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This interview of George Papadopoulos on April 23rd by Austen Fletcher on the latter’s Fleccas Talks YouTube channel is an immensely exciting breakthrough for those of us who are interested in the truth, after almost three years of being gaslighted by the corrupt establishment, their toady media and the tech giants, in their grotesque psychological operation against the public. The financial and interpersonal damage that this failed coup d’état has done to me, personally is a small indication of what’s been done to millions of other American families.

For those who don’t know, Papadopoulos was an unpaid member of the Trump campaign who was investigated by Robert Mueller and got caught in a perjury trap, for which he spent 11 nights in jail. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to making false statements to FBI agents about the timing and the possible significance of his contacts in 2016 relating to US-Russia relations and the Trump campaign. The basis for his conviction has since been shown to be a baseless narrative used to propagate a coup d’état against the US President, which is ongoing.

He speaks in detail for the first time here about how he was framed as a “Russian spy” by operatives of the US, British, Australian and Italian governments. It becomes clear that the Globalist, anti-Brexit establishment and the interests who stood gain from the hideous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have been and continue to be behind the efforts to unseat Trump.

I’ve transcribed the 45-minute interview, with light editing, for the purposes of legibility and brevity. More details can be found in Papadopoulos’ book, Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump.


Shortly after joining the 2016 Trump campaign while living in London, Papadapoulos was introduced to Arvinder Sambei, who he says is “Probably one of the most important figures in this entire Russia probe, who has never been discussed before. This woman was the FBI’s legal attaché in the UK and also had a personal working relationship with Bob Mueller dating back to 9/11.”

Arvinder berated Papadopoulos about how awful it was that he’d joined the Trump campaign but she then told him that as long as he was doing so, “We have some people in Rome that could help you.” Papadopoulos replied that this was great. He’d worked with her previously at another company but as he says now, “I didn’t know that she was working with FBI!”

Arvinder told him to go to Rome to meet someone at Link Campus, a place which he describes as a “CIA-FBI spy school in Rome and that’s where I meet Joseph Mifsud…the guy at the epicenter of this entire Russia story – this Russia hoax – who told me, eventually that the Russians had Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Papadopoulos describes his encounter with Mifsud as, “Potentially, the biggest case of entrapment in political history.” Then, he describes how the Australian government reached out to him out of the blue. He notes, “Donald Trump never talked about Australia. He never said the word. I’ve never been to Australia and I have nothing to do with Australian government. So, why is Australian government reaching out to me in April 2016, in London to meet with me?”

He says he was approached by a woman named Erica Thompson who he believes surreptitiously recorded him and who attempted to seduce him. She told him, “‘Trump’s a pariah, we hate him in Australia. He’s a threat to global security, you shouldn’t be working for him.” He laughed it off, while noting that Trump was against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and that this seemed to be the source of her animus.

A week later, he says Mifsud dropped “This bizarre information in my lap,” about how the Russians had Hillary’s emails. He wondered why Mifsud was telling him this and, “That’s when my life in London became very strange. After that meeting, I had two guys from the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency at the US Embassy reach out to me called Gregory Baker and Terrence Dudley – and I really hope that these guys are being investigated by Congress, because I think they were part of some sort of surveillance or maybe even entrapment.”

The DIA agents asked him “about Trump, about Russia about just general things about my background,” and a few days later, he was contacted again by Erica Thompson, asking him if he would meet with her boss, Alexander Downer, who was then Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK. Their meeting, in which he says Downer was very obviously recording him with his cellphone is what caused the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation into Russia’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 Presidential election.

Papadapoulos had just given an interview to the Times of London, in which he’d said that David Cameron should retract and apologize for calling Trump “divisive” and “stupid” regarding his so-called “Muslim Ban” comments. At their meeting, he says Alexander Downer was hostile and immediately began threatening him, saying, “I’m here to tell you two things: one, you should leave my friend, David Cameron alone…and you better tell your boss, Donald Trump to never talk about my friend David Cameron again.”

“I was shocked. This is an Australian diplomat castigating an American adviser on a rival political campaign about the [former British Prime Minister]. I was taken aback.” Downer proceeded to criticize Papadopoulos’ positions on oil discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean and, “Then he starts getting into these tangents of why…Clinton should be President and why Obama’s this very horrible person and why Trump has no chance of winning. I don’t remember Russia ever being brought up, especially by me, because that wasn’t the point of talking to an Australian official…All I remember was he was asking me questions and pulling his phone out [to record me]…

“This is a bombshell, what I’m saying right now…Ambassadors were conspiring with the FBI to undermine Trump…these new investigations, all these guys that I’m talking to you about [Arvinder, Halper, Downer, Baker, Dudley], they’re all gonna get investigated. The Australians and the British and the Italians are gonna be caught up in this and people are currently flipping…and they’re basically cooperating with the Trump Administration…the Italians have already flipped…

“The UK and Australia are begging Donald Trump not to declassify FISA warrants and that begs the question, how the Hell do the Australians and the UK know what’s in the FISA warrants, if they were not spying or they were not involved in providing evidence – or fake evidence – to the Comey FBI to have the Trump campaign under surveillance?

