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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the Intel Community creating a false UFO Disclosure in Congress while providing zero data. DJ unmasks the Opsters and CIA Players!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Dead horse beater DJ tirelessly flogging the afterlife out of the UFO unicorn in search of a kernal of truth that has no place in the house/CIA/UFO hearing. The only thing being disclosed is the gullibility of charlie brown and his attraction to low flying objects and the demented demeanor of lucy the trickster hard at work fooling the masses for the hundredth time.

    • yes, the many fools lap up the UFO bullshit. So funny. Another side show distraction for herding the sheep. THis is on the same level as wanting to send people to Mars. The only aliens are the government spooks wanting more of your productivity, money and mind.

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