Before the NYPD can bring a case against Anthony Weiner and others, based on the contents of the latter’s computer, it appears that they need to clean up their own house. At least this convicted pedophile was no longer on the force.

15-year NYPD veteran, sergeant Alberto Randazzo supervised police officers by day but directed infant p0rn videos over his computer by night, telling moms he met online to molest their children. The victims were babies only a few months old.

Three of the women Randazzo solicited have also been charged in the Eastern District of New York. Two have pleaded guilty, one of whom was sentenced to five years imprisonment, one of whom is awaiting sentencing, and another is awaiting trial.

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  • Evidently, Randazzo’s girlfriend discovered what he was doing and reported him to NYPD Internal Affairs. I noticed some people theorize that the CIA might have set him up by planting p0rn on his computer. According to reports, Randazzo confessed to these crimes. (//tinyurl.com/mysgyut)

  • Planting pedophilia p0rn on adversarial computers is common place for the CIA, I agree. They began doing so in earnest in 2010 to stop alt-news truther sites. It did no good. However, when any investigation begins at one level the reveal is much like refurbishing an old house. You tear out the wall to replace a single pipe and suddenly find a whole network of bad pipes that require replacement. Not removing them means they’ll burst open. Maybe not today but soon.

    Anyone who has worked with the NYPD will tell you, point blank, that the corruption of that entity runs very, very deep and wide. This guy is one ugly pipe. The plumber is starring into the webby wall of intersecting pipes right now. Let’s see what he proposes.

  • New York City and State sexual culture, in full reality. What’s goes on in dankness will come out into the light. This is the mind set of government officials and and those we entrust to serve us and protect us. This is pure madness, they have gone from imposing themselves on adults [NYC Probation Department Robert Adams] to violating babies. And for any women to allow this to happen is worthy of death and is unfit to give birth.

  • Let’s pause a moment and consider:
    1) news this week of software that using 1 minute of your speech can replicate your voice saying anything;
    2) deep state’s favorite way of targeting people is to plant child porn on their computers;
    3) NYPD was/is investigating Weiners laptop, which was said to contain evidence implicating huge numbers of persons in high positions of pedophilia and worse;
    Could this be an entrapment to force him off investigating the big wigs?
    Who knows what happened, but let’s give the accused the presumtion of innocence until proven guilty by a jury of his peers in an open courtroom.

  • You post some of the most enlightening, interesting pieces out there! TY for your diligence and insightfulness.


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