“Trump needs to do exactly what he did with the Italians. He needs to call Theresa May and call the Australian Prime Minister. He needs to get to the bottom of what they were up to and through their help, hopefully he could get information to help incriminate people who were conspiring against his campaign in the Comey FBI and possibly the Brennan CIA, because it’s all foreign government involvement and the Obama Administration is not in power anymore.

“I have no idea why the Italians, the British or the Australians would be trying to protect the Obama Administration, Folks, unless they’re planning on trying to interfere again in 2020 and undermine Donald Trump – which actually, is already happening right now. The Australian Government and people affiliated with the Australian governments are giving millions of dollars to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

“Now, if I was Donald Trump and I was in the Trump Administration, I wouldn’t stand by while this is happening. I would either force the Australians to deliver all information or I would sanction them. If you don’t do that, they’re gonna interfere again…

“Basically, they were complicit in what seems like a coup…Now, people ask me, why would the Australians of the British and all these governments collude with the CIA and FBI? In 2016, you had a renegade candidate called Donald Trump, who was rampaging and threatening to upend both international security cooperation and agreements and trade agreements, which the British, the Australians and other governments had many vested interests in prolonging and promoting, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, assuring that Brexit wasn’t implemented because Brexit was a existential threat to the British establishment. Three years after the British voted for a Brexit, they still don’t know how to get out of Europe.

“Donald Trump was very vocal about why Brexit should occur and that was viewed as a threat. So of course, the British didn’t want Donald Trump to become President when he was promoting that and and people like Obama and Clinton were promoting the Remain vote and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. So they had interests in colluding with Brennan and the FBI to spy on us, to undermine us and to assure that if Trump was elected President, he’d be weakened…

“They were complicit in the sabotage effort against him. So, I think we’re gonna have a very, very interesting next couple months, maybe years, between ourselves and our so-called allies and to the extent that they cooperate, I think it’s going to probably implicate a lot of officials in the Obama Administration, as I explained and that’s a good thing for this country…

“I think this was a PSYOP [psychological operation] that was designed for one reason and one reason only and that was to attempt a coup against the President for something he had nothing to do with or did. He was an innocent person, targeted by these nefarious characters who, in my opinion committed treason; an attempt to subvert the duly elected President and the institutions in this country, which we believe in and we hope protect us – meaning, the rule of law, freedom of the press and a free judicial system – were undermined by the previous administration; to overthrow our current President. I think that is treason. So when Donald Trump uses the T-word I don’t think that’s an extreme adjective. In fact, it could possibly be a euphemism for what really happened..

“They tried to destroy a lot of our lives, like myself and Flynn and others but you know, I wasn’t gonna sit back and take it and I fought back and Donald Trump fought back, while they were accusing him of everything. They were trying to charge him for obstruction for something he didn’t do. He was fighting back, just like I was fighting back and why I did my part to expose Stefan Halper…I wasn’t going to sit back and allow this to ever be repeated in my country.”

When asked by Fletcher which of the following US officials committed treason, Papadopoulos says “Yes” to all of those listed: James Comey, Peter Strzok, Loretta Lynch, Andy McCabe, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, John Brennan, James Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama.

Papadapoulos says, “The last person is the most important because he’s the kingpin. When we’re done with this investigation – the real investigation, that Barr and Huber and Horowitz are looking into right now, ultimately, it’s gonna go to the top. It all emanates from Obama, Ben Rhodes and all these people who were prodding these foreign governments to come after Americans and associates of a rival campaign.

“I don’t think the British, the Australians, the Italians and any of these European countries would do this on their own. They just wouldn’t. There’s too much at risk, unless they had the blessing of the Obama Administration and that’s what’s probably gonna come out.

“It’s scary but you know, there’s a trail that leads to them and one of these trails that people forget is that I was paid $3,000 by Stefan Halper to meet with him and now we know he was a spy. Where did that three thousand come from? There’s a paper trail and once we look at the source of that money, we’re going to see who was actually running stuff on Halper and how high up that went…I can’t wait for it to be revealed, I think it’s gonna shock America.”

When asked by Fletcher whether he believes these traitors will be brought to justice, he replies, “I think he’s going to have to fight back…I think if he doesn’t fight back, what happened in 2016 is gonna happen again. Look, there are rogue elements in the FBI the CIA and in these foreign governments who have an interest in hurting him for one, winning in 2016 and two, coming out of this Mueller Report alive and emboldened.

