Cult documentary filmmaker, Adam Curtis explores the click-baity falsity of modern life with his own inimitable flair, using the BBC’s vast film archive as his palette.

This piece charts the origins of the conflicts in Syria, the rise and fall of Muammar Gaddafi and other infamous episodes in Western interventionalism in the Middle East.

Curtis shows how an army of technocrats, complacent radicals and Faustian Internet entrepreneurs have inadvertently conspired to perpetuate a fake world of fake news and fake politics.

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  • Well, I’m about two thirds through this video, and All SEE coming out of this fiasco is EXACTLY How Governments work in GREAT detail, trying SELL us on the Supposed Need of AI Technology.
    It has GREAT Big holes in it too, about WHAT actually happened with certain events that happened in the past.
    I also SAW how “Refined” They have become at Their two favorite Tactics: “Divide and Conquor” and “Problem-Reaction-Solution”….Mixed in with a good LOAD of “MIND-Phuck”…I must finish by watching HOW Trump figures in this….(LAUGH!!!)…His name came up in this! LAUGH!!!

    • YEP! I took a “Short-cut” to find out WHY “Trumpism” is in the “Ecquasion” in this BS Video (Laugh) about “Hyper-Normalization” Horse Pucky!
      DANG!!! WHEN will you Luciferians execpt you FATE…PEACEFULLY???
      Its your best chance to be “Recycled”…UNDERSTAND?

      • OooooH I almost forgot Again (Sleepy now)…Since WHEN did “Humanity” (God-Woman/God-Man EVER Need a “FINANCIAL” Slave banking System???
        There is a GIANT difference between FINANCE and Pure Banking….Witch originally was set up to be like “Piggy-Banks” for SAVINGS….DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT HERE???
        DEBT…is actually what Bankers are about, and is WHY a liken them to DRUNKS, that are infected by ABSOLUTE POWER over HUMANITY
        Is there ANYONE who still “Believes” in a world run by THEM???


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