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In light of the Mar-a-Lago raid, which made the DOJ look pathetic and corrupt, in light of Joe Biden’s Satanic incantations in front of Independence Hall, which were so stupid, it had to be on purpose, and in light of certain cryptic statements made by Trump during his speech in Wilkes-Barre, I’m feeling more optimistic than I have in a while.

So today, I’ll keep Hopium alive and I’ll run this audio by SG Anon, who claims to be in touch with White Hats who tell him that Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud are working together, with a total of 32 nations to take down the Deep State mafia, worldwide.

He says Trump never left the Presidency, he just “left” for optics and for the sake of this operation. He says that the real Joe Biden died on March 31st, 2019 and that he is currently being played by an actor who was installed by the White Hats and who is there to help root-out the traitors in our bureaucracy.

He says the war is essentially won but that the threat of assassination is still real and how when you’ve cornered an animal, it fights the hardest. That’s where they’re at, right now.

He says Trump will be arrested as part of this operation. He also does not believe that the Midterm Elections will be held this November.


Anon Audio File 1: A look at the command structure of the 32-Nation alliance that is on a mission to save humanity (the important information starts at about 7 minutes into the video).


SG Anon says that Xi Jinping’s childhood experience of having his father “purged” from the Communist Party and imprisoned, his home ransacked by Cultural Revolution militants and his sister’s consequent suicide led to a lifelong vendetta against the CCP. Obviously, he has disguised this very well.

He affirms that, “President Xi will be the death of the Chinese Communist Party. That death is not going to happen by the end of this year. That death will probably take around 18 months to 36 months but we will see a fundamental shift in power in China very soon, probably inside of the next 6 months…The man is absolutely working with the Alliance.

“You’re going to see China invade Taiwan very soon. It will be a full mainland invasion. The entire invasion will be over in 30 hours. The idea, with the Taiwan takeover is a few-fold: One, there’s bioweapon laboratories located in Taiwan, similar to the ones that Putin is currently eradicating in Ukraine. Xi and the Elders left over from the dynasties – the rightful rulers of China and their lineages – they have great cause for concern with some of those laboratories, so that will be one of the mission objectives.

“Another mission objective, in the capturing of Taiwan will be the worldwide paralysis of shipping lanes. There are a great many shipping companies that operate directly out of Taiwan or proxy through Taiwan. A number of them have their main operations headquartered in Taiwan. Many of them are complicit in child- and human trafficking and organ trafficking. Many of them are complicit with the trafficking of babies and baby parts; bodies, adrenochrome, etc.

“President Xi will be a paralyzing blow to that particular infrastructure, as Putin is currently dealing a paralyzing blow to the tunneling and network infrastructures in Eastern Europe. There are 35,000 miles of tunnels under the ground in Eastern Europe, all through those countries. Putin wants nothing to do with that.


“Putin, like Xi lost a lot of people along the way. Unlike Xi, in a polar opposite from Xi, Putin had a very poor, degenerate childhood. He grew up in Leningrad in a shared apartment unit. His mother was dirt poor. They were shelled during World War II. Very dejected young man. Saw a lot of horrors in his years. Rose through the ranks in the Russian military and intelligence community to become a KGB colonel.

“And again, when you are a hen among wolves, your job is to appear to be a wolf for as long as possible until you are in a position to take down all of the wolves at one time. And that’s where we’re at now.

“In 2015, Vladimir Putin was called a ‘Traitor to the New World Order’ by Jacob Rothschild. In 2016, Putin is on record saying that I will quote, ‘Crush the Illuminati with my bare hands.’

“We all know that Putin and Xi are coordinating with President Trump and the lawful government of the US to eradicate the Deep State everywhere but we often get our eyes focused solely on the USA, because it is the most obvious, most egregious domino, at the moment but it is far from the most important.

“We are dealing with worldwide trafficking networks many thousands of miles long and under the water and under the ocean, in the sediment and in the bedrock. We’re dealing with underwater bases, we are dealing with shipping ports all around the world, that are dotting coastlines that are staffed to the gills with mercenaries, murderers and pedophiles. We are dealing with islands of absolute horror.

“The sound of freedom will shed a very big light on that. Keep your eye out for that movie. When that movie goes out, you’ll know that we are well into the Awakening.

