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In these post-truth times, audiences are distrustful of high production values, slick graphics and overwrought voice talent.  Such professional devices have been marshaled against us all our lives to peddle endless lies, from 9/11 to the Pee Pee Dossier. Fake News is the enemy of the people.

This is one reason why I rarely post videos by David Zublick. He seems to be trying too hard to flex his voiceover skills and sound like a pro. Another reason is that what he presents is sometimes so outlandish that it serves to discredit not just him but the whole truth movement.

He lays it on the line here and assures us that today’s poppin’ fresh hope p-rn about military tribunals in January for Deep State traitors and child sex traffickers is coming straight from “inside sources”. Zublick will either be acquitted when these events come to pass or he won’t when they don’t.

In the meantime, this piece is a full-blown fantasmagoria of the most salacious rumors contained in Anthony Weiner’s computer, from Pizzagate to Frazzledrip to Creepy Uncle Joe Biden…and 11,112 Huma Abedin emails where she conducted pay-to-play on behalf of Hillary with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

We’re told the rumors are true: attendees of George HW Bush’s funeral were served with their indictments, including Hillary, Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence (!)

In a pleasant departure from his normal broadcasting venue in a 1970s basement rec room, we’re treated to a slide show of images illustrating all of the above. There is some gross content here but it’s kind of a guilty pleasure.

In a world where the official narratives are mendacious and the truth is called Fake News, this presentation turns it all on its ear.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This BULLSHIT SALESMAN is the worst of the worst complete with the ALL SEEING EYE as his logo.Do not waste your time and money 👎👎👎

  • It’s all very nice ?? But I have to see it to believe it ?? They are not Gilles de Rais which even having Royal Blood had been decapitated by the Royal Tribunal then ?
    Gilles de Rais, Baron de Rais, was a knight and lord from Brittany, Anjou and Poitou, a leader in the French army, and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. He is best known for his reputation and later conviction as a confessed serial killer of children.
    Died: 26 October 1440, Nantes, France
    Today those psychos homopaedophiles child murderers are more protected than anyone of Royal blood ??

  • He would have more credibility if he had not photo-shopped most of the stills. Of course I believe there are pedophiles in the gov. but why would this guy be invited to the hearings? Many of the children abused and killed are the children of illegals, unable to use the legal system to find their children. Some of course are sold. They won’t be tracked. Not securing our boarders will allow child trafficking to continue across the border. Illegal immigrants are vulnerable to exploitation; not something talked about.

  • Yeah… as soon as he said Bush was executed… I had to turn the video off… Sorry… but my bullshit meter went full scale deflection at that point.

  • The entire world is ensnared with corruption, pedophilia, satanism; you name it. It is thriving on ugliness in all of its’ forms. The ‘average’ Joe has all his time & energy swallowed up with taxes, family, medical woes and manufactured disasters trying to hang onto ‘life’.
    These ‘men’ that are placed into positions of power over money & laws hold all the ‘marbles’. Politics has been ‘invented’ to keep the rabble at bay while the planet is being destroyed by….wars, famine, disease, poverty, drugs, & surely by now plain surrender of hope. We are the frogs in the slowly heating water. I find really no message of hope with this ‘report’. Looking back on the vast history of civilizations that have risen & fallen….this one is no different. Endings have been horrific & brutal with no lessons learned from all that have come before us. We all want to see a future for our children, peace in our old age and an understanding that we have to gain a unity to survive.. I really don’t see it this time around…..maybe the next cycle will be the charm. Is Donald Trump going to be the catalyst? I don’t think anyone can call this one…. and I’m not a fan of Walt Disney.

  • Delusional nuttery!

    The only people that with any chance of going down are Trump, his crime family and some of his close criminal cohorts.

    We’ll see what happens in 2019!

  • Don’t get your hopes up. Anytime I hear the words “sealed indictments” and “military tribunals” I’m reminded of Ben Fulford and that whole crowd (David Wilcock, et al). Or that Q “thing” where he/she/they put(s) out a couple of truths and the rest is fluent Gibberish. Same with Edit the Fed, Audit the Fed, End the Fed or whatever it’s called these days. LOL!

  • Now wouldn’t that be great if any of this was true? HOPE P-RN is what we find hear. I mean it would be a change of government, but, I think we all know just how far this will go……….. and any evidence will ministerially disappear, just like has happened in the past. Do you think the deep state would hang it self? Who is handling the paperwork? Follow the money and find the criminals, but proving it ain’t so easy. Always a back door for these perverts, pedophiles, and psychopaths to jump through. Send me your money and I’ll tell you what you want to hear, is what I get from this “report”. Now for something that might happen, the Earth will turn, as well as my, never mind. I hate being so negative, but, as far proper procedures go, nothing has happened.

  • Hasn’t ANYONE Notice that Not ONE Name of those so-called “Indictments” has been Released to the PUBLIC??? 65 THOUSAND plus names???
    Geeeeee I hope I’m not the ONLY one that caught-on to this fiasco! (Laugh!!!)
    We the people have the right to KNOW Who is on that so-called “list”…UNDERSTAND???

  • WOW Dave Hadlock! You have definitely “Said it, like IT IS!” and on behalf of our “cheated, lied to, taken advantage of and constantly duped” countrymen, I join you in fervently hoping and praying this report and information is 100% true and we’ll see the “rounding up” of ALL the 1% Career crooks, thieves, liars, traitors, murderers, pedophiles and Monsters-in-general (including the Media!) for deserved Justice and God ordained punishment! Thank you for “making my day!” — “The duty of a Patriot is to protect its Country against its GOVERNMENT!”~Thomas Paine, Founding Father and Revolutionist!

  • As you say, Alexandria, this is hope p-rn. A simple search within the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (Found:
    Wherein, it states the defendant must be served in accordance with Title III, Rule 9, section C:
    Basically, as with any warrant or summons, the defendant must be personally served by a Marshal, or Process Server with the full documentation of said warrant or summons.
    A note in an envelope does not constitute the defendant being “served”. There are amendments of these rules to include electronic means of service, including recorded telephone contact and email with delivery verification.
    (sigh) If only it were true! We all know these criminals MUST be brought to justice. However, this sort of ‘reporting’ has no valid place in the search for truth.
    Thanks for all you do, Alexandra!!

    • Nice post Marc.
      This guy is so bad he’s got to be opposition control… not unlike Liz Corkin, who has produced almost NOTHING in the few years I’ve “followed” her.
      He always has a “special” and “vital” report he wants you to purchase. Hell, his “researchers” probably copied info from my numerous posts all over the internet the past few years. Or countless others who share the same info…
      I almost don’t mind that as it pales in comparison with the ridiculous Trump-fluffing. It’s just out of control and nonsense. Completely loses any credibility, which might be as designed.
      This is the kind of nonsense that keeps people turned off alt media and tuned into MSM.

  • If this info is indeed true, (and oh, how I hope it is), we might finally see some long overdue justice done! The people of this great country are tired of being cheated, lied to, and taken advantage of by it’s so called leaders. To add insult to injury, the mainstream media then backs it all up by the lies they tell us. If Trump can bring this deceitfulness to a stop, MORE POWER TO HIM! The American public and the rest of the world is sick of being duped!

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