Former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp joins Greg Hunter to give his opinion of what’s going on with this impeachment situation.

Shipp believes that former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who “resigned” last month had a massive blowout with President Trump, which led to his dismissal.

Eager to save his reputation in the eyes of the Swamp, Bolton leaked information to two CIA analysts working at the White House to propagate his narrative, which Rep. Adam Schiff, who was a lawyer is now using to try to impeach trump.

Leaking a private conversation with the President is a serious crime and Bolton apparently “tried to pull a fast one” by leaking it to Biden-friendly operatives who were then put under the revised Whistleblower Protection Act, so that Bolton could evade the law. The Whistleblower Act, which was altered a few months ago now no longer requires firsthand evidence and allows whistleblowers to present hearsay evidence to obtain protection from investigation.

The corporate media are partners in this operation.

Shipp believes that the prosecutions of the many crimes against the Trump Administration are being slow-walked in order to maintain stability in the stock markets and in society.

This is one of the best episodes of Greg Hunter’s podcast that I’ve seen in a while – don’t miss it!

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  • Trumpbo acts like a dictator and has no understanding or respect for the Constitution. America was founded by extremely radical progressives. All the conservatives at the time were loyal to the Crown Trumpbo and his supporters are on the wrong side of history. That said, the old crooks should not be the solution. There are two things we should be working toward to bring fairness back to government: 1) Corporations should not have the same rights as citizens; 2) Fiduciary responsibility should not trump the public good. The business of America is not business, it’s protecting the freedoms of the American people.

    • LOL. Is it constitutional to change a law at the last minute and use it retroactively to suit an impeachment inquiry, use a partisan, one-sided, closed door WITCH hunt with no press, TV or opposition voices? Same strategy they used to enact Obamacare.

      When you can win based on evidence, logic and argument; slant, project, spin and don’t forget to alter inconvenient laws.

      Speaking of wrong sides, there’s no way the senate votes to prosecute. So have fun.

  • If we could just get trump to shut down the military satellites used to target us innocent U.S. citizens known as” targeted individuals”.

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