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    In the past few days, we’ve seen the Mainstream Media engage in an orgy of obsequiousness toward the mullahs of Iran; of blaming Trump for the shootdown of the Ukrainian 737-800 commercial jet, even though Iran fired its missiles toward Baghdad from a base in Ahvaz, over 500 hundred miles away from Tehran, where the Ukrainian airliner, carrying mostly Iranians with doctorate degrees was shot down.

    Do the normies of America notice that the Mainstream Media and the Democrats (aka the Deep State) are representing the interests of Iran’s corrupt and oppressive regime, rather than those of the thousands of Iranians now protesting the end of it?

    Has it sunk in yet to the normies of America that the mainstream media and Democrats do not represent you or the interests of Americans?

    Will the normies ever get it?

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Why is this propaganda here? The Iranian people are not in the interest of the US public. They take care of themselves.

    • Getting confused, I thought Venezuela was our enemy and we were going to war with them? We got all pumped up to invade Venezuela now its Iran. What about Syria? Lets not forget Syria, we haven’t finished bombing the crap out of them have we? Please pick an enemy and stick with it.

    • When is the U.S. going to learn to stay out of other country’s business. Whatever comes next has to be the result of Iranian evolution, nothing to do with U.S. Absolutely, the Q anon movement has shown its hand to be Neo-Con (Zionist) controlled and orchestrated. How sad!! Look at the disgusting mess we have made of every country we have tried to fix for them. The contractors enrich themselves at the people’s expense. We destroy artifacts, rob museums, destroy infrastructure, poison the water system, starve the children, and divide the country. We have no credibility. The ugly smash and grab crowd is always waiting in the wings to make their billion off the resources. Please, please no more of these horrible wars for Israel!!

    • The mullahs might be crazy – and shouldn’t be surprised at the population’s reaction after all the years of religious totalitarianism – but they’re not much worse than the Zionist neocons controlling US foreign policy. IMHO.

    • Yes of course they will, by degrees everybody will. What a time to be alive! (And you’ll get an invitation to the Whitehouse to be commended for everything you’ve done)

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