“The type of war that’s being fought by the Alliance Command, it’s not like any war that you can think of in the traditional sense, because it’s all we’ve learned is traditional history, in a lot of respects.

“Many of us, even though we’ve researched extra history and the true history behind some things, we still think of war as this kinetic or digital activity. This war is neither kinetic nor digital This war is – the best way to describe it is ‘transdimensional’. We have a warfare scenario playing out in business around the world. We have a warfare scenario playing out in finance around the world. We have a warfare scenario playing out in governments around the world.

“Much of the government side of things concerns itself with the very same thing that the United States is concerned with now; the 2020 Election fraud. Other countries, such as Pakistan right now are understanding and seeing very plainly that not only is there fraud but it is flagrant, it is in their face and all of their representatives; voices, people that they trusted have turned on them, essentially.

“This Deep State mafia controls a tremendous amount of the world. They controlled a tremendous amount of the world when Trump went in and they still control a tremendous amount of the world when Trump left – supposedly. Trump never left but you know what I mean.


“The Alliance is coordinating a super massive operation that it’s almost difficult to wrap your mind around. Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, after he met with President Trump in 2017, on President Trump’s world tour – this individual, Man, he’s an intimidating guy, alright? This guy was the enforcer for Trump and Putin and the Alliance when the alliance was first being formed. This guy became the public relations arm, essentially of the Alliance. He helped form the Alliance across these transdimensional warfare lines.

“When he came to the United States after 2017, after Trump’s world tour, he met with Donald Trump and then, he proceeded to go meet with Oprah Winfrey and Jack Dorsey. He met with Bill Clinton. He met with James Mattis, former Defense Secretary, who we know was a Deep State plant. He met with Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group. He met with Speaker John Kerry, former Secretary of State. He met with Henry Kissinger, one of America’s longest-serving diplomats and a deep, deep-deep Cabal individual, someone who is one of the 13 Phoenician Bloodline Families, someone who is above government.

“Henry Kissinger, George Soros – the like – they are above government. They are in a league all their own, so to speak in the power structure that they have managed to create in this world – and we are currently, presently taking that down. He was on the list for the Saudi Crown Prince.

“António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations was on the list; Michael Bloomberg, the Founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP; Thomas Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The New York Times. Friedman agreed to capitulate.

“He met with Bill Gates; Ernest Moniz, former Secretary of Energy under Obama; Lloyd Blankfein, Chief Executive at Goldman-Sachs; Masayoshi Son, the Japanese businessman who is the CEO of SoftBank.

“He met with Madeleine Albright, the Secretary of State under Clinton and the first woman ever to be a Secretary of State role. He met with Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and owner of 21st Century Fox and FoxNew Network; Jeffrey Goldberg, the Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic; Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple; Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and several other companies; Christine LaGarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund; Peter Thiel, the American businessman who specializes in venture capital and is the President of Clarium Capital and Mithril Capital.

“And the list goes on; Richard Branson, Bob Iger, Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos. The Alliance has been fighting a transdimensional war. If you paid attention to those names, you have people from business, finance, Big Tech, big media, corporate media conglomerates that started a hundred years ago. William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer…they were responsible for some of the greatest crimes on deferment that have ever happened to any country in the history of the world. We are taking that down now. But we lose sight of how massive this operation is, because we are so focused on having Donald Trump back in office and we have some intel on that, too.

“OK, Donald Trump will be arrested. That is going to happen. Now, it’s not going to be an undignified arrest. It’s not going to be a tar-and-feathering type of event, like a lot of people expect such an event, just because some of the nature of the Deep State. It is going to happen for the public optics. It needs to happen for the public optics.

“We are currently playing out a very long, very drawn-out, very unpleasant, highly detailed, highly well-executed, extremely precise plan to accomplish a number of things: 1) To expose who these people are. When we expose the network, then we can expose those in the network; 2) Is to eradicate child trafficking. That should be Priority #1. I think it is Priority #1, according to the people where I get my info from.

“The children have been getting rescued since 2017. The United States Marine Corps stormed CIA Headquarters Langley in 2018 and took a treasure troves of documents. The war has been going on for a while. Many of us are maybe a little bit late to the wake-up.

