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Jack Maxey unloads on everybody.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think this Jack Maxey is a disinfo agent. He fits the profile. A Yale grad and from an elite family. Bannon probably got the goods on him and fired him.

  • This guy, Jack, is a Psy-Operative. Everyone important already had a copy of Hunter’s lap top. It’s believed that he was contacting people on the lap top in order to sell info, blackmail. We need Direct Democracy now. Representatives are bought off, compromised and blackmailed. People like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim that direct democracy is mob rule are controlled opposition. Of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. And Btw: National Security is about hiding info from the people so the elites (Globalists ) can keep on doing their scams. Capt Joe Kelley.

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