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    Luke Rudkowski is back with this week’s episode of ‘What the Hell Really Happened Last Week?’

    He says things are getting weirder and weirder. “Flip-Flopper-in-Chief”, Donald Trump has sent thousands of troops to Afghanistan, well as a US Navy armada towards North Korea, where there’s been a build-up of troops from China and Russia along their mutual borders, as well. Meanwhile the States of New York, New Jersey and several US Federal agencies will be doing a simulated drill for a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb explosion over Manhattan. One wonders just how simulated this will be?

    Efforts are mounting by the US government to imprison Julian Assange. On the other hand, French Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen is offering asylum to both Assange and Edward Snowden, if she is elected on May 7th. The firehose of develpments is too much to summarize here. Let Luke take it away.

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    • GOD! What a mess. While the MSM digs their own grave, almost daily, Luke is making sense of the world and reporting truth-news.

      I very much appreciated his explanation of journalism and what it’s supposed to do. The general populace of the last two generations have absolutely no idea. They’ve lived in a “lies as truth” Nazi State all their lives and have been conditioned to think the purpose of journalism is to support the State not to reveal it’s workings. Hope France holds to its declaration regarding Assage and Snowden. Not that the Nazi Deep State network wouldn’t try to extradite or murder them anyway, should they accept the offer.

      So we see that Trump, the now revealed Globalist, is working feverishly in the cemetery plot adjacent to the MSM digging his own grave. How long has it been since he took office? 100-days? That didn’t take long. What a liar.

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