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    Project Veritas has released Part 1 of a series of hidden camera videos inside the Sanders campaign, featuring Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, who clearly had a bad childhood and who therefore wants Stalinism to be imposed in the USA. Literally.

    We watch as Jurek suggests that Liberal Democrats who are not sufficiently Leftist and “woke” should be placed in gulags or be put to death, saying, “Liberals get the F***ing wall first.”

    He also mentions that gulags weren’t so bad, as they paid well, offered job training and conjugal visits (?)

    As for Trump supporters, he doubts that they can be “re-educated” and he talks about how the Germans had to spend billions to “de-Nazify” the populace and how the Cubans would take “reactionaries” to the beach and shoot them.


    Jurek has a history of criminal alcohol and drug charges.

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    • Maybe he is just talking tough and can’t do any of this stuff, but he is ignorant. No one likes my way or the highway. I do think he’ll be fired after this. Democrats haven’t been looking to good lately.

    • Their language is not so much indictments of themselves, as snakes cannot help but slither. It is an indictment of the epically stupid American who, over the decades, voted into existence the dark political, cultural, social environment in which sewage like this grows.

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