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Some of you may remember the infamous November 5, 2021 Travis Scott concert crowd crush disaster, in which over 300 people were treated for injuries by first responders at the venue, 25 people were hospitalized, and 10 people were ruled to have died of “accidental compressive asphyxiation”.

There have been rumors (hotly denied) that there was a nefarious experiment conducted at the event, in which frequencies were used to activate the graphene oxide within the bodies of the vaccinated members of the audience, causing them to be physically remote-controlled.

Chris Sky claims that he had spoken to a family member of an 18-year-old woman who collapsed at the concert and survived but was in the hospital for weeks and later died of organ failure.

Chris says he never heard back from them until two days after the Monday Night Football incident in which Damar Hamlin had a heart attack on the field and cheated death.

He says the same relative called him to say that after his family member passed away:

“Moderna came and basically paid the family a whole bunch of money to keep quiet and also relocated them to a different part of Texas, gave them new phones, new numbers, new addresses, new identities, almost like a Witness Protection program.

“They were told they had basically two options. Either they were going to get destroyed in the media and destroyed in other ways if they spoke up about this or they could take the deal, take the money, take the new identities and basically just help them cover this up, help them sweep this under the rug.

“Well, that didn’t sit well with this guy, so he came and told me about it and I told you guys about it. Since then, people have been questioning the veracity of this and then I got contacted by a female researcher – I don’t know if she wants me to say her name – but she gave me corroborating government and military documents that prove in writing that what I describe is the standard operating procedure for military, especially when military and government know they are killing civilians.

“They know it is against the law and they have multiple remedies to deal with this and the most common is what we described: a pay-off, a re-location, a new identity and sweeping everything under the rug.

“This is a huge story, because this is not just the tip of the iceberg. This is a little speck. There’s thousands and thousands and thousands of cases like this, just in the United States and if you go around the world, you’re talking about millions of people whose lives were affected or even ended by these injections and every single government official knows, every pharmaceutical official knows and if you think it’s an accident that Fauci just retired at the end of 2022, after decades and decades…

“He got out of there, because he knows we’re about to move to Phase Three: holding these people accountable and they ca only plug so many leaks in the dam, before the cracks overwhelm, explode and all this information comes flooding out – and I’m gonna keep chipping away at that dam and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“This is exactly what’s going on and I’m gonna even include the documents that were sent to me, so I would love to see the Government deny this and I’d love to see them try to discredit this. This is what’s happening. This is how Moderna, Pfizer – if you recall, Pfizer paid out billions – billions – in a fine for misleading and false advertising, which ultimately caused the death of all kinds of people.

“So, if you think this is beneath them, you think this is beneath the Government, you think this is beneath the military, well, wake up, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reality of the situation and it’s only gonna get a lot worse from here, as they try to pass laws to make videos like this illegal, for me to tell you what’s going on.”

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  • Hi I just clicked the Travis Scott link on this article briefly read the Wikipedia part on background.
    What’s also happening at these outdoor concerts the configurations of how They are Set-up , like wikipedia said Only 2 water stations with 45 minutes wait times.
    I’m in Chicago IL, I went lollapalooza last year in 2022, I was a worker janitorial duties equals Keep the Port A Potties in good shape for the concert goers.
    The Wikipedia part of article reminded me how few port a potties there were.
    Ya notice it the darker and later into the night it gets , cause crowds drinking more and the Final show us a Big Star.
    After working that concert and a smaller Mexican concert, I would Never Go To 1 of these concerts : Simple fact is the layout and the concentration of people in such a small space.
    And omg don’t get me started on what the prices are for Alcohol.
    Outrageous alcohol prices, and yet people pay , a girl said: her and her boyfriend typically drink a cocktail of some sort, I said: That must of cost a fortune to her.
    She said: Yeah I didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be, then said: they’re 2 drinks cost $44.00 dollars, $22.00 for 1 cocktail.
    She said: her boyfriend’s friend drank $400 dollars worth of alcohol yesterday.
    I said: It’s nic to get drunk and enjoy yourself once in a very blue moon I guess, But $400 dollars omg .
    She said Yeah I know I agree prices too High.

    Maybe I’m getting older and Realize The safety involved but technically I wouldn’t of enjoyed these concerts back in my day.
    Way back late 80s early 90s the Layout was a lot more accommodating for Large crowds, I can recall going to the Chicago Blues Fest in Grant Park , before the Giant Mirror Bean , and all the other stuff that took up space where people congregated.
    Sometimes progress Ruins Things.
    Jimmy Jukebox,

  • Hi,
    That concert was a S A T A N I C
    S A C R A F I C E R I T U A L.
    V I g I l a n t c I t I z e n website explains it good ,
    Can look it up on there.

  • What does any Concert forum contain but an abundance of sound where any sonic variations would be unnoted or overlooked? As a Texan myself I am familiar with the Harris County venue which contained various formats constructed on site which would give any sonic variation control to any specific area or overall. In my esteemed opinion, the Graphene Oxide stimulated by varying frequencies to test and obtain the optimum and most lethal 5G frequencies and variations was a “Field Test”, not a rumor, utilizing a gathering of unimportant demographic “test subjects” of no social importance who “wouldn’t be missed”.
    Apparently in this case they reevaluated and took appropriate “insurance”, a small price to pay for scientific knowledge allowing for an optimum Depopulation program.

  • Why did moderna get involved when no one said anything about vaxxes. The victim would have only known or believed they had been injured- even if a frequency attack did actually occur. ?

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