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Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir made the official statement, below on July 15, 2016, following the unexpected release of the infamous “28 pages” classified by President George W Bush of the 2002 Report of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11.

The newly-released pages were not written by the Commission but were part of the “raw, unvetted material” received by the FBI and handed over to House and Senate intelligence committees in 2002 from a previous investigation of 9/11.

In his statement, Jubeir claimed that the report clears the Kingdom of any wrongdoing in the attacks and that they have been lobbying for their declassification since 2003.

However, the opposite is true. There is some pretty damning circumstantial evidence (much of it previously known) connected to Prince Bandar bin Sultan (aka “Bandar Bush”), a special envoy of the Saudi Government to the US, going back to 1978 and appointed as Ambassador in 1983.

In 2005, Bandar resigned as the Saudi Ambassador to the US, shortly before his father became the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia with the death of King Fahd. He maintained very strong relationships with George W Bush and Dick Cheney while assuming the post of Secretary General of the newly-created National Security Council of Saudi Arabia from 2005-2015. Prince Bandar was described by New York columnist and author, Seymour Hersh as a key architect of the Bush Administration policy in Iraq and the Middle East.

The phonebook of al-Qaeda operative, Abu Zubaydah, who was captured in Pakistan in 2002 (and who is still sweating in Gitmo, awaiting trial) contained the unlisted telephone number of the company that manages Prince Bandar’s $135M estate in Aspen, Colorado. How do you reckon he got that number and why?

Other tidbits revealed in these FBI reports are of a potential 1999 “dry run” to test airline security by two FBI terror suspects. Their tickets were paid for by the Saudi Government.

Then, there are the stories which were already known, about the suspected Saudi spy, Omar al-Bayoumi. The Kingdom denies he is an agent of theirs. (If not theirs – then whose?) Bayoumi is most well-known for having paid for the rent and flight training of two accused 9/11 Saudi hijackers.

Before settling in San Diego in 1994 with a salary from the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation for a “work-study program”, Bayoumi worked in the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation, headed by Prince Bandar’s father, Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz.

In early 2000, Bayoumi allegedly began to receive additional monthly payments from Prince Bandar’s wife, Princess Haifa Bint Faisal. However, the recently-released “28 pages” now show that Bayoumi was not the intended recipient of these checks – despite his wife having attempted to deposit them on several occasions. The checks were instead, intended for the wife of another suspected Saudi spy, Osama Bassnan. These checks totaled $74,000.

My take on all of this is that George W Bush, being a close friend of Prince Bandar, classified the pages which implied his friend’s involvement in 9/11.

The narrative being propagated by these finally-released “28 pages”, as with the rest of the US Government’s official reports is that 19 Arabs with boxcutters hijacked four commercial airliners and “did” 9/11. Three large planes uncannily flew straight into the two World Trade Center Towers and into the Pentagon, feats which hundreds pilots and engineers have formally gone on record, declaring to be physically impossible. This is to say nothing of the suspicious NORAD stand-down, which allowed an hour to elapse between the first plane to strike WTC2, the second one to slice through WTC1 “like a hot knife through butter” and for a third flimsy aluminum airframe to magically penetrate three of the Pentagon’s five rings.

This official narrative is what Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has called “Level 1” and there may be many very well-intentioned people who believe it – but they haven’t done their homework.

The release of the “28 pages” is an attempt to re-affirm the official story, along with a Bill passed by Congress last April, which would allow 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia. Not any other country – just Saudi Arabia.

The insane thing about that Bill is that it opens the door for other countries to sue the US for even worse damages. Everybody is so stupid. I can’t take it.


“Today, Saudi Arabia welcomes the release of the ’28 pages’ redacted from the joint inquiry of Congress into the 9/11 events. We have called for the release of these pages from the moment they were redacted.

“We believed at the time that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot respond to charges emanating from blank pages. We stated in the clearest terms possible that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has nothing to fear, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined to go after the terrorists, those who financed them and those who justify their actions.

