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Clayton Morris sits down with guest John Stewart, former candidate for Illinois governor to talk about actual footage of an alien interrogation that took place in the early ’90s.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Saw it a long time ago.
    I believe it’s fake.
    The humanoid may look realistic though the background is suspiciously dark.

    Back in the days, YouTube had bunches of interesting clips (including with very disturbing X-rated ones) but now they are all gone.
    or there’s still some left.
    Try searching “Ros Roques UFO” on YouTube.

  • Those big ass eyeballs shows a being that lives somewhere in the dark. This crapazoid does not represent humanities future but the shit soup people who ran away and crave our help for they starve for their loss of connection to the positive side of life and they suffer from a universe that doesn’t support unwanted parasitism. One version of Build Back Better rejects littering the future.

  • Maybe the MRNA and years of geoengineering spraying certain DNA and self assembling electromagnetic particles into the human biology to prepare humans for future interstellar flight.

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