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    Bix Weir tells Dave from the X22 Report that the economy is in the process of being brought down and that the Good Guys will shift it into a people-controlled economy, where the creation of currency will go back to the People, according to the Constitution.

    Bix says the Deep State/Central Bank will bring the system down using a cyber attack, this attack will be used for multiple agendas.

    Bix says the bad guys will fail at moving the people into their system and they will fail in manipulating the 2024 elections.

    He says the Good Guys are in control.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Update: We have been inder Martial “Rule” since the end of the Civil War. It’s called the Lieber Code General Order 100. The District Court system stands under the Military Provost Marshall. All things District related stand under the Territorial Government which is our British Crown subcontractor since 1789. The Territorial Government contract was awarded to King George III and his investment arm “The Crown” inner “City of London” enclave. Ol’ George was awared the bulk of our military contracts. BTW, all of these actors operate at the pleasure of the Vatican which owns the copyright for the INCORP system patent known as COMMERCE.

    • nope , we are on another path now where money is allocated by divine providence and for the restoration and betterment of mankind . the lost cause FED banking system is finished , kaput ,
      the 100 hundred year charter has been expired since 2013 and .gov is silently faking it with congress standing as the criminal accomplice and watchdog . the trust .gov needs is gone the people have personal authority or sovereignty now over their own real money accounts . our actual freedom starts with non inflatable currency and is the real reason for all the scary BS about to be dumped on our heads . the demon mob is pissed and clearly losing it , stand clear as ending the money as debt fiat shitshow will be messy when the BS dust finally settles we will be the happy victors. Thank GOD , no really he’s got this .

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