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This is the presentation Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova’s gave on January 21st in Sweden about the evidence of the governments’ intent to harm with the vaccine.

She says:

“The whole operation is run by the Department of Defense and the US Government. I’m not absolving pharmas, by the way, of any responsibility. They are criminals in this cartel and they’re collaborating. They’re co-conspirators and should be prosecuted together.

“But as Dr [Robert] Malone mentioned – and I completely agree – here, we have an implemented model of Fascism. This is how it’s done. Government merges with a private corporation, you can’t even say who is wagging the dog but they’re merged and then they’re lying.

“They’re extending this liability to the private commercial entities, from which they then extract commercial interest – or whatever interest they want to extract.

“So, my question is, ‘Who is really manufacturing these injections?’ Well, again, in the same presentation, Operation Warp Speed and BARDA were bragging about their vaccine manufacturing portfolio and you can see on the right hand side, they’re called “Vaccine Supporting Efforts”. These are all established defense contractors.

“The contracts for these were released through FOIA and they go back to at least 2012, maybe earlier and all of these are established defense contractors who had already established vaccine manufacturing based, at that time, it was called “pan-influenza”. In early 2020, they simply switched to COVID.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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