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• In November of 2019, John McAfee launched WHACKD, an “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” crypto.

• In October of 2020, McAfee was arrested in Barcelona, Spain.

• On June 23rd, 2021, a Spanish court agreed to extradite McAfee to the US, where he faced criminal charges of Tax Evasion.

• That same day, he was reported hanged in an apparent suicide in his jail cell.

• Moments later, the letter ‘Q’ was posted to McAfee’s Instagram account, sending internet Q sleuths into a frenzy, with their decodes leading to Q post 854: ‘Stage is set for a drop of HRC ********.’

Some claim that Hillary Clinton’s private server used the McAfee-owned MX/Logic spam-filtering software, which is eminently hackable, making the information on her server accessible to McAfee employees over an extended period of time.

Others claim that the Q picture on McAfee’s Instagram is a hexadecimal representation of a private key for an Etherium wallet, which they claim is automatically sending out data to “friends of McAfee”.

• On June 28th, 2021, Clif High Tweeted: “I am told that some OP_CODE Return values have initiated the Dead Man Switch via smart contracts. Drops apparently 2b coming over next few weeks. Yep, that pretty much fits in with “PANIC” in the [DS] as forecast. In case it had not occurred: McAfee’s DMS activating over these next weeks will be the first ever, self executing Will & Last FU involving cryptos. After the fact, i hope we learn the details of the mechanism employed.”

In other words, the 31 terabytes of data about government corruption McAfee claimed to possess are about to be released on the blockchain of his own WHACKD coin.

That might be an altcoin worth owning!

YouTuber, Man In America has this very level-headed report about it all, showable to all the Normies in your world.

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  • Great video and wonderful reporting. Really tied together the whole Condom Collapse. I just couldn’t figure out why this was so new’s worthy because they are certainly making a big point about it, but of course it’s a collapse caused by a so-called neutral particle beam, a weapon the deep state says they are no longer focusing their research on, gee…wonder why huh?

    Further proof that most UFO’s are man made and not under the control of the official military authority, and if that’s true we people have never had a greater reason to be concerned, which also may explain missing persons/aductions and human/body part traffick.

  • It is called cognitive dissonance when people refuse to learn something new. Rest in peace Jon David McAfee, your memory lives on in the living.

  • lol @ the video title…”evidence insurrection may have been intelligence operation “

    no shit Sherlock

  • The DS is employed by a boatload of multi letter “agencies” which Constitutionally would have never been created. Article I Sec. 8 of the Constitution limits the powers of Congress. It´s impossible to find anything in the Constitution authorizing at least 90% of the civilian programs that our corporate “Congress” crams into the federal budget daily. According to the Constitution, per deceased, resigned attorney Mel Stamper, author of Fruit from a Poisonous Tree [p. 28]:

    “The federal government] has no authority to pay money to farmers, run the health care industry, impose wage and price controls, give welfare to the poor and unemployed. They have no authority to provide job training, subsidize electricity and telephone service, lend money to business and foreign governments, or build parking garages, tennis courts, and swimming pools. But they do. The Founders did not create a Department of Commerce, a Department of Education, or a Department of Housing and Urban Development. This was no oversight: they did not believe that government was authorized to establish such agencies. They were correct: Congress is forbidden by the Constitution to establish any such agencies. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution states clearly and unambiguously: ´The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.´”

    We the people duly assembled in our common law courts, are now considering these usurpations of power as treason. Stay tuned.

    • Twists and turns. Info and disinfo. Intuitively, I believe T is on the right side. Q is quantum and teaching us to go there in our consciousness because NCSWIC.

  • Time for these corrupt b!tches to fall. Hope this switch is real & damning. Viva la revolucion. Tired of being a slave working for a system that only helps the few. Energy is free & everywhere. If the ufos aren’t aliens its the deep state. Corporations destroy our roads but we pay for it. Its time to restart. Time for a new independence day. Turn off the fkn news & wake up

  • Hey don’t dally over what name to call them . As they say with that other famous hero of the revolution “ SAY HIS NAME”. It’s nothing but plain old COMMUNISM folks. No matter the polite handle which they change regularly.
    All you have too is see WHAT THEY DO and forget their silly message of cancel culture. That’s all a side show for a Communist Revolution.

  • Let’s see, Dominion machines had McAfee virus protection, that implies they had a modem, so they were connected to the internet. Not legal to say the least. And as far as John goes, was it cia, or killery, or George Soros?
    They all have the same agenda, destruction of the USA….

  • Well, when one researches William Barr, along with Mueller and the name Chip Tatum, one comes to the Pegusus files released years ago by CIA whistleblower Tatum.

    Perusing Pegasus leads to the knowledge of who Barr is, why he would’ve been chosen to examine Mueller, along with Epstein about to blow, and who is really still in control of the deep state.

    HWB/WJC/GWB/HRC – best pals

    Iran Contra days beckon again…

  • “Since 1975, 200,000 regulations have been passed” !?

    Kissinger had a secret meeting with Mao in his residence in 1971, Nixon visited China in 1972, kicked Taiwan (Republic of China) out of UN, got China (People’s Republic of China, PRC)
    into UN, then came the “manage decline”. What a coincidence.

    Kissinger was being called “China’s best friend” in China’s state media for a long time. He went to meet Xi shortly after Trump was elected in 2016. Xi praised his contribution in Sino US relationship in the 70s.

  • BUT!!! GEEEE doesn’t EVERYONE “CON-nected” to this Madness possess “Dead-Man Switches”???….Its a “Wash” folks!!!

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