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The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft joins Owen Shroyer to break a massive story on huge Democrat voter fraud operation in Michigan and in other states.

Jim says that a couple of weeks ago, it was brought to his attention that in October of 2020, an investigation was started in Western Michigan after somebody had brought in eight to ten thousand registrations to the City Clerk’s Office in Muskegon, Michigan, just before the deadline where you couldn’t register anymore. Muskegon has a population of about 38,000, so eight to ten thousand votes is definitely enough to swing that local election.

Indeed, Owen later asks the crew for the voting data in  from 2016 (where Trump won) and from 2020 (where Trump got robbed) and there were exactly 10,000 more ballots cast in 2020 than in 2016, so this naked steal with bogus ballots can be verified with public information.

Jim continues, “And then, the city clerks noticed that these registrations had similar handwriting, they had fraudulent addresses, they had bogus phone numbers. So, there was a lot of problems with these registrations, so they called the [Michigan] State Police. Wisely did that. So an investigation was started in October of 2020. We got a hold of the report a couple of weeks ago and that’s what we reported this week.

“And what happened after the investigation started was they raided a couple of these offices in the area and the offices were run by GBI Strategies and what they found, Owen – this is going to blow your mind: they found automatic weapons. They found silencers for those weapons. They found burner phones. They found T-shirts for other Leftist organizations. They found cash cards – pre-paid cash cards – and not just one type. See, these people are clever, Owen. This tells you something. They found several different types of these cash cards.

As Jim reported on August 10th:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office got involved on October 21.  Two members of AG Dana Nessel’s Criminal Investigation Division were assigned to the operation, yet curiously, she failed to mention the investigation to the public at any time since.

Michigan State Police got involved and an investigator assigned to the case spoke with the female suspect who explained that she was being paid $1150/week “to find un-registered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot.”

After documenting these crimes and investigating for weeks, the Michigan police turned their investigation over to the FBI which promptly buried the findings.

In the report the police named ‘GBI Strategies‘ as the organization running the scheme.  GBI Strategies LLC is:

  • connected to the Biden campaign and various Democrat campaign committees.
  • has been in operation since 2014.
  • was paid $1,571,386 by the Doug Jones for Senate campaign back in 2018.

This group had branches across the nation.

GBI Strategies‘ was engaged in what the report suggests is widespread, systemic, voter fraud in multiple locations around the state.

The police found at one location (Southfield) in Michigan –

  • partially completed voter registration forms
  • “pelican cases in the room with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors and optics and customized pistols.”
  • A case with “4 rifles and 4 pistols.”
  • “Dozens of new phones” and “Hundreds of pre-paid payment cards.”

Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, who is a former Secretary of State, told the Gateway Pundit: “My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.”

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit followed up the report with information on the head of GBI Strategies. 

GBI Strategies LLC is a left-wing campaign consulting company run by Gary Bell with a mailing address in Alexandria, Virginia.  A quick online search also shows that GBI Strategies, LLC is located in Tennessee.  Gary Bell has a limited presence online.  He keeps a low profile despite his impressive resume.

According to Compmo Group Gary Bell manages over 70 “organizing operations” in 20 states and lends logistical and consulting support to another 7 states.”  Bell also has links to a wide variety of far-left political groups, including the DSCC, DNC, Black PAC, IBEW and SEIU to name a few.

A query done by The Gateway Pundit confirms that FEC filings show far-left Black PAC organizations paid GBI Strategies $11,254,919 in 2020.

In other words, the investigators stumbled onto what appeared to be a drug dealer’s den. These were the sort of people hired by the DNC to manage the theft of the 2020 Election. When they called in the FBI, the case – of course – died a silent death.

Jim says that up until recently, nobody outside of the investigation knew about this case and it was completely hidden, so this story was news to the whole country.

He tells Owen, “This is something you’d expect in a Cartel operation, which, I think we’re getting closer and closer to understanding: when we’re dealing Democrats, we’re dealing with people like we would in a Cartel, and certainly, we have their Mob Boss on top, with Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family…

“I think this is looking very bad for the leaders of Michigan, the State Leaders…as they’re attacking all of these lawyers, filing charges against these Electors – Republican Electors – they’ve been hiding this from the public. They’ve been hiding that this massive registration investigation has been going on…

“We suspect that it [the investigation] was killed-off. But that really puts them in a bind and this story isn’t over yet. We have some more information coming out, Owen. Today, we put out some more information about the organization, itself and its funding.”

Owen laments, “The Muskegon Police Department should be doing press conferences on this today. The American media should be knocking down the doors, saying, ‘What the Hell’s going on here?’

“It’s so frustrating that when you have a massive story like this – and thank God for The Gateway Pundit making it the massive story that it is – but it’s like, where is the follow-up? Where is the law enforcement? Where is the American press? This is batcrap crazy, what you guys have!”

“Exactly,” Jim agrees, “Again, this is from a police report, this isn’t something we just heard from so-and-so from so-and-so from so-and-so. This is a police report that we have. We posted both of the reports up on our website. You can read them for yourselves.”

“It’s just shocking and like you said, in a community that’s 38- 40,000 people, to get a dump of registrations like this eight to ten thousand, just from one person…

“We also know that this GBI Strategies Group, not only were they going to offices to city clerks’ offices and dropping off registrations, they were also mailing them out to counties they weren’t even in. So they were putting packages together and mailing them out across the State to different counties and we know they had sister offices across the State of Michigan.”

Jim says that GBI Strategies’ founder, Gary Bell stated in one of his bios on a separate website that he had operations in 20 states. “So we can expect that this has been going on in 20 states. He also says he’s in charge of 70 organizations.

