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A story about the weird coup in Turkey belongs here today but there is a distinct Reichstag aroma in the air and we’re still trying to sort it out.

It certainly seems unlikely that Fethullah Güllen, the US-based moderate Sunni cleric accused by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of staging the coup is personally guilty of anything of the kind. The brand of Islam preached by Güllen is refreshingly tolerant of other faiths and embraces science, maths and equal opportunity of education for girls and boys.
On the other hand, the Turkish military has historically defended the secular state founded by Kemal Atatürk against past Executive leaders, who like Erdogan began to impose a more theocratic order. The Turkish Army has staged two such coups over the past century and this coup had the ear markings of another of these except that there are indications that it was actually staged by Erdogan.

I’ll talk more about the corrupt, schizophrenic Neocon, disgusting scumbag Turkey currently has for a president tomorrow.
There’s just too much bad news. I’m not even going to get into Nice. Enough awfulness, already. Today, we go from monstrous to the ridiculous:

The UK’s Daily Mirror reports that Jean Claude Juncker was addressing “EU bigwigs” when he said he had “heard from the leaders of other planets”.

The video was re-published by many Independent News outlets, including by my friends at, where one viewer commented that staging a fake alien invasion to hasten the New World Order has been a contingency plan for some time, saying:

“Sometimes, state secrets slip out of many a leader, like Joe Biden announcing to a university audience that the US funds terrorists as proxies in the Middle East.”

But the aliens may have more to worry about than Brexit. Many experts think that Italy will be the next country to exit the Eurozone – not so much by choice but because its debt is 132% of its GDP and that if Prime Minister Matteo Rienzi’s economic reforms fail to turn it around, his government will collapse in the midst of a protracted recession, which will force Italy’s amputation from the Eurozone, in order to stop its contagion from spreading to the rest of the EU’s body.

But no one will be safe. The IMF’s forecast for Italy suggests that Italy’s recession could spill over into the global economy.
France, too looks like it could follow fast on the heels of Italy.

According to Albert Edwards, a strategist at Société Général, one of France’s largest banks, with total estimated assets at €1.3T:

“My view is that I believe it is only a matter of time before the Eurozone project fractures. Clearly the UK referendum has not helped matters. For me, the problem is Italy and France in that order. Why? Because you have got disaffected populations in too-big-to-fail economies who are disillusioned with what the Eurozone has delivered, in terms of employment and economic growth. AND much more significantly, you have major opposition parties who are committed to leaving the Eurozone and who would be likely to do so if they were to attain power.”

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  • The .01% derive their power from doing evil, they worship (figuratively and literally) Devils. Those, that They see as being Their God, are interdimensional Beings more related to other cosmic systems that have their own vested interests (greed based) for this planet.

    Thus the speaker may well be telling the truth “as he defines it” … and maybe a little booze helps him live with that …

  • Insiders call him Jean Claude Drunker! But as the saying goes: The truth is to be said by drunken people and children. I happen to be one of those that know for sure that aliens exist. But I am not to happy about it, because since I was served the truth on a sliver plate, there has been more questions than answers. But I have made my own slogan: “In the past I did not believe in anything, now I believe in everything”!

  • When you give Peanuts to a Monkey, it will give you Peanut Shells in Return. When will the Powers that Be understand that the Assets they plan to Acquire , while everybody defaults, will not serve them in a Context of Instability, Austerity and Mass Rejection of the Established Leaderships. The economy will just grind to a Halt and everybody will lose in this. There is a lack of Understanding and Vision that a Hotel, as an Example, is just a Building without the People that Work there, without the People that are its Clients. Thy quickly become worthless Assets. Detroit should be a Warning how low things can go before they turn around.

  • Oh! and I almost forgot to mention…I was refering to the most powerful group of ET’s…The “Positive” group known to work with “Prime Source Creator”…They must have been talking about the NOW leaving forever “Draconian’s”!

  • He is RIGHT about the ET presence…Dead WRONG about them being worried about the EU continuing on! What a LAUGH!!! Just shows how desperate the NWO is about keeping control!
    They don’t think in 3D terms and are FAR more advanced in “Spiritual” thinking than THEY (EU) are….GOOD BY EU!

  • I forgot to add being as cynical as I am, it’s not New World Order, it’s No world Order, and it goes back to Sumerian times, quote, ” Let us go down and confuse their language, that they might not understand each other”. And this is still working, as well as the seven sins. Just be true to yourself first, then………….!

  • It seems to me that the tide is still out, as to weather or Turkey is for real, or just being a Turkey. Such diversions are in question, was it real, or was it not. Just waiting for what happens next, how many more will be killed? Because that is the way the false flag game is played, gee, does that mean the foreign branch,(CIA) is doing their job kicking the oil cart over. That’s right the CIA is not suppose to work “in this country” but all others, to gather together “information” then make wise decisions, about who will have a war, and who will win that war. Then decide how long they will be able to rule. I know, I have a pessimistic view, I wonder why. Because people are involved…….,.,.?

  • Out of his face;again! desperation tactics that have absolutely no credibility,
    send him off to rehab immediately!

  • The hysteria being stirred up in this modern debt based world wide financial system is not as big a deal as the fear porn’ers are trying to make us all believe. Surely, many times in the past, in a number of cultures, after a period of time, all debt was forgiven and everyone (probably except the real, real wealthy controllers) started all over again with a revalued everything.
    The ridiculous panic and hand wringing is orchestrated and fueled by those who look over their shoulders and see the next size up T-Rex about to do a gobble, knowing they have no chance of perpetuating their 150 euro single malt habit.

  • Allegedly, (source: someone who has met him in the EU Parliament) he is perpetually drunk, and his breath stinks! Apparently, his tipple is premium Scotch malt whisky at EUR 150 per bottle – at least one bottle per day (on expenses naturally). As for his meetings with alien leaders……who knows!

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