“We’re going to see dramatic shifts over the next four months. We’re going to see a lot come out into the open in the next two months. September 11th of this year, likely to be a very dramatic event. I do not, at this time believe that we will have Midterm elections in November. But this is war. And we need to be aware that whatever the plan is day-to-day, it is dynamic and it is evolving and it changes, based on the necessity of circumstances that have changed in other arenas.

“When Donald Trump publicly left office for the optics, that was the signal for the real global take-down operations to begin. None of what has occurred since 2021 January could have occurred with Trump in office. We would have certainly been plunged into a civil war by this point. I think Roe vs Wade would have been all that would have been needed.

“The reason that we had to have a ‘Deep State’ plant in office is because we needed the optics, because we are going to have to right this boat, eventually. Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America today and he has been since January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump began his second term sometime between November the 7th and November the 14th, 2020.

“Donald Trump has never left but he had to leave publicly to allow this operation to occur. He’s going to have to come back publicly to salvage things after we’ve awakened people and accomplished all of the goals we needed to accomplish before we take the conflict overt.

“Joe Biden, by the way is not – I said earlier he’s a Deep State plant. Joe Biden’s job is to Judas-Goat all of the Deep State plants in the US Government and bureaucratic agencies. Joe Biden’s job is to help them think that they’ve won, basically.

“Joe Biden died March 31st 2019. The actor currently playing Joe Biden was installed by the White Hat Q Clearance Alliance in 2020, in such a way that the optics carried forth of the Presidency being stolen from the People of the United States, which is what had to happen. Joe Biden’s job, along with many other plants is to reveal the actors around them and help uproot them. I would say that he’s done a good job so far.

“One of the best ways that you can out anything is to play right along with what it wants to do. So, in this instance, you have Joe Biden supposedly President of the United States issuing draconian orders to federal agencies, ranging from health to labor to transportation to energy to Secretary of State, all the way down to the DOJ and the FBI, recently.

“He’s issuing these draconian orders. A good way to find out who’s on your team and who’s not on your team is to issue those orders and see what happens. In other words, ‘FBI, I want you to go raid the former president’s home.’

“The ones that go and do that, all about it. Those that don’t do that, those are the ones that we want to get out of the agency, transfer them later, when we dissolve the agency and rename it.

“We had to root out the traitors, at every level, do you see that, yet? Do you understand that, yet? That’s what the Alliance Command is all about: Rooting-out the traitors at every level of society in the world. This operation is gargantuan in scope and breadth.

“Space Force was a necessity just to coordinate the type of data transfer and the type of instantaneous communications necessary in the moment to carry out some of these complex operations. This is a worldwide effort.

“Donald Trump will be coming back in the United States, just as other politicians will be coming back in other countries. But the threat of assassination and the Deep State making trouble is still very real.

“Folks, I know that a lot of people have said that the war is won – and the war is won, in a sense. But right now, we are going through the mop-up phase and the mop-up phase is a dreadfully tough one, because that’s when they pull out all their dirty tricks. When you’ve cornered an animal, it fights the hardest. When you’ve cornered an animal that has nothing to lose, that’s where they’re at. They’re a cornered animal.

“The heads of the snakes were cut off early on; the Phoenician Families; some of them made deals, stayed alive a little bit longer than the others; some were executed immediately. The command structure has been neutered but the structure, itself has remained intact and we’re allowing that structure to crumble, so we can expose it and that is what we’re going through right now. That’s what we’re living through right now.

“My message to everyone listening to me tonight: Keep the faith, have good courage. I can assure you that – at least, from the people that I talk to, we are in good hands, there is a plan, it is coming together, as we need it to come together. It may get a teensy bit worse before it gets better.

“I do not expect us, like I said, to have Midterm Elections or if we do, it will be under completely different pretenses. But again, I encourage all of you to keep your minds open, keep your hearts full. This is a war. We are living through a war. We’re doing a very good job. Each of you out there listening to me are doing a very god job are doing a very good job and you need to tell your friends and family who don’t believe that its completely fine that they don’t believe and that you’ll be there when they come around, because it is our job as Digital Soldiers, is to help educate and guide; to pass along information when we have it; that’s why this program was started and to be the best of humanity and you are the best of humanity.

