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OK. John McCain is McCrazy. I think everybody on both sides of the aisle can agree to this.

That is, everyone except for Twitter and Google and other enforcers of Globalism, who have been blocking my posts, thereby forcing me to change my headlines, so that I may try to get around their algorithms.

How do we get rid him? And them?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What a load of propaganda Cain says.
    No Mr Cain, the world has had their fill with America, Britain and the European Union with their endless wars to make profit and have near total -influence over a country thanks to the World Bank and IMF.
    The people in Europe and other countries are demanding and seeking a clean break from Capitalist, Corporate tyranny, and your CIA insidiously getting rid of other countries governments you don’t like.
    What kind of nation such as yours can put economic sanctions on a countries people and kill them in their hundreds of thousands like you did in Iraq.
    America is not special in some holy or spiritual way , only in the number of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons you possess and all the other secret things in weaponry that we may never get to hear about until first use in some other land.
    People in other countries are dying daily through lack of clean water ,food or a decent good-paid job to keep a roof over their heads and look after their families.
    They are unhappy with the way capitalist, Corporation Globalization has give them ,especially in the UK, zero hours contracts and low wages, plus a million or so using Food Banks to survive.
    No Mr Cain, your Global project does not work and we do not praise the EU or USA
    This system of things is destroying us and the planet.

    • Agreed. This cancer is also destroying the US and it’s clearly by design.

      These wars and actions represent neither the will nor the best interests of the American people. The US has been hijacked by Globalist warmongers who use the country’s institutions and military as its tools to perpetrate tyranny both internationally and domestically.

      • Exactly. The criminally corrupt Federal gov’t needs to be disassembled. The Declaration of Independence tells us to. And we need to re-architect our gov’t. Like no power pyramids with a single individual at the ‘executive’ level. We need to run the world as a single planet of inhabitants, REGARDLESS of some nationalistic allegiance. We need a COUNCIL OF ELDERS who determine policy. I am working on the administration of a new GLOBAL democracy. And it Will NOT spend trillions of weapons and endless war. These traitors will be brought to justice, or THE PEOPLE will have to sacrifice their lives for freedom once more.

    • You got it right, Mccrazy has served his purpose, if he had one, and it is time for him to move on and take Graham with him. He has lost sight of what being an American means and I believe has committed treason.

  • Before McCain lays his lopsided head down on his pillow come beddy bye time, he breaks out his Rudyard Kipling and dreams of the days when the white man’s burden was unquestioned and then tells Lindsey Graham to turn out the light.

  • One thing I disagree with in your report. Trump may be a businessman, but he has delivered what he promised thus far… What he is unable to deliver is because the deep state is preventing.

  • Military people should be banned from politics – they have no experience of the real world.
    Eisenhower was one of the worst presidents since 1945; encouraging the CIA to kill African leaders like Lumumba.

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