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    by MJTruth

    Ohio Candidate Derek Myers Blows the lid off of a “Secret” FBI Program involved with January 6 to Infiltrate and Radicalize Protesters

    “I can tell you 100% definitively, without a doubt, there were indeed undercover human assets & plain clothed FBI agents inside the crowd on January 6.”

    • Derek shared that he was recruited in 2017 to join the “secret program”, known as Confidential Human Assets.” (CHA)

    • The Role of a CHA:
    — infiltrate organizations
    — gather Intel, find out next moves
    — take the info to the FBI
    — go back to these organizations & help plan what these organizations would do and record information
    — attend events, attend protests
    — help radicalize them
    — get their aggression pent up
    — make them angry and upset in hopes to make them more violent

    • Derek shared he was part of this “secret” program since 2017, then deactivated from it in 2020, but asked to join again in December 2020 to be reactivated for an assignment in January in DC (January 6)

    • Derek shared that he has a folder of evidence he is prepared to share at the risk of going to prison.


    • First, he said he was a Confidential Human Asset since 2017, deactivated in 2020. This was essentially the entirety of Donald Trumps term.

    What other “assignments” did he work on during between 2017-2020? He must answer this question.

    This means he took part in sending other innocent people to jail.

    • He said “With these new developments that came to light this week, you were going to find out anyway. I am forced to share this information now….”

    It sounds like he is trying to get ahead of a story of something that’s going to come out, possibly about him….
    Because as he said, “I am forced to share this now”…. That to me means he would not have shared this otherwise.

    We kind of already know these things, but it does give more validity and serves as another blow that J6 was a set up.

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