“And so, with that, this is SG Anon. We’re gonna sign off tonight. Thank you all very much and we’ll talk to you again soon.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you for your intel, I have been awake and have belived all of the stuff that you declared but it’s good to have it revised. I awaken about 2o15 as well and are in touch with my source. These are exciting times to be alive but dont for a minute think its gonna be plain sailing. We are about to go through some tuff times but we must be in charge of our own distiny not controlled by any religion. Free will love and compassion for others .regards Jon

  • Thank you Alexandra and SG Anon. I have followed the Anons for three years now. It all makes sense to me. You are in the prayers of many who appreciate your courage, hard work and willingness to take on this role for humanity.

  • So this is not aging well…and up to date at this point far more questions than answers if anyone is to believe or take any real information from these kinds of statements, actually I think it may infuriate more folks that really want to take heed to some of this, adding the bit about September 11th, what was that for? I`m not sure this type of Broadcast does…maybe more harm than good…we all want to believe these kinds of efforts are being made…🙏and we count on the good that they are, but it`s going to take more than a few mins of retroactive words to enlighten most of us.

  • What kind of bullshit is this? Putin and his family was dirt poor and was shelled during World War II? Putin wasn’t even alive during WWII–he was not born until 7 years AFTER the war!

  • I was just looking through your archives and found an article you wrote about an Austin Steinbart interview. “I was particularly interested to hear his take on what really happened during the Las Vegas shooting. As many have suspected (though I was never in this camp), he says it was an assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (aka MBS) that went off the rails.”

  • This presentation concurs with all the sources I have been privy to over the past 30 years. Russia ,China(not the CCP) Saudi Arabia and the BRICS alliance countries are going to be our best Allies. This is the………….
    💥🙏😇BOOM REVEALation😇🙏💥

    • They may be better than west but certainly not good. SA and china care not 4 humans maybe there is humanity in Putin- not sure. Put your hope in no MAN. There is only Christ in the END times. This article is almost as destructive as the evil that abounds.

  • This guy is a crackpot who needs to go back to smoking his opium. What a dork!!! same Q-anon garbage that’s trying to pick steam again.
    …”Oh, Trump never really left,..” Pull your head outta your garbage bin, and smell the coffee!!…

    …And “Putin’s mother is dirt poor.” Yeah right. Anything goes, you 5150, anything.
    Thanks for attempting to waste my time, but did’t work. Pick up the phone and set up an appointment with your doctor, because you appear to need him/her right now.
    Alexandra. How could possibly fall for such toxic mule.

  • LOL
    It seems like this guy’s done good job on pissin’ people around.
    There are many things wrong with his theory, but I’m not going to bother explaining each thing as most of us have seen it already.
    Happy to see from the comments that most people here are awake not to going with this disinfo.

  • “the rightful rulers of China and their lineages”
    There is no such thing as rightful rulers. Such an idea has carried down through generations since the Deluge. Government IS the problem, and if you think this Alliance is going to be the world’s salvation you’re sadly quite gullible. People who have wielded power never give it up, to their dying breath. Like Kissinger said, it is highly intoxicating.

  • Is this guy saying that even after a large portion of sheeps fell for the VAX death shots, it won’t matter until the time comes?

    I heard this same sh*t while terrible things were happening in Syria, Gaza and these shills never stopped shilling with IsUnreal.

    It feels as this guy is just being blind…or maybe he’s trained to appear as innocent.
    But he needs to watch himself, because further he misleads the herds, heavier his sins will be.

    Whoops I forgot again that I should’ve never paid attention to this kind of stories, because making us upset is exactly what these controlled oppositions want, supposedly.

    • Exactly! He lost me at Operation Warp Speed. “Trust the plan” is a regurgitated propaganda psy op. Fool me once, shame on you….

  • “The ONLY way things will change is if the people take action, and start eliminating the bad people –

    “But that won’t happen.”

    Of course it will happen. But it won’t happen until being cold and hungry–and watching your children starve before your eyes–become normal, with no end in sight. THEN–and ONLY then–will the people act.

    It will all come down to food and fuel. The people will act at that time–and not a moment before.

    Besides, ALL of this stuff depends 1000% on an UNFAILING supply of electricity–something we don’t have and ain’t GONNA have.

