perhaps Hayden himself is delusional and is insinuating that it is the millennials who leaked, when in fact it may have been some who understand that the deep state has usurped the authority vested in the people who elected others from amongst them to execute the constitutional laws of the land – and not the deep state Hayden represents!

    • It’s very possible that Clapper is being disingenuous by labeling the leak as a “Millennial” thing.

      My jocular rejoinder to his statement was, “If so, great! There’s hope for these kids, after all!”

  • A “different cultural approach”? YEAH. It’s different alright.

    The courageous whistleblowers you mentioned, Mr. CIA, understood one thing. Humanity has taken it long enough and needs to be jerked awake so they STOP BELIEVING YOUR LIES. You and your kind have supported the current power grid of the Deep State/Cabal, kept us all (those who wouldn’t join you) in monetary slavery, murdered those who sought truth, found it and shared it. You continue to do use your power for evil purposes in the most base manner to suppress forward thinking and hide Earth’s and humanity’s history. You hide technology that you can’t put a meter on or which cannot be metered. You “create” wars everywhere for profit, not because there is any threat but because you want to kill those who do not agree with your power system of deceit.

    You and people like you have used humanity’s hard work to support a cast system built for you by you that continues your war-for-profit mentality under the guise of YOUR famous LAW and catchall phrase, “national security”. You lie, cheat, steal and maim humanity with your evil. You and your cadres make laws to protect yourselves while throwing all of humanity under the bus. You draw lines on paper maps to divide and separate us. You murder to silence the leaders of forward thinking moments of all disciplines. Those so-called whistleblowers understood one thing– YOU ARE DANGEROUS TO HUMANITY–PERIOD. Cultural difference? NO. You got that all wrong, buddy.

    You are seeing EVOLUTION not REVOLUTION. You cannot stamp out evolution, Mr. CIA. You will see clear evidence of this in the next 3-years. Wake up! Mr. CIA. Wake up! It’s not just the Millennials you need to fear but the entire human race!

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