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    Dr Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, along with fellow scientists announces his lawsuit against the Japanese government.

    “Today, it is a matter of fundamental importance for the Japanese government to continuously collect and disclose accurate data.

    “I have witnessed the recent fraud scandal committed by the Health Ministry. I have come to realize that this is a serious problem of historic significance that threatens the very existence of the nation of Japan. As a medical doctor and a scientist, I had no choice but to dare to take legal action…

    “Take a look at the 65-69 and 70-79 age groups. Surprisingly, the number of new infections or positive cases per 100,000 people is four times higher for people who have been vaccinated twice, compared with unvaccinated people…

    “However, in last year’s data, the Health Ministry deleted all that information. In fact, vaccination has been recommended based on the explanation that vaccination does not prevent infection, but vaccination prevents severe illness and reduces the mortality rate.

    “Based on the data published by the Advisory Board in September 2021, the basis for recommending vaccination for all ages should no longer exist anymore. Despite that fact, the Health Ministry has pushed ahead the vaccination.

    “I consider this to be a national crisis. This is why I have decided to file a lawsuit against the government at this time.”

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    • What we need truly are autopsy reports stating the person died from the results of the COVID vaccine. If we had at least 1,000 of those then maybe something could be done. The problem is that VAERS can have 40,000 plus deaths as saying they are related to the vaccine but each time I write the government organization it says that VAERS deaths in regards to the COVID vaccine can not be sunstantiated because they have not been proven to actually be related to the COVID vaccine.

      • THE LAW is just opinions backed up by force. Nothing can ever actually be proven: defendants are “found” guilty or innocent, not “proven” so.
        If you and your “side” doesn’t have the weaponry to enforce your opinions, then your opinions don’t matter. The ACTUAL government of every country or region on the planet is the strongest military force in that area. In the USSR, the military wound up siding with “the people” (I’m guessing here, I haven’t really studied what happened; maybe Gorbachov was a mole and the whole thing a CIA coup, but I digress), whereas in Brazil it seems like they waited to see who was going to feed them. Sadly, I hear they have a hundred years of rations stored in the DUMBS, so, for us, it looks like it will come down to “who runs out of bodies first”.

    • One of my JP friends still believe in “shedding” as for the reason of wearing mask, telling me to be cautious and wear one.

      I said to him dude “if” such a thing as spike protein miraculously comes out of the body and infect others (which nobody showed such a proof), mask is still unscientific as the hole is too big and it can enter from anywhere else

    • Just the fact that none of this real and accurate news that I’m finding all over various social media networks is not reported on main stream news channels tells me I cannot trust or believe what the WHO and big pharmaceutical companies are telling me and now it seems that being vaccinated is making it more likely people will suffer and die way more than unvaccinated people. The best decision I ever made was to be unvaccinated.

      • Andrew,

        There’s a very long history
        of governments betraying
        there citizens—then KILLING
        as means to enslavement.

        Which founder had warned
        about being vigilant—Franklin
        or Jefferson ? :

        Relate #1 to #2, below :

        1) — Pay Close Attention to Helena—re what’s really afoot : —


        2 ) — Study T R U E Reason for Sherman’s March : —

        “ In a January 31, 1864 letter to Major R.M. Sawyer,
        Sherman explained the reason why he hated the
        South in general, and South Carolina in particular,
        so much. The war, he said ‘was the result of a
        false political doctrine that any and every people
        have a right to self-government.’ In the same letter
        Sherman referred to states’ rights, freedom of
        conscience, and freedom of the press as ‘trash’
        that had ‘deluded the Southern people into war.’ “

        And, yet, brain-dead conservatives still praise Evil
        Tyrant Abe Lincoln’s contrived war against
        Self-Determination—not against slavery.

        Above quotation is from here :


    • Seems as if this giant deadly scam is finally getting exposed. Cases are coming up all over the world. One can only guess that the perps where they be are starting to shit their pants.

      • Yeah.
        First of all, if they are wearing one as for prevention of so called disease, they’re acting nonsense.
        Secondly, there are studies such as from your link showing negative effect of wearing mast – which means nobody is supposed to be forcing anybody to wear one as to suppose they are doing it based on “science”.
        It seems only small crowd there gets it, and they are often disallowed to even enter the meeting room.
        Here is one example of Japanese politician unmasked, and look how they ridicule him
        It’s a toxic cult.

    • While I admire his courage for stepping up, still masked and supporting germ theory.
      I respect his courage for stepping up.
      Meanwhile looking like it will take while for Japanese majority to finally understand about germs theory scam.
      And I believe that Japanese are smart in many ways while seeing also their problem of often being stuck in their old tradition (such as this case, old germs theory and mask).
      Most folks know about many of Sony / Panasonic and other Japanese big companies having gone down to hell, often because they could not adopt to global demand.
      That being said, understand that every country has something positive and negative in different ways, which is to say important to have discussions across border.

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