“So, I suspect what the Left is doing here is that they’re using the same strategy as GBI Strategies and they’re re-naming themselves, re-branding themselves in different locations around the country…In my opinion, this is how Joe Biden is able to get 81 million votes; when you have people making up names, bringing them in and getting the registrations in there. So, I really believe that we hit paydirt, here.”

Obviously, the Mainstream Media is ignoring this story, as is the Republican Party.

Jim says, “It’s going to be very difficult for Trump to win – and I say, not just Trump, any Republican – obviously, because the Democrats, the apparatus they’ve set up for several sessions, now and if Republicans don’t wise up and start investigating and preventing some of this fraud that we’ve seen – and I really believe, Owen, it starts with the registrations.

“It starts with fraudulent registrations and then it goes from there into fraudulent ballots. That’s how it works. It’s pretty easy. It’s certainly an easy way to flip an election, is if you have a lot of ballots that are not real people. That’s my opinion, again but I think Republicans need to act on this and that’s why we’re bringing this up.

“Unfortunately, again, the Republican Party is not going to be doing anything on this. We know that. Ronna McDaniel doesn’t care, she really has no idea this is going on. Yesterday, this was the top story on Twitter for several hours and yet, I can guarantee you, Ronna McDaniel has no idea this is even out there.

“So, we can’t count on them…It’s going to be up to the grass roots people at InfoWars, The Gateway Pundit and other places that are going ton have to do this work and figure this out, ourselves. We don’t have a party that’s with us, that’s going to support us and certainly, right now…the Biden Regime is trying to make it illegal for you to even discuss election irregularities in this country, so that has to stop.

“But the only way we can stop things is if we win elections and the only way we’re going to do that is if we stop the fraud. So there’s my little soapbox speech but I really believe that that’s the truth, here. We have to figure out what they did, we have to stop it before 2024. That doesn’t give us a lot of time but I think we just landed on something that’s really important, here.” 

Owen agrees, saying, “The Democrats stuffed the ballots in the inner cities, that used Zuckerbucks and other ways to ‘get out the vote’, they sent out hundreds of these people to go to apartment buildings, old folks’ homes, retirement homes, they get them to register to vote.

“But see, mail-in ballots is the key, here – or these drop-box loads of ballots is the key, here – because if they’re using voter registration fraud, well then you say, ‘Well, they have to still show up and vote.’ Not anymore!

“Not anymore! So, now, they can just make up 10,000 votes and they just mail ’em in with their ‘2,000 Mules’. We’ve literally got them figured out. Who wants to investigate this? Who’s a criminal investigator that wants to actually investigate this and bring this out in court? Really, that’s all we’re waiting for.”

Jim agrees but he says, “Unfortunately…in Michigan right now, they’ve made it illegal to even question the election. They’ve indicted these 12 to 16 Electors who are Republican Electors –”

Owen buts in, “– Which just tells us that’s where all the fraud is. You caught ’em.”

“Yeah, right there,” Jim replies. “In Michigan, they’re indicting attorneys who have questioned election machines and we’re investigating that. So, they really want to make it illegal for us to even stand up and question their fraud, which is a very scary place. I hope Americans wake up. I know InfoWars is on top of this but we have to wake up as a people. This isn’t just a conspiracy. This is really happening in America.”

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  • It is probably too late. Personally, I know that the Second World War started way back in 1938 when the useful idiots in England, particularly, closed their eyes to Hitler’s rise. One man, Winston Churchill (Donald J Trump) kept warning the nation of the consequences of staying silent.
    The DisUnited States of America is at civil war.

  • The race is over Trump lost. Audits were done with representatives of both parties. TRUMP LOST. You need to spend your time campaigning for your honest, bible tooting, non misogynist, non racist ,non egomainiust Putin who is doing all he can to support the middle class.
    You have picked a very upstanding candidate.

  • So now who is going to do anything about this? Crickets from the State Media and the Gestapo DOJ. We can not vote our way out of a corrupt and suppressive electoral system. We need a lot more patriotic disobedience to this entirely illegal coup of a government that is actively weaponized against us all. Until then, nothing has a chance to change this shyte show for the better. FJB AND THE DEMS AND THE RINOs .

  • This is the second expose’ of this unique Voter Fraud situation in as many days. Want to bet that not a word of it will be uttered on Lamestream Media?
    Somehow, without saying a specific word on it, Donald Trump seems to be flushing out the immense Fraud that was the 2020 Presidential Election.
    If America is to be saved, the Fraud that implanted Crooked Joe Biden and that is currently destroying our country needs to be revealed and proven once and for all, and soon.
    FJB & FTW!

  • For 3 consecutive days, I have been unable to open any of the videos you have sent. The message says the IP address could not be found. Seems like you are being censored, at least with my computer. Any way around this?

    • Hi Sam,

      First make sure everything is up to date, from browser to OS. Then make sure to clear all the data from your browser. Then if that doesn’t work, try a private window or incognito mode. If that doesn’t work use a VPN. Then get into your router and check if things are being blocked somehow. Also call your ISP and complain about censorship because that is where it begins.

  • The Dems just don’t know when to stop cheating but enough is enough now. This harms everyone’s vote can’t they see that?
    They have the gall to charge DT for querying this…he has every right to and i’d be disappointed if he didn’t.

  • Karen kingston is being hunted in mexico. The same day she said this on video an article appeared on her substack concern for my son with missspellings etc Then a dr aranda took over saying prayers answered her son is safe they are seeking to treat her for malaria/ brain paranoia. This seems to b a fake article/ and response and replies are being deleted.

    • I got that article too expressing concern for her son and with many misspellings that was different from her usual concise format. That was the last time that I received anything from Karen Kingston.

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