Clif High says that whatever angst level you’re feeling now, it will be much higher in 30 days, due to the storm of information that will be coming out between now and October 1st.

The Pfizer vaxx has now been FDA-approved but nothing has legally changed. The Deep State is still trying to force your employer to murder you via the clot shot.

The FDA approved the Pfizer shot without any public meetings or any adverse events taken into account, knowing full well that officially, there have been over 13,000 people killed in the US (or likely, 10- to 100 times more than this) by the shots over the past 7 months.

Clif says, “The FDA is not going to rescue you. Trump is not going to rescue you…It’s necessary that you basically man-up, at this point and start fighting back…Devolution does not require Trump…

“Devolution is a process that involves the military and the populace devolving away from the captured government, in order to isolate the captured government and let it collapse. That process is happening now.”

The Arizona audit reports will have the effect of delegitimizing Biden-Harris both domestically and internationally and the war that has been bubbling just beneath the surface for so long will go dynamic in September, according to Cliff’s data. “By dynamic, you’ll see an entirely different aspect of the relationship of the parties in this war.”

By the end of this week, he believes that that the Mainstream Media is going to be overwhelmed with so much bad news that puts the Deep State in a bad light, that they can’t even attempt to fend it off, anymore.

He says the whole point of everything that’s going on is for everybody to see the Deep State, because once we can see, it, we can dismantle it.

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  • I have seen citizen journalist videos from soldiers in the military. They claim that the soldiers are 90% behind Biden and the DS and will gladly follow orders to shoot civilians.0

  • Regarding the military. Interesting that we had a blast wave come off the Norfolk, VA coast and shot into the SW side of Henri right as it was to spin by the outer banks and head to NY, where it weakened and lost its wind punch. VERY interesting when considering weather warfare has been long engaged for the FEMA/insurance profit machine and against the people for decades now.

    Has some signal been sent to the globalists?

    There are factions therein are are all on board woke movement but this non-exit plan in Afgan-again is stunning and Milley looked mighty pissed off…can’t say I blame him at all. Maybe something to watch.

    One other note. And there’s nothing to this at all just an intuition but I am an intuitive INFJ…

    Obama will be the Biden replacement with Harris retained for VP.

  • Lets get rid of these disgusting worthless waste of skin that have a value of less than the dirt and gum on the bottom of our shoes . These pedophiles have got to go. This plandemic has got to go. I’m ready to join the fight and my family and friends are too. Things will turn around only if we stand together. People wake up. People stand up. People fight for your god given right. Your own freedom, free will, free speech and the choice to have a questionable jab stuck in your arm so that you can travel and buy groceries!!!!! Are you kidding me? This had to STOP NOW. THESE POOR CHILDREN. they have been getting trafficked for many years by sick rich control freaks. May God judge them. There will be thousands of arrests when this all comes out. I’ve been witing for this. People get ready because there will be resistance there will be fighting but stay strong. Alberta be strong. Canada be strong. Do not be afraid. God is with us and these people in power these weak , gross politicians who want to enslave us will be taken out. VERY SOON. THE AMERICAN MILITARY KNOWS IT TOO AND THEY WILL BE WITH US. This border policy from your truly president Biden is allowing gang members in “illegal aliens” to corrupt society and the good people become victims of the crimes of these gang members just as long as they “the gang members ” or whoever else is perverse enough to bring a child as their ticket or passport in. We have been lied to our whole lives. From JFK to The banking system, the insurance companies, the shadow government. Even the royals ; Disney , Hollywood , CNN fake news, the Jab all of it is lies lies lies. Now its pur turn because the truth is coming out. STAND AND FIGHT , dont let the spineless cowards fool you anymore. Open your eyes , wake up there is a new consciousness of humanity evolving and now centuries of secret societies and corrupt governments can finally change. And Defi crypto will allow you financial freedom. God bless. Mark my words the truth is here. It’s coming out.

    • From the above link..

      …”The FDA’s approval is a real game changer for the workplace,” said Jason Habinsky, an employment attorney at Haynes Boone, a Dallas, Texas-based law firm. “Employers essentially have the blessing of the federal government that the vaccine is safe and effective and approved, and an employer is no longer making a unilateral judgment call on whether or not the vaccine is effective. So this really gets employers across the finish line in terms of being comfortable mandating it in the workplace.”

      Some large employers that had stopped short of requiring employees to get the vaccine on Monday announced new mandates. Goldman Sachs on Tuesday instituted a new requirement that all individuals who enter the bank’s offices, including employees, be vaccinated. Employees have until September 7 to get vaccinated, a spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch.

      After the FDA’s announcement, U.S. energy firm Chevron said that it is requiring “workers in certain jobs” to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “Chevron is committed to protecting the health of our people, and vaccinations are the strongest safeguard against the COVID-19 virus,” a Chevron spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch.

      Impact of FDA approval for Pfizer’s vaccine
      Expatriates and individuals who travel internationally, U.S. fleet members, Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico offshore workforce and some onshore support personnel are among those who will have to get vaccinated, effective November 1, according to the company.

      CVS Health, which has administered more than 30 million COVID-19 vaccines across the U.S., will also now require employees who interact with patients, including nurses, pharmacists and care managers, as well as corporate employees to be vaccinated by October 31. New hires must also be vaccinated before their first day with the company.

      “From the start of the pandemic, our decision-making process has been driven by health, safety and science,” said CVS Health President and CEO Karen S. Lynch in a statement. “While the vast majority of our employees have chosen to be vaccinated, this decision is in direct response to the dramatic rise in cases among the unvaccinated.”

      On the same day the FDA granted the Pfizer vaccine full approval, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced that public school teachers and staff must be vaccinated.

