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by Patrick Byrne

This is from four months ago. It is ringing more true. Blinkin and Avril are tied tightly to Paragon, an Israeli, security company. They used their position to squash competitors.

Blinken now runs a Color Revolution against Israel, separating the government from the military.


The MSM has the what and the why, but not the how. Let me tell you what really caused this catastrophic failure in Israeli intelligence last Saturday.

As my regulars are aware, I have spent some time this year in Israel, in the technology and start-up community, pursuing a couple of blockchain investments. In that capacity, I have come to learn a thing or two about the Israeli cyber-warfare community and its political discontents.

Tune in here to hear me describe political events in that community over the last 2+ years, and how the real blame for this intelligence catastrophe should be placed with the machinations of the Biden Regime, and in particular, SoS Anthony Blinken, DNI Avril Haines, and Dan Shapiro.


Cyberweapon Manufacturers Plot to Stay on the Right Side of the US

Ehud Barak’s Complicated Position in Israeli Politics and Industry

Netanyahu’s Cabinet Pushes for Changes to Cyber Export Rules

Executive Order on Prohibition on Use by the United States Government of Commercial Spyware that Poses Risks to National Security

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  • He lost me at “intelligence failure”. A nd nobody was war-gaming the “COVID response” just B4 it surprisingly just popped up out of nowhere. And “nobody ever thought that planes could be hijacked and flown into buildings (except the authors of Operation Northwoods). MOSSAD created Hamas to use at some later date to have a pretext for murdering ALL THE PALESTINIANS. The later date is NOW. Patrick Byrne is a tool.

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