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    Jason Goodman is a producer. It is absolutely stunning, the amount of relevant content featuring important eyewitnesses to key events who contradict the lies of the Mainstream Media that he posts weekly.

    Independent reports acquired using scant resources like this one are not the highly-manipulated polished products that we’re used to seeing in the Dinosaur Media. These reports force us to be more self-directed in our consumption of the information and to compare it with the data that we’ve amassed in our quest for the truth.

    This video with Las Vegas Shooting survivor, Stephanie recorded in an unscripted, conversational style, for example contains numerous vital nuggets of truth and suggestions for doing your own further research about what really happened in Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017 that you will never find on CNN.

    Stephanie directs us to the audio logs of the 911 calls made that night, with thousands of reports of what seemed like a war on civilians in multiple locations in Vegas, as opposed to a lone wolf shooting from one hotel. In Batch 5 recording #148, the caller reports an active shooter at Sundance Helicopters. Stephanie says that other calls report tourists on a helicopter being taken hostage. In Batch 6 #326, a woman calls from Mandalay Bay hotel to report the fire alarm going off and heavy smoke. She is informed that the police had launched a smoke bomb and will come to rescue her. She never mentions having heard any gunshots.

    Another anomaly noted in this interview is the amount of calls from other hotels with reports of active shooters long after the official report says Stephen Paddock has been killed by LVMPD. Stephanie notes that reports of active shooters in several hotels seemed to move down the Strip.

    Stephanie: It’s mainly in Batch 6, where it literally starts at Excalibur and then it goes to MGM and Tropicana and then it moved to New York New York and then it goes to Cosmopolitan and Aria and then people are calling from Planet Hollywood and then…calls from Venetian. It got all the way down to Venetian, where they said there’s active shooters and –

    Jason: Literally, like a war in Las Vegas!

    Stephanie: I realized a lot of people would try to say it’s just panicked people that were running from the concert but I’m sorry, you don’t run that far, all the way down to Venetian. It seems as though there was something more that happened and either they were setting off…single shots at every casino to confuse the police or throwing firecrackers – but still, it’s more than one shooter and it’s more than one person that participated in this…

    Despite the LVMPD’s compliance with the Associated Press’ lawsuit to release the audios, with 911 callers corroborating what FKTV has now been reporting for 8 months, the latter aren’t reporting on their contents, so it’s up to those of us who care to make use of the resources provided to get to the bottom of this story.

    It is unsettling, however, that without the Dependent Media reporting on these audios, the official narrative about a Lone Nut put out by the LVMPD will continue to be seen by most as reality.

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    • Who knows what’s real? Never trust anyone, until it’s earned. The computer videos can ALL be faked, liked Wag the Dog.

      Still, I believe this actress more than the corrupt FBI and cops, who should all be put through an Inquisition.

    • We in America need to return to the Constitution and the governing structures specified in it, especially the State Militias because WE CAN NO LONGER TRUST THE POLICE, THE SHERIFFS AND THE FBI, certainly not in Las VegasI! I will never spend any time in LV. LV is not secure.

    • The reason that Jon Benet Ramsey’s killer hasn’t been found is police screw ups. Kinda of difficult to recreate a crime scene once its been tampered with, or that that potentiality exists.

      The cops here messed this up in so many ways from the intentional lies of with-holding the truth, the lone nut theory wild goose chase, the killing of witnesses afterwards, the lack of leadership from anybody at FBI, on and on.

      I’m not sure that we’ll ever resolve this to the point of a grand jury and a criminal case against charged individuals. I hope that I’m wrong for the sake of the families.

      If indeed it is deep state, there will never be public verification or prosecution of the guilty.

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