      More corporations are expected to swiftly follow suit, according to experts. Employers that insisted they would make vaccination mandatory pending FDA authorization now have the green light to do so.

      “I’ve had a lot of employers who were on the fence for various reasons, and I’ve already received phone calls from clients convinced this is the support they’ve needed,” Habinsky said.

      Attorney talks workplace COVID vaccine mandat…
      For example, United Airlines earlier this month said employees will be required to verify that they’ve been vaccinated within five weeks of the FDA fully approving a vaccine or by October 25, whichever came first.

      Employers’ hesitancy to implement vaccination requirements has faded over the time, particularly with the arrival of the highly contagious Delta variant. Now, it’s expected to evaporate altogether, and employers that don’t require the vaccine could become outliers.

      “Now the walls have started to crumble,” said attorney Barbara Binzak Blumenfeld of Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney, where she helps clients navigate matters involving FDA approval of medical products and practices. “I think they’ll continue to crumble with respect to companies that have been hesitant to mandate.”

      • Cliff…hmmm.those dates Oct 31 and Nov 1…you mentioned those very dates…woo dates by chance? I can just see the results you spoke about in your video…no employees cos most are dead which leads to more closed businesses,retail,manufacturing etc..more supply shocks too.
        This does not bode well…this is a very strong check in my spirit…a big oh shit moment in my books!
        Very dark days ahead!!! ‘Shaking head’…

  • You’re a legend Clif
    Really appreciate your no nonsense approach
    Very refreshing
    I don’t have your capacity to talk to an audience but I have been batting in peoples ears here in Australia for years and am noticing a distinct change in perception of late. May we fully awake in time to dismantle this shit box compromised embarrassment of a government we suffer under here too.
    Power to the righteous!

  • Cliff…here’s a quick summary of what I heard in Spirit the past few years….tho I have had a flood of dreams,visions and utterances…even about the virus and massive deaths recent..first the old folks, then the working class,then the screaming ‘where are the kids,where have they gone?’ Then hearing that they are owned by the state…then seeing child labour, sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse…

    .and even heard the word in Spirit…’zombie apopcalyse’… liken to mad cow disease…prions….as in the spike protein comes to mind too that keep replicating

    K…the summary …
    2019…convergence….4 horsemen now riding together…persuasion globally aka saints under the altar
    2020…catalyst…tipping point and the point of no return
    The INFLUENCE of the Restrainer is no longer on the earh. Re 2 thess 2…expect lawlessness, debauchery,darkness,chaos
    6th for the ‘sign’…Emphasis is on the signs…re rev 6, Matt 24:29 and onwards….sun,moon,starts etc
    2021…words in Spirit which i heard on april 12 2020…’all heck breaks loose’,’global reset’ and ‘niribu returns’.
    In regards to niribu..I keep getting dec but in what capacity, donno yet…have not been revealed that yet. Also heard the words…transition time…and the phrase…’cycles within cycles as wheels within wheels…ezek vision….and Solomon 3…a season for everything under heaven…and nothing new under the sun…

    And the words..back this past March 2021…timeslips…repeating of world/history/time events but slightly different in the present timeframe

    Sharing…I’m hoping it’s a help…shalom.
    Let us be light in a very dark place. The light is brightest among the darkest hour/nite!

    Hmm…recently this past spring I had a dream of clouds and the reflection of the rays of the setting sun among the fluffy clouds..and that was soon coming…John 9…I think…work while it is still light for soon darkness comes and no man can work…

    Just sharing what I’ve been getting….some things may be similiar in scope or be other pieces to the overall puzzle.

  • The die off will probably change the global economy. Just to be clear, though, the shot that was approved, the “comiraraty”, or something like that in fact doesn’t exist at the moment. But until it exists you can use the regular old Pfizer, which is still under emergency authorization, although it can substitute until the comiraraty comes into being whenever that is. You see Pfizer has complete immunity from legal responsibility with the “old” emergency use one, but won’t have that with the new one, which is gene therapy and falls under the gene therapy rule. Never mind, though, because everyone believes that the regular old shot in fact got approved.
    The very bad news, though, is that the “old Pfizer” does not work at preventing anything with the Delta, so is rapidly becoming useless. It gets worse. A study out of Japan says the non-neutralizing antibodies are in a lust fest with the Delta variant–they glomp together with a passion and run off to hide in cells. That is why the antibodies mysteriously disappear. This means that “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” is happening as we speak and the FDA had zero to say about Delta. It only talked about Alpha and Beta, which are ancient history. Short take away: Don’t get the shot it will kill you, and it wasn’t approved.

  • I love that word “bifurcate”. To me it means the end of the Piscean Age – the two fish chained together at the tail, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age aka The Age of Evil – look for the video on YouTube.

  • Three children under age 18 dead after Govt. led max vaccine event in Australia. Result extinguished by mass media. For the mothers and fathers of the children that dies, that’s got to be an emotional blip for them and hundreds, if not thousands of others who know – on the ground as well. Thank you for the heads up.

  • Alexandria,

    Who even Knows
    the Unknowns
    ( it’s like a Buddistic
    means to shutting
    down the logical
    side of the brain ) ?

    Forwarded Message :


    There are gradations of cleverness, as
    I’ve warned Lew Rockwell folks—re
    a “double deflection” with Covid.

    That refers to Agency’s pacification of
    a population by leading it one way,
    then, at the same time, leading toward
    where they are NOT really being led—
    by the Agency.



    • P.S.

      I’ve an art piece,

      “Baby Buddha,”

      as I’m well-steeped in
      that Thought System
      —or, rather, No-Thought

  • I love the WOO but todays recording is muted & I can’t get it unmuted-the button on the video won’t un mute_help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks, good information. I hope that Clif has some more videos for us in the next few weeks. I’m trying to get prepared for it. I hope things will get better.


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