This Turkey thing, sheesh! So many conflicting reports, it’s like a Hall of Mirrors. According to CNN, the US’ nuclear base in Incirlik has had a no-fly zone imposed upon it by Turkey President Erdogan, effectively holding it hostage (the wages of having over 800 US military bases in foreign countries folks!)

The Syrian daily newspaper Al Thawra said Sunday that the “attempted coup” was fabricated by President Erdogan to publicly humiliate and “…avenge the military and strip it of its remaining popular support.” An FKTV subscriber, who is a self-described “resident of Virginia’s DC suburbs” confirms this to be true, saying that this information is coming to him from “the highest sources”.

Erdogan’s “attempted coup” appears to be a confirmed false flag.

Meanwhile, Erdogan’s Minister of Labor, Sulëyman Soylu squarely accused the US of being behind the coup on live TV while Erdogan demanded the extradition from the US of moderate cleric, Fethullah Gülen, a known CIA asset. Erdogan says that its extradition treaty with the US is reciprocal and Turkey having dutifully turned over all suspects previously demanded by the US Government, that it was now the US’ turn to do so in kind by handing over Gülen, who lives in self-exile in rural Pennsylvania.

Glenn Greenwald waggishly speculated as to whether the US’ refusal to deliver Gülen would result in Turkish drone strikes in Saylorsburg, PA. If so, hopefully without a NORAD stand-down, as during 9/11, I say!

Erdogan’s official version of the failed coup events are that factions loyal to Gülen seized attack helicopters, in an attempt to take power overnight.

ZeroHedge reports that, “Erdogan has repeatedly accused Gülen of plotting a ‘parallel state’ whose intention is to overthrow Erdogan and has used that strawman narrative as justification to expand his powers and to push for a shift from a parliamentary to presidential regime,” however, “Erdogan has little to gain from the extradition of Gülen…it benefits [him] far more to keep Gülen in the US – where he can use him as a perpetual scapegoat to “justify” his relentless power-grab – than to bring him home where his trial (and execution) would eliminate one of the biggest pretexts Erdogan has to be openly paranoid in public and demanding more power.”

For his part, Gülen blogged, “As someone who suffered under multiple military coups during the past five decades, it is especially insulting to be accused of having any link to such an attempt. I categorically deny such accusations.”

The head of the Turkish Air Force, Akin Ozturk has been arrested, facing charges of treason. 3,000 soldiers have also been arrested. Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavsoglu said the military now needed to be “cleansed” of Gulenist influence. “Once this cleansing is finished, our military will be stronger, providing better support and coordination to NATO.”

A total of 8,777 officers from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior have also been removed from office, according to Anadolu, Turkey’s state-run news agency (and exactly whose Mainstream News agencies aren’t state-run?) Erdogan is carefully pondering on whether to mete out capital punishment to a couple of thousand insurrectionists – and to thereby lose hope of joining NATO – which is something that I personally suspect he fervently wishes to do, despite his love for all of the filthy lucre that he’d stop receiving from the US (I’ll do my “schizophrenic Neocon” rant about Erdogan at another time).

Tough choices for Madman Erdogan! Please stand by. It’s a zoo and the chips haven’t landed yet.

So what to do?

We zone out. We play Pokémon Go!

Today’s clip is disturbing and the whole Pokémon story is disturbing on a myriad of accounts: 1) that it’s the most invasive piece of software ever publicly acknowledged; the game “was” able access all of a user’s gmail, all geolocation history, it could turn on the cellphone’s mic and camera – the game can be used maliciously – with many stories of people led to locations and mugged or raped by other players of the game. People are actually paying up for this and burning up their data plans, to boot! 2) it’s making more money than the banksters! Within days of release, almost 2B copies had been downloaded, which quickly raised Nintendo’s stock price by over $7B!

In short, Pokémon Go can do all of the above and more legally, unlike the NSA but Nintendo claims they’re “fixing” some of the more invasive “mistakes” in the software, described above. Allegedly, the weaponization of this video game has been in the works for over a decade.

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  • I think the coup was real . I was in central London when the coup occurred . I was filming a demonstration of Cypriots trying to get some closure of their stolen properties from the Turkish invasion years ago.We marched around central London then , as usual off to downing St. to hand in the petition.
    what was astounding was that the coup happened overnight and the next day as our demonstration approached downing street the whole road was covered in at least 500 Turkish Democracy protesters with new flags and banners . They were obviously a rent a mob security service media show. They were celebrating the success of the coup and were jubilant……until a few hours later when the news hit them. So I would say that the CIA et all did try for a coup and were arrogant enough to think they had it in the bag otherwise they would not have given instructions to their paid for rent a mob protesters.
    May I remind you that the ‘liberation’ of Libya was greatly helped by planting thousands of Islamic terrorists from the UK sphere , especially from Manchester where the UK security service encouraged them to conspire with ISIS and ANYONE who would help topple Qaddafi. The son of one of these UK secret terrorist operatives felt bad about it so filled his rucksack with a homemade bomb and killed lots of innocents at the Aria Grande concert .
    The public inquiry opened a while back . The emergency services were pilloried and dragged through the mud , the public were given the impression that deaths and injuries were made much worse because of the failure of emergency services , which in fact hardly affected the casualties. Then the public inquiry was suspended. State Terrorism in action.

  • Oh, that kind of crackpot stuff is just full of misinformation.
    – Nobody publically acknowledged it as ‘the most invasive piece of software’.
    – I don’t think it has access to the contents of your Gmail account
    – The fact that the game can be used maliciously is not a deliberate design, haha
    – It most fucking definitely not making more money than banks, lol
    – It highly doubt it was downloaded 2 billion times
    – Nintendo isn’t the developer so they have fuck all to do with fixing anything
    – It’s not a fucking weapon, there is no weaponization, christ!

  • Ben Fulford’s report presents a DIFFERENT scenario about WHY the so-called coup was carried out…It seems that Erdogon might be swinging to “The East” because being betrayed by NATO in its goal in line with the NWO nuts. WHY would else would he closed down US a air base there with 50 odd nukes??? THINK!…He stands to gain a hell of a LOT more swinging EAST.
    1: He MUST know by now that the EU is falling apart (So will NATO eventually)
    2: He knows the cabal’s banking system is about to CRASH!
    3: He knows the BRICS/AIIB banks are about to take over the world banking system once it forces the return to a PM’s (Precious Metals)!
    4: I’m quite certain he knows all about the “Alliance/SSP”
    He might have been foolish sometime ago making deals with “The Devil” (cabal)
    BUT, He’s NO Fool either and HAS to look after what’s in the best interest of his country…or ELSE!
    It actually makes more sense for Turkey to swing EAST and NOT West…The west is going bankrupt…HE MUST KNOW THIS TOO FOLKS.

  • Coo Coo Ca Chew! I’d say, your screwed. Stupid people, yes us humans! In other words, the NSA wins again. Maybe send it to Turkey, dam, hell of an idea, except they can use bullets for knocking people off and the camera and mike can record the deed. How to find a sociopath, made easy. Maybe it’s from CIA & NSA for fun and games & profit. Oh yes and Nintendo to launder the money.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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