This video uses footage from Trump’s speech in Wilkes Barre last Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, during which he made a series of unusual and/or cryptic statements:

1. He referred to COVID-19 as “The China Dust.”

2. He referred to the “So-called handover”, meaning the “Peaceful transition transition of power” to the Biden Regime

3. He referred to Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg as “Weirdo

Zuckerberg” and he said that Mark Zuckerberg visited him “Last week…came to the White House” [i.e., Mar-a-Lago].


The maker of this video, One Conduit, the One Conduit (who would have done a better job with a spellchecker) says that either Trump is delusional or that he was telling us three important things:

1. “China Dust” = COVID-19. It is not transmitted by humans but is a biological weapon, like those being researched in Ukraine.

2. The “Handover” = a farce. It was not a “peaceful transition”, it was coup d’état.

3. Mar-a-Lago = the White House. And Mark Zuckerberg, the primary financier of his overthrow came to see him last week and to “kiss his ass”.


The One Conduit says that if the Fake News media ignores Trump’s flagrantly counter-narrative and putatively “delusional” statements then, “It is for a reason.”

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  • Any positives I had about Trump vanished when it became obvious he’s controlled opposition. Think “warp speed” and he still shills for the jab and more and more gifts to Israel at the further brutal expense of the Palestinians and plenty more. Drain the swamp, lol, as he just brought back more swamp creatures we thought we’re finally rid of. Difference between trump and biden is trump’s a genius crook and biden is just an average crook who got lucky

  • So Zuckerberg is now crawling to Trump?

    Don’t give the Zuck ANYTHING but a series of charges or at least his criminal complicity in endorsing and enabling state terrorism in the name of covid. and it seems for TREASON

    so YES, the covid is a bioweapon

    YES the 2020 election was stolen. I was watching Us coverage form my own country (flatly refusing the propaganda from my own govt ). Trump was comfortably leading when the closed the counting at 10 pm or so. then at 4 am 100, 000 ballots all came in and all for Biden. Clear Fraud. Only a liar would deny it

  • I wish Trump didn’t speak so crudely. He claims to have Christian values, but true Christians try to emulate a Christ-like character. That doesn’t mean they don’t speak plainly and bluntly, but they don’t speak crudely and rudely. Think about it.

    • what Trump meant when he said last week was not that suck-a-buck came to him but what suck-a-buck said about the FBI , you are the one who has thrown his words out of context, so maybe it’s you who are the delusional one or have a short memory. BOT!!!

    • True. Enough of religious hypocrisy around the world.
      It makes me realize that most of so-called “religion” is based on self serving bullsh*t, and the true good people are anonymized.

    • Go back to your bible when Jesus went into the fruit temple of men and threw over a table out of anger. What a shame that people cant seem to see through the garbage and use Christian values as an excuse.

  • Zuckerberg is a weirdo, but, why Trunp said he kissed his ass? Obviously Zuckerberg didn’t just “walk in” Mara Lago to eat? Trump must have invited him. The question is did Trump put on the invitation YOU MUST KISS MY ASS for me to feed you?

    You think Joe can’t speak worth a sh’t? Now Trump don’t make any sense. I say we need to retire these two buffoons.

  • There are 2 major things that he opened the flood gates on:
    5G and shots. And the answers are in the patents. Words matter. The only Saviour is in Acts 20:21. Nothing else matters. If you want your mind bent look into CSRQ (Common, Sovereign, Restricted,Quarantined). Or CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency). When we no longer have real money, it will all be debt money, which creates total slavery in commerce. If the country doesn’t hold/use cash and stop using the data collecting cards and phones. You deserve to be snared in the pit you created. Pointing the fingers at others or waiting for others to save you is not being responsible. Put on the full armour of God through Acts 20:21 and go slay some dragons already! How? Use cash. Get to know your neighbors. No the laws of your city. Then your county. Then your state. Keep those in service to you locally to state responsible for their actions. This is not a time to be ignorant. 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. And above all … Bathe everything in prayer to God Almighty. There is Victory in Jesus. Amen!

  • On one level it’s obvious the Communists democratic fraudsters have been given enough rope. Watch what happens to the other bio weapon conspirators,like Gates , Elon,Faucci etc….
    Rico ……treason against the USA and charges of international genocide. Let’s hope we don’t run out of rope. Guantanamo awaits …..
    All UK politicians are in on the genocide too.
    We wait for instructions from common law courts.
    Crown law is being superceded . Admiralty law is void. The Divine law and common law are in operation for all of us now.

  • Interesting.

    But what if he is giving those cryptic messages as to avoid negative karma according to cult (if anyone is familiar)?

  • I wouldn’t mind but it doesn’t even look like Trump!
    Are people so blind?
    There again, they believe the fake Boris in the UK, along with the fake Queen and Prince Charles.
    So I guess most people are blind.
    They see what they want to see.
    I just hope it will not be humanity’s downfall … it being so blind?

    • Are you sure about Trump being gone?

      That said, it won’t matter who they are
      They, the puppets are no use for us, and are useless eaters to us.

      • Absolutely certain! I can detect anyone’s energy anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy. His family have just been robbing the American people who need a saviour, sadly!

        • You know what, any time when I see 100 %, 99.99% and stuff like that I’m skeptic whelp you can be right or wrong, I don’t know.

          Telegram is rather acceptable than other spy platforms, but anybody being cautious on privacy should use it with a second sim that the identity is not tied to.

          • I would agree, except when I use the percentage it just happens to be true. It is not a skill I have ever wished for, it just came along, although apparently not by accident. There are thousands of Ancient Souls like me, all helping humanity. We apparently agreed to come back into this life a long time ago to assist humanity according to our individual skillset.
            I am willing for you to put mine to the test any time!


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