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    Orora Monroe tells her story about hearing gunshots at the casino in Planet Hollywood where she was visiting from Michigan. She says she made this video in the interest of offering data to help the people discover of who was behind the attacks in Las Vegas and the purpose of the attacks. Besides Mandalay Bay and Harvest 91, there are eyewitness reports of gunshots fired on the night of October 1st and/or casualties seen at several other venues on the Las Vegas Strip including Hooters, Tropicana, New York New York, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and the Aria.

    Monroe says, “The information at this point I believe is out here for everyone and for people to know that we are being lied to and people to know that the mainstream media is assisting in that lying for whatever reason and above all, that there are people in our country who are willing to do things for their own selfish reasons and they do not care who they hurt in the process.

    “I think that’s the main thing that all of us should know and realize by now. I’m sure that most of us already know this…but the scale of the damage is getting larger, okay and and more detrimental…

    “Others are choosing to do certain things in this country and regular people don’t matter at all…I mean, I believe that people were killed that evening. I know people were hurt but whomever did this and whomever is assisting after the fact in covering up who did this doesn’t care…one bit about the average person.”

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    • This is my first time EVER commenting on a video.
      I think you are brilliant. I loved the way you only gave the facts as you experienced them and refrained from adding speculation and opinion. You are very wise to do that. Give the facts and let the people form their own decisions.
      Much thanks to you.
      I look forward to more videos by you. Please be careful though. Whoever is behind this and those responsible for the cover ups are no doubt quite dangerous and like you said, they don’t care who the hurt.
      Keep up the good work.

    • she says that they didn’t care who they hurt or killed but I’m 100% sure that they made sure no one from their families was in the crowd that was shot at or anywhere else that they could have been hurt. So that makes for quite a few people who now know who was responsible for this false flag and have to keep quiet about it because they don’t want to impilcate members of their family

    • Monroe was one of the few eyewitnesses to have kept her head on during and after the LV event. She’s a reliable eyewitness.

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