  • Interesting, but here are the logical problems:

    1. Trump to be arrested. If this happens, the DS will just go ahead an assassinate him. Why wouldn’t they, as they consider him the hugest threat? Also, the DS churls read these articles, so didn’t SG Anon either leak the truth, thus they will take Trump out? Or, this post is balloon juice.

    If Trump allows himself to be arrested, it’s over for the US – no one could replace him. This is why you can’t share the truth with the public, at least, in our corrupt shithole of a government,

    2) XI working w/ White Hats – if this were true, would he be treating 100 million Chinese people so poorly? These people are starving, locked like prisoners in their apartments. This IS Communism, and he’s creating a LOT of bad will. If it takes another couple of years, he will have another revolution on his hands. While we all WANT to believe this is true, this is an area where Xi MAY BE just a puppet of the DS, or he may be a hard line Communist. The proof will be in his actions. The longer the delay until good actions are taken will be the pudding of the cake. so a long delay will spoil the dessert. China will need to be challenged, but would the US do so? IIf China doesn’t invade Taiwan, wouldn’t this violate SG Anon’s “proof” as far as being a legit source?

    3). Putin is dead. If he was a boy in WWII, he would be 80+ years old now. I believe he’s been replaced, because the new Putin doesn’t look that much like the original guy, or that old. Plus, his behavior and decision-making is very different than Putin prior to 2016. I’m surprised SG Anon didn’t catch that, so he ought to verify.

    The problem is then, if SG Anon is correct, he’s let important covert strategic info against the DS out, and that would never do. Odds are, SGA is giving out disinformation to fool the NWO, so we shouldn’t trust anything out of his mouth. Also, the timeframes sound just like more delays, which the rich pricks always do to memory hole the crimes so the public will forget about them, and they can get on with their agenda, which is raping, stealing and killing our kids and stealing all our wealth. I’m getting sick of this same old game. We should all be so pissed, we take our 2A tools, and get started eliminating the ultra-wealthy Satanic psychopaths.

    So these ‘prophesies’, if you will, are pie in the sky, and we will be disappointed yet again when nothing happens (or such a watered down result happens – like 1 elite arrest Weinstein, as Epstein & Brunel escape by fake suicide, or Maxwell – who never even went to prison – laughs at us from the Seychelles. The elites think we’re dumb, and they’re right, but only because they made us so by lying to us for the past 2000+ years.

    The ONLY way things will change is if the people take action, and start eliminating the bad people – the ultra-rich perverts & criminals that make up the NWO, the WEF, and their minions in the CDC, DOJ, FNI, FDA, etc.,..

    But that won’t happen. So don’t worry, save a month or two of food, prep as you’re able, and when you’re ready, man up. and start moving forward, as far as you can, before these authoritarian monsters take everything from us. Maybe then you’ll be willing to fight back, which is what jew should have been doing since Jan 6.

    • “The ONLY way things will change is if the people take action, and start eliminating the bad people –

      “But that won’t happen.”

      Of course it will happen. But it won’t happen until being cold and hungry–and watching your children starve before your eyes–become normal, with no end in sight. THEN–and ONLY then–will the people act.

      It will all come down to food and fuel. The people will act at that time–and not a moment before.

      Besides, ALL of this stuff depends 1000% on an UNFAILING supply of electricity–something we don’t have and ain’t GONNA have.


  • Yo says in the cast that when listening to news channels, ect to use discernment, not just there but even the words that your listening to now in this audio. No one makes money off the truth, if this world excepts it, then it’s of this world.

    Say safe and remember, The Apple isn’t a bite, I offer the whole fruit in my Father’s spirit

  • I don’t trust this guy. NO ONE knows what’s going on in a war especially the military and those planning the war. At best we can only put pieces together and guess. This guy never says “I think that” nor does he give any source at all such as military, or name of news sources etc. Some of it sounds right (which is what good disinfo people will do, some will be correct info) but too much of it doesn’t sound right and he doesn’t say WHY he thinks what he does He says he doesn’t think there will be election this Nov – buy never says why or where he got that idea from. It also would be a great way to demoralize folks. I say this guy is well meaning perhaps but gets his info from the wrong folks and alot of it is disinfo.

