Most of us have an idea of what the world map looks like, based on its most popular representation, the Mercator Projection. This is an extremely flawed 2D representation of the Earth’s landmasses, due to the spherical shape of the planet. This clip shows how completely skewed the actual sizes are the
world’s countries, according the Mercator Projection.
I have been being trolled by Flat Earthers in the Comments sections lately and I invite reasonable people to correct perpetrators and/or victims of the nefarious newfangled Flat Earth psyop/trope at will.

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  • Well, this turned into a nasty little comment section. Very unlike the typical site comments. Who knew that FET and non-FET individuals could be so easily upset by such a sweet little informative presentation on the world map? Count me surprised that anything so mild could garner so many ugly comments.

  • I’ve always known this, it was part of grade school Geography 1950’s California. Included accurate Latitudes and Longitudes.

  • Wonderful, great depiction of the world, the narrator goes pretty fast, took me awhile to
    catch up. thank you

  • The FET is a very evil, Orwellian psyop aimed at people who’ve lost all trust in the “authorities” and who’ve also had very crappy science educations. It’s an experiment in how a moronic worldview can propagate and become accepted among the “Reeks and Wrecks”. Oops. They didn’t read Vonnegut, either and don’t get that reference.

  • I have a different conzept of flat universe, where flat universe base on NO-WAVES, so on points. So a flat earth is pure stupidity.
    Observing scientist can only measure waves.
    Perceiving scientists, out of the center of being, perceive a universe of points (dark energy), in which electromagnetic waves move and where dark matter as dualistic points are present.
    This all can become perceived INSIDE a human being.

    Flat universe base on dark energy, which is for me intelligence and dark matter, where I see as intellect. Known matter is electromagnetic (4%).
    Besides: electrical waves can disappear, gravitational points are present ever, where dark energy = anti gravity, so universal. Now any objects/subjects exist by individual gravity.

  • Flat Earth Theory (FET) Fools are too stupid to blog with. I’ve been on Concorde 3 times, and have seen the curvature at 60,000 (like you can from the Red Bull Space Dive.. another conspiracy, right, douchebags?). FET Fools Fuck Off!

  • Those whom forever laugh at so-called ‘FlatEarthers’ whatever that means, are themselves laughable idiots. The ideas presented in this clip have been around for years. There is nothing new or interesting about them, apart that is for the fact, that whether these projections are any more correct than are the Mercator projection, for some reason remains a mystery. That would be because should you like me, decide to check out these ideas with IMAGES OF THE REAL THING, you will be sadly disappointed. I have been trawling all over the internet for years, looking for images of the Earth from space, to see how the real thing looks. There are none and all those men on the moon did not so much as film five minutes of the Earth rotating? Can you believe that? So carry on with the attacks on those huddled in their parents cellars if you like, they however are the folk with inquiring minds not Dodos like the rest if you.

    • Well said Jon! Plus I doubt a majority that laugh at flat earthers are willing to get into a spaceship and pay a visit out into space if there is space at all.

    • nice. I like it. great reply . I am neither a flat earther or a globe upside downer.. I am in The Twilght Zone

    • If you can’t find images of earth from sufficiently above the planet to see the effects of its true spherical form – well you haven’t looked at all or maybe you looked in your echo chamber of Flat Earth bloggers. Go talk to an airline pilot or navigator. Even the GPS you might use for finding your way is based upon the true spherical shape of the Earth and is supported by satellite positioning data. You know satellites? They orbit the Earth!
      There are some great NASA videos taken from orbiting spacecraft in which you can see the lights of cities and the coastlines of continents, storm systems, and other large features.
      Talk to a radio operator about the straight-line direction to northern Europe from Central U.S. It’s almost due north. This is called the great circle route – the shortest path on a globe. Why do you object to self-evident, provable, useful information that informs all these technologies which have used this knowledge for more than 600 years?!

    • You are a moron. Jason & Rich, do NOT believe this retarded psyOp shit that Mr. Douchebag himself, ENOCHERED (clearly a religiot) is putting forward. Really, guys, Get An EDUCATION!

  • Flat Earthers need to come up out of their parents basements and go fifteen miles out into the ocean, or drive the great plains to the Rockies or buy a cross country ticket on a major airliner and see for themselves how the curvature of the earth appears before their very eyes.

    Shoot, they don’t even need to get out of bed, just boot up their lap tops, go to YouTube and take a trip on a Russian fighter/bomber up to the edge of the atmosphere and see the wonders of the earth’s curvature.

    Better yet get a job and a life.

  • In 1943 R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller designed a flat map with minimal distortion called the “dymaxion map”.

  • It just goes to show that we all have been programed to believe what ever the “schools” teach us, even through it’s not true, and out of proportion, like “our” government, witch is also out of proportion.

    • James,
      There is no programming in schools as you call it. You may recall that in Geography class, you were taught the various projections of map making. Each has its specific purpose. The Mercator is the simplest for students, which teaches, for one thing, relative positions and another, longitudinal concepts.
      Perhaps the populace has just gotten lazy, and chose the simplest map to remember.

      • No programming in schools? Disagree vehemently. Been there. Done that.

        However, in my grade school, which is where geography was taught, there were no details of “projections of map making”. We were simply shown the difference between the globe map and the flat map. Then, we were told that the globe map distorted the actual land masses. That was pretty much it.

    • I think you mean “which is also out of proportion”, not “witch”. There may be some programming in schooling, but basic science is taught because it is a method to determine that which is true. Flat earth is so stupid a notion that only the most sequestered mind could maintain such delusions.

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