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In 2020, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum warned of an impending cyberattack that will take down all of society.

In 2022, Joe Biden stated that sending tanks to Ukraine is called “World War III”.

Earlier this month, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Jeremy Jurgens, asys that a “catastrophic cyber event” will likely occur in the next 2 years.

This week, a German foreign minister casually stated that they are at war with Russia.

President Joe Biden responds by sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

And now, all of the media is warning of a nuclear war. Or a Russian cyberattack.

If you are not suspicious by now, then you are not paying attention. Our government is not at war with Russia, they’re at war with the American People and in order to Build Back Better, they need their cyberattack.

Now, they have a cover story and the media is sticking their finger into the PTSD wounds of all Americans, so that we do nothing but sit at home in fear and wait for the end.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think this is a war over a psychopathic fiction. How would you dismantle a lie this big? It’s a heresy to speak out against it. So how do you fight it? We are seeing these people for what they really are…they’re being exposed. Someone has figured out how to beat the psychological attack!

  • Actually, the Ukraine Nazi days are numbered, unless outside forces physically invade their nation, it’s only a matter of months if not weeks until there is no Ukraine army left. All the bluster about sending more equipment is posturing, it will be too late to save them.

    Forget mainstream propaganda, look at the numbers, just the reliable numbers, not the lame stream media numbers and pay no attention to the Nazi puppet clown who keeps telling everyone how great he and his henchmen are and begging for more killing machines.

    Russia does not need to use EMF to defeat the west on the Ukraine front. Russia has used great restraint all along and I expect them to continue along that line.

  • Did you guys ever suspect about nuclear weapons being fake?
    Is the mushroom cloud actual nuclear explosion or are they just detonating moab with nuclear waste from power plants?
    I do not know the truth, but I’m positive that I’ve seen at least few or more mushroom cloud explosions from standard bombs dropped in Afghanistan or somewhere else in middle east.
    Hope anyone with extra time will do research on this topic more.

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