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    Dozens of district attorneys, prosecutors, judges, mayors and governors have persistently displayed complicity with the protestors’ terrorist acts, by ordering stand-downs and by releasing tens of thousands of prisoners, allowing freed criminals to re-offend.

    It’s clear to anyone paying attention that Black Lives Matter is not about Black lives. “Racial justice” is being used as a cover for an Communist insurrection seeking to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of the US. The insurrection is backed by very, very powerful Globalist entities, from George Soros to the Rockefeller Foundation to the United Nations, itself.

    In this podcast, Rudy Giuliani explains the modus operandi of this Communist takeover: George Soros spent tens of millions of dollars since 2015 to place his District Attorney assets across the country to do his bidding. And he’s only getting started. On Monday, Soros announced that he is dedicating another $220 million to groups focused on “racial justice” over the next 5 years.

    We’re already seeing the effects of Soros’ millions in Oregon, California and New York, where hundreds of violent protestors have been released by local district attorneys.

    We see it in Chicago, where Illinois State District Attorney, Kim Foxx, who received over $600,000 dollars from George Soros for her campaign and then dropped 16 felony charges against Jussie Smollett and is now calling for prosecutors to drop misdemeanor charges and felony charges against protestors there.

    We see it with Missouri Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who received over half a million for her campaign from George Soros and who now seeks to prosecute the St. Louis couple, the McCloskeys who 100% legally defended themselves by brandishing their weapons when hundreds of protestors broke down the gates to their private community and hurled threats at them as they trespassed on their property.

    Both Attorney General William Barr and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani are now issuing statements about this phenomenon of insurrectionist DAs. Barr said that Soros relies on the routinely low turnout in local primary elections to help his candidates win, which is exactly the same tactic he’s been using to install his puppets in Congress, giving us the Squad.

    Soros’ Brand New Congress PAC seeks replace the Democrat Party with young Socialists, to take control of Congress and then take over the United States by imposing United Nations initiatives, like the Green New Deal (aka UN Agenda 2030), a global police force controlled by the UN and “reparations” for Black people.

    Mayor Giuliani says, “It’s not even about Black lives matter or Blacks or whites. It’s about getting control of our government. It’s a Marxist agenda. It’s an Anarchist agenda to try to get control of our government; to make us hate our government; to find ways that they alienate us from our government – and Soros is a very material part of it…

    “I’ve only covered a few of the DA’s races that he’s involved himself in, in each case, putting in a subversive district attorney – in many cases, without any regard to the people of that city, because people are suffering mightily from the crimes that are now taking place, that would not take place if you had a competent district attorney…

    “Please understand, this is not isolated. This is not spontaneous. This is planned. This is planned by Black Lives Matter. It’s funded by Soros to the tune of $30 or $40 million and the plan is to change your government; to take it away from you a government based on free enterprise; to take away your Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms; to take away from you your right to have a religion…

    “They hate our civilization. They hate it. They find everything wrong with it and they hate our country and that’s why they tear down monuments and burn flags and kneel at the National Anthem. It’s all part of getting as many people to hate America. They undermine our educational system with this 1619 Program.

    “We’ll do more on this. I want you to see that what you’re facing is a planned, pretty well thought-out, three, four, five years ago movement to get rid of the police, get rid of the government the way we know it, to get rid of the rights that we have, like our right to private property and to replace it with something much closer to Communism, Marxism, Socialism.

    “It’s all there [in the Black Lives Matter Manifesto] take the time to read about it and don’t be propagandized by NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post…

    “We have got to get together. We have to be together to preserve the American way of life. George Soros, Black Lives Matter and the Left Wing are trying to rip it away from us and I’ll be darned if they’re going to get it.

    “This is too beautiful a country. It has done too many great things, even with its sins and faults to have these people tear down its reputation, burn its flag and destroy it.

    “Not gonna happen and we’re gonna pray to God, because we need the strength to stand up to them and we need the strength to defend the people that are being persecuted by them, like people in St Louis, like the people in Contra Costa who stand up. We’ve got to be there for them!

    “So, thank you very much and we’ll be back in a few days with another segment of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense. Thank you.”

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    • It’s the Soros method: By infiltrating Open Society agents into the District Attorneys Officers, Soros has altered the political landscape permitting massive US migrations, sovereignty dissolution, 2nd Amendment evisceration prosecutions; shielded autonomous zones; actions that undermine local police support and moral, reducing readiness, ultimately suffering UN (NATO), (globalist) interventions.

      When You add in the Deep State/DNC Dark network, arm cache operations, you’re getting a prescription for US dissolution and geographic fragmentation; and ultimate UN takeover.

    • Always follow the money. It seems common sense, is very uncommon anymore.
      Thank you, Alexandra, and Rudy, of course.

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