This is the 300th episode of James Corbett’s and James Evan Pilato’s #NewWorldNextWeek, which they’ve been recording weekly since October 2009. The show has become this seamless, fine-tuned machine; truly a wonder to behold, in the realm of video podcasting.

The two banter wittily about their favorite headlines of the week, from the story told by the son of legendary Colombian cocaine kingpin, Pablo Escobar, that his father worked for the CIA, as revealed in his new tell-all book. This story is corroborated by countless others, including a recent investigation of Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, which uncovered that it was allowed to operate unimpeded between 2000-2012. The latter story appears not in some dodgy alternative publication but in Time Magazine.

They also talk about how Wendy’s hamburger chain will be rolling out 1,000 order-taking kiosks (i.e. robots), in response to increases in the minimum wage and how this is the beginning of a trend that’s got the guys at Davos wringing their hands, that the only solution to the inexorable obsolescence of human beings is a “Basic Universal Income”. Bill Gates opines that the “The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes”, which isn’t exactly what it sounds like. What he really means is that “governments should tax companies’ use of robots, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment,” according to Quartz Video.

They cover some more freaky stories about AI and Google routers and some early fallout from that horrible idea known as the Internet of Things (IOT).

This 300th episode finishes with a story about how by Americans have fewer TVs than they did in 2009 and how a small but steadily increasing percentage of US households have no TV at all (like mine, for decades).

Corbett uses this as an opportunity to make a jocular analogy between accepted climate change science and his own YouTube efforts, taking direct credit for getting more people to get their videos from his productions, such as #NewWorldNextWeek.

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  • Although the detailed report has not been released on “ditching the TV” I’d guess a key reason is that people are using their mobile devices to get information, watch videos, etc.

  • James:
    I am deeply disappointed in your justification for “improvements” to give the top 5% more cash at the expense of everyone else.

  • Love these guys…witty n wry n chocked with REAL info. Per basic universal income, one true drawback is that the allocation will be on a card FOR EVERYONE and thus visible and controllable in ways like, ‘saaaaayy, you either cut the critical rhetoric or….’ Yes, that may be paranoid, but in my world, one which include the arts and philosophy, a 3 legged stool, rather than the train wreck of attempting to balance all human existence on the one legged stool of science, the need to dump these big brain, socially inept math wizzes is paramount to the survival of life on earth.

  • Time to wake up boys an girls. It is not possible for organized crime to exist without government and media complicity – period! Internet freedom is what has exposed corruption more than perhaps any other venue, but it won’t last forever. Use it or lose it.

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