“We were keen on finding out what was in those pages so that we can profit investigate and prosecute and hold those responsible for any wrongdoing and we hope that, with the release of these pages, the aspersions that have been cast against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past 14 years will come to an end and we hope that we can focus on moving forward in a cooperative way, in order to go after the men, the money and the mindset that represents a threat to your people and ours.

“The 9/11 crime is probably the most investigated crime in history. For anyone to think that any leads were not pursued is really unrealistic. The US government agencies, with their tremendous responsibilities have looked into this and have come to the conclusion that is very clear: there is no cloudy government involvement or involvement by Saudi officials in the events of 9/11, so I don’t know what else – how one can be more clear than this.

“When I read the ’28 pages’, what comes through is, even the Congressional Committee made it very clear, in the text that “We don’t know, we don’t know, we don’t know – we don’t have the capability to investigate.” and then they handed over these leads or questions to the FBI and the CIA, which then conducted a thorough investigation and came out with the conclusion that there is no there there.

“So I’m not disappointed. I think people were doing their job, as they should and the conclusions have come out. We had no doubt that there was no there there in the ’28 pages’ and that’s why we wanted them released. We can’t convince everybody. The facts are here and the facts say there’s no involvement by the Saudi government of Saudi officials in the events of 9/11 so this should put to rest the charges leveled against Saudi Arabia.”

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  • O, thank (deity of your choice, here): I was terribly concerned that you’d gone and traded in that brilliantly, logical brain of yours for some ‘safety and security’ from the Deep State trolls trying to shut you down…, but only for a second! Just until I, frantically, scrolled down to your comment about the ‘stupids’! Whew! Just another red herring, designed to divide and stupefy those of us who KNOW 9/11 was an inside job! I greatly enjoyed Dr. Farrell’s take on the possibility/probability of a 3rd Level of ‘players’ jumping in with a DEW on the twin towers, but I’m not 100% convinced that the DEW used wasn’t just a ‘suspenders & belt’ move by the 2nd levelers. “Hey, dude, we got that HAARP thingy (or even a space-based, black budget piece of super-tech) just sittin’ around; let’s fire it up and blow the sheeples’ minds! Won’t Dicky and the rest of the gang be surprised!” We watch a lot of crime dramas on I.D. and I discovered that I’m surprisingly good at figuring out the details of the crime, within the 1st few minutes. What shocks me, besides the stupidity of the police and ‘investigators’ (nearly all except Lt. Joe Kenda!), is when the perpetrators, allow their greed and narcissism to override their so-called ‘brilliant strategies’. I mean, I’m glad that they do, do something to allow their being caught, but… Wouldn’t you, if you were an ‘investigator’, suspect the ones behaving smug, arrogant, and supercilious, when questioned? Why weren’t more Americans outraged when the ‘shrub’ and his ‘butt buddy’ were ‘interviewed’, in secret, and only under the terms that THEY SET?! WTF, people! I have a feeling that these same people are going to be looking around at the those soldiers and ‘policemen’, entering their homes and confiscating their guns, and escorting them off to where ever and go: ‘I don’t get it! This must be an ‘Israel-Zionist or Al Queda or ISIS TRICK, cuz our President and ‘Elected’ leaders would NEVER sell us out! We’re Americans…!’ Good luck with that!

  • “Everybody is so stupid. I can’t take it.” You are chasing every red herring that comes down the pipe Chica, and this is wearing you down. You need a sound and conclusive perspective. The ancient manuscripts define what is happening on earth today in a very objective format. You should investigate this body of knowledge.

  • as I have not read the 28 pages, I will not make any conclusions, other then the obvious, that the Bush bash had a lot to louse, on 9/12/01 the debts were due to be paid, all evidence was destroyed, all the gold, disappeared from the vault in building 7. And a fire of small order, brought down a steel and concrete building, when some one said, PULL IT! Then a “bill” was passed in a very short time, too short a time, to write it. Kind of like it was written in advance. Called the patriot act, witch has screwed over this country to no end, and given the privileged more power. Please, what is wrong with this picture? Did I get it wrong? Tell me I’m wrong, please.

  • I think countries should be able to be sued, including the United States. The U.S. is run by evil foreign powers and they shouldn’t be exempt…. That’s why they get away with everything because they are untouchable.

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