  • I’m sorry, but I gave up on Trump, Q and the “Alliance” coming to save us some time ago. We are just witnessing two mafia clans fighting over their piece of turf. Neither gives a rat’s ass about THE existential threat to humanity, i.e. the depopulation agenda being implemented through so-called “vaccines” and other nefarious methods. Neither Trump or the White Hats have lifted a finger to stop this evil plan. And the people supposedly involved with the Alliance reads like a who’s who of the disciples of Satan. The central bankers will be the beneficiaries regardless of which side prevails.

    • You are exactly correct. I came to this conclusion some time ago, too. While I keep praying for the public to awaken, and get motivated, start fighting back at the REAL enemy – the perverted ultra-rich – I, too believe it’s just more of the same, and no one can stop the coming Great Reset, unless we start fighting like patriots of old.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  • I hope and pray this is real and truth. I’m praying for the globe and all its people now instead of just America and Americans. Thank you for expanding my understanding.

  • Great article with an immense amount of information. However, it appears it along with the entire Covid thing and the Ukraine incursion, etc. are major diversions against the real agenda – to control civilization through digital central bank currency. With its social credit system (no doubt it will usher in some form of mandatory passports here) it is the pathway to total slavery. I’d like more reporting on Uncle Joe’s Executive Order 14067 which begins the implementation of central bank digital currency in the US on 12/14/22. No one, even those speaking out loudly about the “election” and the upcoming elections, the vaxxine, etc.. is even touching the topic. I would like to know more about all the implications of the EO and how we can maintain our freedom despite it.

    Thanks much,

    • Trump IS Q plus, I”ve seen him draw Q in the air a number of times while giving a speech, also Gitmo soldiers formed Q and posted it in a sign in front of Gitmo. Lots of other hints, too. Don’t listen to CNN, MSNBC etc. they are CIA disinfo.

    • Without massive amounts of money what new paradigm shift can switch over that fast?The US, Inc. is broke. Powell talks about July 2023. An executive order that was written by a fake Biden not passed by Congress that will rule much of humanity is questionable. Did you know that there are one million state militia that are told not to do anything. Are they going to wait along with the patriot US military to watch all freedoms go bye bye? Have to wait and see how this plays out.

  • When JFK Jr was murdered, I witnessed “strangess” coming out from the TV news services. As the Tragety of the Missing Plane was first being released in the news, everyone spoke possitively about John Jr and what a good man he was. Many of the announcers had either a first or second hand story explaining what a good person John was. You could turn the channells and everyone was speaking highly about who he was and what a tradgety this would be if he died.

    After about two hours I heard the first negative reporting regarding JFK Jr. I started flipping channels and they all had negative things to say about John ….. “Spoiled rich kid kills wife and unborn child.” This communication became uniform over the prooganda TV media about two hours after the initial reports were given of the possible tragety. The War Has Begun.

  • That fairytale is almost tied with the Q drops about all the celebrities that had been executed at Guantanamo Bay, and how nearly every actor in Hollywood was either locked up, executed, or made a deal to help themselves and secretly giving trafficking intel to Trump. I would be careful with such obvious bullshit, with -110% chance of ever being true or that these world leaders were all secretly going to dinner, swapping wives, all made a pact to take on the worlds true owners. This is the kind of hogwash that will ruin everything you have worked for and burn ur credibility while making you look extremely gullible for even entertaining even the slightest possibility that this obvious psyop or trolling could be real. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot!

  • Joe Biden died and an actor is playing him? How f’n stupid do you think we are? I quit reading right there

    • Biden was in office for 50 yrs. I know very well what his face looked like and this guy is NOT J. Biden, he’s a double at best.

    • President Biden looks nothing like the real Joe Biden. His personality is also totally different. There’s actually nothing similar about the two. I dismissed this for a long time as being silly, but then decided to research it myself. I’m absolutely convinced now that they’re two different people.

      • Exactly. Also, about a year ago he started having dementia, which seemed to get worse. Then this past weekend, we gives a speech where he sounds very solid. He’s CLEARLY not the same guy (notice the original Biden had blue eyes, and this guy has brown eyes; also, Biden was Right-handed. The Inauguration Day Biden signed everything with his LEFT hand. No way could that be the same guy – no way!

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