“So, if he doesn’t fight back, you know these people are gonna come after him again and maybe the next time, you’re not gonna have a guy like George Papadopoulos, who actually goes vocal and tells the truth. They might go after another guy, frame him, who might not tell this story. Then we might be involved in a second PSYOP against him and that might really take him down…

“He’s facing a real choice now, between his own personal liberty and his presidency and not upsetting foreign governments or the Obama Administration and I think he’s gonna have to throw all these people under the bus, for the sake of this country… and he’s going to do it. I know Donald Trump. I know his team, I worked with him for 11 months, I was on his transition team and he’s not gonna allow this to fly…

“I think it’s already started. It started with Devin Nunes, who has gone public, stating that he has criminal referrals of former Obama Administration officials, FBI officials and maybe even CIA officials and I know that once these are revealed and there might be indictments…

“You might have people like [Peter] Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr indicted, even McCabe. Seems like McCabe was the fall guy for these people and I don’t think McCabe wants to go to jail, because it’s one thing to go to prison for 11 nights, like I did and laugh it off. It is another thing to go for possibly years – 10 years, like he’s looking at for conspiracy and it looks like everybody’s trying to throw him on a conspiracy [charge] and lying and other things and that’s what Devin Nunes is talking about, so I think all these guys are gonna start flipping on one another…

“It is going to be the most vitriolic moment in American history, because one, so many on the Left and in the Mainstream Media are not satisfied with a Mueller Report. They think that Mueller was in on it with Trump! They think that he was helping Trump and that’s why he didn’t indict him!

“Let alone, when indictments come on the other side. You’re really gonna see an uproar like, ‘This is a real coup! This is a dictatorship! Trump is going after the investigators!’ You know, that’s what I predict is gonna happen but they can try and spin it any way they want, they’re not gonna be successful.”

Fletcher nods and says, “The media has basically been complicit the whole way, so they’re committed. They have to double down. They can’t get out now. They’re committed to the to the narrative they’ve been pushing.”

Papadopoulos agrees, “They’ve written books about it; the Mike Isikoffs, the Korns, the MSNBCs, the CNNs, all these guys have been propagating this conspiracy theory for two years.”

When asked what he believes was the precise role of the media and these pundits, he says, “Here’s what I think. They were told bad information. They probably had a suspicion they had bad information but they kept going with it. That’s one and two – do you know why I believe that? Because even CNN doesn’t want me on their program now!

“CNN were talking about me like I was a Russian spy, a Russian agent for two years and then when I go public with my story, Anderson Cooper cancels my appearance. Other people cancelled my appearance. They don’t want this new story coming out. They just want it to be in the realms of Twitter and YouTube and maybe Fox News, at the highest level. They don’t want it to be in the Mainstream Media but as the thunder gets louder and as I become more vocal as the president and his allies continue on this warpath, it’s gonna be impossible to suppress the new evidence that’s coming out.”

Having had his passport taken from him, Papadopoulos hasn’t been able to leave the country and engage in his normal consultancy business abroad, so he looks forward getting his passport back and to traveling to Italy to meet his new wife’s family there. He’s currently working on a docu-series about his life, pre- and post-Mueller and his focus is on getting his full story out.

“It’s going to take a long time to deprogram Americans. I don’t say that easily. I mean I really feel that Americans were brainwashed for two years. As you said, this was a PSYOP against Americans…a lot of what I’m talking about here with you and what Trump and other people are talking about on TV is probably confusing to many people, because everybody was fed this garbage.

“So, it’s gonna take a long time to deprogram Americans and it’s just a sad story but you know, I don’t think it’s ever gonna be repeated again, I think justice will be served. I think all of these perpetrators of this real crime against our country are gonna probably be indicted go to jail and you know, it’s gonna be a great moment in American history.”

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  • One of the most important interviews ever! This shows how out of hand our government gets. Clearly, we do not need such a large government and we nee to cut the central Federal Government down in size. IN my estimation core functions could be handled with a government merely 20% of the size of this unwieldy behemoth monster we have today.

  • Oh, what an entangled web. I believe most of this was about the US leaving the TPP, because, the US tax payers would have been footing the bill for all the mistakes that would have happened with the TPP. Just my personal feeling.

  • The burning man in front of the white house was said to be a warning from the Clowns in America about what is coming if Trump et al release the records for the approaching storm. It is coming and nothing will stop it.

    And the clowns will stop at nothing. Not even foreign actors who are already here after the catch and release program allowed entry. While still unleashing the storm in Venezuela, the clowns of chaos had their next act already unfolding here. The burning man is the clue. No, its not directed energy but it is energy…Trump knows what they have planned. He plans on saving you.

  • Very plausible story. George is articulate and his memory compels belief. BUT my research reveals that he was a CIA plant into the Trump campaign. I guess we shall see, once all is revealed. I cannot cite my source publicly…YET. Just know that more is coming, and George is involved.

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